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      Just us girls(Nisa)

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      Renée walked through the palace and to her father's room. As she passed by servants she bowed her head to them, and started humming a tune that she'd heard her mother sing at times when she was young. Although she was an adult now as was her brother, Jacob Jr, the young Initiate was slowly adjusting to the new life sh was living. A few days had passed and Renée was liking it a lot more then she did at first.

      The nobles of course snurled their noses at her and she just took Ashaiya's advice and ignored them. Rolling her eyes at them she just kept going to her dad's room. He said that he had a training blade she could use for the time being. She knew he was busy and all with his goings on at the church and that is what brought her outside his room.

      Punching in the code, she unlocked it and stepped inside. Looking around she noticed a bottle of alcohol and canted her head. Renée knew her dad drank. Always had. Her mom did say that at one point he had a really bad problem with it. Hopefully that wasn't the case anymore. Looking away from the table sh sighed.

      "Where did you put it, dad?"

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      Nisa stepped out of the bathroom and tossed the towels into the basket beside the bed. Smiling at the girl, she nodded. "Sorry, Renee, he's down at the Chapel if you need him. I just came to clean up and change the laundry." She laughed and nodded to the tossed mess of the room. Last time they had been in there, the liquor and the words had flowed. Jacob was worried, Nisa was trying to be comforting, and it had ended in them leaving the room in disarray. Jacob had buried himself in work after that. And with the arrival of the new refugees with Initiate Rao, he had been given another excuse to avoid his rooms in the keep.

      "I can help you find something if you want. What were you looking for?" She moved across the room to stopper the open decanter and collect the glasses to go wash them out in the bathroom sink. "How have your lessons been going? I would be happy to soar with you anytime you want to." She disappears into the bathroom to run the water over the glasses stepping back to the bedroom picking up clothes and papers as she went. It was obvious this wasn't her first time doing this.

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      Looking towards Nisa she chuckled, "I know. He told me already, just said I could grab something."

      Renée looked at the mess and laughed. Yep, that was her dad alright. She knew that Junior was just the same. Their mother always yelled at them for it because they were so messy. The young Initiate was rather clean and kept everything neat. Which her mom taught her to do of course.

      "I feel bad for you like I did my mom when they were married." Renée said shaking her head with a smirk.

      She looked on the bed for a moment and then looked back at Nisa, "Well...dad said he had a training blade for me here somewhere. Did you see it? But I'm about to start tomorrow with them."

      Renee took a glass that was clean and poured a glass of liquor. Figured she may as well once. Taking a sip as Nisa disappeared she nearly spit it out and set it back down. The comment about soaring with her made Renée laugh. It was quite funny, though one day they should have a girls night. Maybe it would be today. Who knew?

      "Well that does sound fun." She said as Nisa came back in, "Whatcha doing after this?"

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      Nisa smiled and pointed to a small chest at the foot of Jacob's bed. "The training saber is in the chest." She smiled and moved around the room finishing her tidying up. Seeing the poured drink and it sitting ignored, she laughed. "Not a fan of the cordial, are you?" She shook her head winking as she lifted the glass in offering back to the woman.

      "Want to finish it or shall I rinse the glass?" She held her other hand up as if trying to tell a secret, "Honestly, it's too strong for me as well. I honestly prefer the lighter wine down at the Chapel. Perhaps you should join us one evening."

      As Renee asked her what she was doing when finished here, she shrugged. "I have to set the laundry in the hall. But then I have a couple hours. I had contemplated just returning to the Chapel and work on the books. Did you have something in mind that you wanted to do?" She hadn't given any thought to what her evening would be like before dinner. She was so used to just doing chores or Church work, or her practicing, that other things never entered her mind.

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      Renee then nodded as she said it was in the small chest at the food of her dad's bed, "Ah. Gotcha."

      Walking over to it she then opened the small chest and rummaged around through it a moment. Pushing random tomes, books, a datapad or two aside and once she found it she then chuckled. Seemed like her dad to randomly throw everything into a chest or a drawer. How her dad was so organized with the church was beyond her. Then again, he did have Nisa to help him. When her fellow Initiate said that she helped with the books, that seemed to make sense. Her dad as she knew of him wasn't the best when it came to credits. Neither was her brother, Jacob Junior.

      Taking it and holding it in her hand she then found the clip and slid it onto the belt she wore around her tight jeans. Straightening her long sleeved sweater she then looked over at the glass that Nisa was holding now. When asked if she wasn't for the cordial stuff she shook her head. Then again, Renee wasn't much of a drinker. She'd sneak things once in a while but she didn't do it that often.

      When she accepted the glass her and Nisa's fingers touched briefly which made Renee blush a little. At times she was attracted to boys and at times she found herself attracted to girls. Then again, she seemed to be fond of both. Taking the glass she downed it all and then handed it back to her. Smiling all the while.

      "Eh, just not much of a drinker." She said after her face quit turning a light shade of red, then added, "I might do that some time."

      Canting her head she then raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Such boring things. Where's the fun at if you do that all day long. Come on, we're going somewhere. Let it go for a while."

      Renee then took her by the hand and dragged her out of Jacob's room. Walking down the hall giggling she then looked at Nisa and blushed a slight bit. Though smiling and giggling she figured they could do something at least. When they were walking down the hall she looked straight ahead and once there was a turn she turned the corner with Nisa in tow.

      "Do you have a boyfriend or anything?" She asked curiously.

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      Nisa about choked as the girl took the drink and downed it in a single shot. "If you aren't much of a drinker, then I'd hate to see what a true drinker is like." She laughed and chided the woman as she made a face and watched her set the glass down. She had been tossing bed covers into the basket balanced between her hip and the bed as they continued. "You really should come see your dad at the church. I am sure he'd love to see you more often."

      A laugh fell from her lips as Renee thought her life was boring. "I am here to become a Dark Jedi, Renee. I'm not here to be a fluffy part of the court." She remembered some of the young men of the court wishing she was in attendance more often. "Though I am sure the young upstart, Prichard, would love to see me in gowns and in attendance more often than I have to be there." She was about to turn to set the basket by the door when Renee grabbed her hand and dragged her out the door.

      "RENEE!" She cried out in shock and laughter. The basket hit the floor and the door was barely caught in her hand to be slammed behind them as she was unceremoniously dragged down the halls of the manor. At the query of a boyfriend, Nisa finally tugged back just long and hard enough to get the girl to slow down. "A boyfriend? Not hardly." She shook her head not even bothering to blush. "You, yourself, said I lead a boring life. I admit there a few young nobles who wish otherwise. I was a ward of Lord Jasik till your father adopted me on his return. And apparently being a ward of the Archbishop makes me even more wanted for some reason." The tone of her voice made her sound like she had no idea how that could even be possible.

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      Feeling Nisa tug back for a moment they stopped. When she said she didn't Renee giggled. That wasn't a surprise and when she said she had a boring life she only meant that as merely a joke. In truth it seemed that Nisa had more of a life then she felt she had. No wonder Renee was so adventurous. Growing up on Yavin VIII wasn't exciting as one would think. She liked exploring through the mountains at times. Between her brother Jacob and her mother they had their own adventures in life. She on the other hand had been a quiet type until a few years ago. It was then she really had more the personality of her dad. He wasn't shy about much and he had a mouth when he so wanted to have one. Renee was much the same in that. She didn't keep quiet about how she felt about things.

      "I meant that as a joke, Nisa." Renee said looking away, "I'm sure many boys chase after you. They try with me wherever I'm at. I just don't go for the bolstering type. I need someone who can balance me in a way. May seem odd I'm sure."

      The Initiate then chuckled. At times she didn't reveal too much of her personal feelings or life. That part she was quiet about. But, she and Nisa had her dad in common. Once Nisa revealed that Jacob adopted her she widened her eyes. But, that seemed like something her dad would do. He was quite the one to do something on a whim. Then again, he probably did it because of the kindness in his heart. That part would never change. His allegiance with the Force may have. All in all, his kindness for others was still present it seemed.

      "Oh god...I feel really sorry for you." Renee said to Nisa being adopted, "He hasn't told you his embarrassing dad jokes yet, has he?"

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      Nisa smiled and nodded to Renee as the woman apologized. "No worries. It's all right. Unfortunately, only a couple of the guys in the court ever try and chase me." She laughed remembering thinking how different those guys would react if they knew what her background really was and why she was truly at the Keep.

      As Renee teased her about Jacob being her father now, she shook her head and laughed once more. "No, but it's a fairly new development. He's more inclined to discuss Church business or my training than tell jokes." She started them walking once more. Her Master's room could wait a bit longer. Jacob had been spending the last few nights at the Church. He would be ok with his quarters in the Keep not being immaculate for one night.

      After a moment, she glanced sideways at Renee as they exited the Keep into the student gardens. This was off limit to the staff and the only windows overlooking it belonged to the Force users so privacy from the others was guarenteed. "I can understand finding balance." She didn't go into details, unsure what Jacob had shared with his family. He had taught her to find balance in herself when rage or other strong emotions took over during sessions of training. A small giggle escaped her lips. "Your father thinks I am balanced when I'm not using the Force, but I am the one who needs an achor when my rage gets to me." She shook her head as they moved deeper into the garden.

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      Renee giggled at the thought of guys literally chasing after her. There were those who would look at her and cast a flirtatious smile. Some who would look away and blush. Sure, Renee could have chased after them and all that but she didn't. Just wasn't her thing at this time. If the time was right she would and knowing that she blushed around Nisa said something. In truth she was quite comfortable around Nisa. Being a ward of her dad now didn't change the fact that they were friends and could be best friends. Renee didn't have many at all and that was because she thought the people on Yavin VIII were a little stuck up. They treated her brother bad for a bit and she'd left before anything else happened just because she just didn't wanna end up in a bad situation.

      When Nisa shook her head about her dad and laughed she then smiled, "Well don't let him. If he starts telling a dad joke...just cut him off and talk of something else. Trust me. Even when I was little I had to."

      They started walking once more and they ended up in the student gardens. It was more private then most places and she had managed to come by here once or twice. Renee was fine with coming here and once they reached it she then picked up a flower and then held it between her fingers. When Nisa talked about balance she then laughed a little. Though Nisa talking about herself needing an anchor made her chuckle a bit more as she then shook her head. Truth be told, Renee did at times as well. She had a temper like her dad could especially when her father was in his younger days. Looking at the afternoon sky she then looked at Nisa with the blue eyes of her mothers. Her dad had orange colored eyes but she knew that he was a clone of his former self. She actually found his grave where his original body was buried. It surprised her but, the dad she had now was just that. Her dad.

      "Yeah, I know the feeling. I am like my dad at times. Quick to anger. Then again, he did that when he was much younger. Now I can call him 'my old man'" Renee said laughing, "I kid of course."

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      Nisa smiled as they entered the garden. "I'll remember not to let him tell Dad jokes," she laughed. As Renee picked a flower, Nisa moved away a bit to sit on one of the small benches scattered around. Mostly students sat here to meditate, or even to catch their breath when sparring.

      As Renee spoke of being quick to anger, she was reminded of Jacob for sure. She had been present at one of his loss of control moments. It had frightened her but she had stepped up, right into the edge of his swirling storm. Her calls to him had been what had brought him back to her. She had secretly sworn to never tell anyone, so at Renee's comparison she merely smiled. "I can understand that. We all lose control now and then. I think it's the nature of the Force, to be honest. I mean, we have to draw on emotions deeper than most people consider. Sometimes those emotions come to the surface too fast, or even come so slow it brings other emotions to the equation that alter that draw." She blushed as she realized she was lecturing.

      She did laugh, genuinely, as the young woman mentioned calling Jacob 'old man'. Her cheeks reddened at the thought. "Guardian or no, I doubt I could ever bring myself to that." She knew the woman was kidding. Jacob loved his children, both of them. She could imagine them laughing and joking, probably at her new guardian's expense. It pained her she never had that and never would. At least, not with a familial figure.

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      Renee laughed and sat next to Nisa on the bench. She had to admit even some of her dad's jokes were funny. Back then of course. Not now. She was an adult and it just seemed more lame and the puns were more extreme. He told her one when Ash had left and then went 'BOOM' after he said it. She tried not laughing so he wouldn't tell her another one but she then burst into laughter. Something she didn't do for a long time. It was good at that point to be around her dad again.

      Though truth be told she did miss Junior. As stubborn as he was at times she knew he was as kind as their dad. Not as quick to anger, at least that's what she knew. Bullied by others made him that way. Which is reason why she turned against the Jedi. Sure, a lot of them were their age but still, they should have known better. If they were taught any better that is. In her eyes the Jedi preached about peace and tranquility and what have you but they didn't practice what they preached at all. Or what she saw anyways. But, that discussion with Nisa could come at a different time.

      "Yeah. I was quick to anger when people kept bullying my brother. Got into a couple fights here and there. Mom wasn't too happy." Renee said with a shrug, "Sometimes I have an issue controlling myself. Though I have Ashaiya to help with my training. Like dad has with yours. What's the philosophy that he says again?"

      When Nisa mentioned that she couldn't call him that she then smiled once more, "You can. He'd probably find it funny. I mean...he is like forty something. Plus, he's a sucker for a woman. Mom got to redecorate the whole house because she batted her eyes at him. Junior and I were little but we found it hilarious."

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      Nisa smiled. It seemed that everyone here had anger issues at some point or another. When she had first realized it wasn't a bad thing, she learned to control and draw on it. To turn her frustration to power and her anger to heat and pinpoint focus. It had brought her to the point where she was nearly ready for her trials. She was hoping to have them before the next few months were out.

      "I can't imagine any parent being really happy 'cause their kids are fighting," she laughed as Renee shrugged about her childhood. As she felt the sense of personal talk getting deeper, she quickly changed the subject.

      "So how are your studies going? Are you close to getting ready for your trials? With Jacob back, I am hoping to be ready for mine in the next few months." She smiled as she looked at the young woman. She remembered her arrival, the power and charisma the girl held. It hadn't changed. Nisa wouldn't have been surprised if Renee spoke up that she had done hers already and was either awaiting the results or was already promoted.

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