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      Kayla turned at the sound of an X-wing starting to cycle up. The power plant came online followed by the whine of the repulsors seconds later, creating a subsonics and ultrasonic thrum through the area. It was something felt in the bones and chest as vibration, as well as pressure in the ears more than heard, along with the regular whine. Within moments it was powered down, and a pilot was clearing out and landing back on the ground as one of the rew chiefs started in on him.

      Another one of the pilots thumped the Kayla on the arm. "That's the XO, boot," he pointed out.

      "Thanks," she replied. Kayla turned to regard the back and forth she shook her head. Fighter jocks. A couple of seconds later she broke through the ring of the crowd with her gear and orders and stood waiting at attention. it was a deliberate tactic, besides using shield as a protocol, meant to make her stand out from the rest, to either bring them back to business or at least garner acknowledgement from the squadron XO. She'd improvise from there.

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      This effort was no less awesome to watch, after all, "The Golden Voice" was again powering up and shutting down his fighter, but blindfolded. Though he did so quickly, it was not some superhuman feat, that would be reserved for hollow-novels or roleplaying games somewhere in the galaxy. No, he was indeed slower this time, much so, but the fact that he was able to do so with little error (he did feel his way around a couple of switches) was impressive.

      "HAH! I told you you'zwus slowuh!" The taunts were only the one tech now, no one really following him. in fact he was getting doused with Elba and cussed out. Dak just laughed and nodded as he put the shield up and climbed out.

      Yeaaaaah. A bet is a bet, and I lost. Pulling out the credits, Dak knew he wouldn't be held to it by the crowd if he had argued, but this was a play to make the others more comfortable around and accepting of him. As he got down the ladder, "The Shield" was all he say.

      Hey, what's up?

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      Kayla watched the display of machismo and shook her head with a faint lopsided grin. It was more a faint expression of general amusement. As Dak turned around she stepped into the circle of winners and losers, and presented her transfer orders. "Flight Officer Kaylar Luspark reporting to post for the first time," she stated. Though the orders would have made her a lieutenant, she hadn't been officially promoted by her immediate superiors. She suspected that would change.

      The orders had her billeted as Red 5, and from what she could gather Flight Lead for Two Flight. Which meant she'd be responsible for three other pilots.

      With that bit of formality out of the way she waited, all the while feeling her stomach twist about like she was pulling some wild maneuvers with a blown inertial dampener or compensator. Pulling some gee's was something she usually enjoyed but this wasn't. At the same time, she barely dared twitch. First meetings were crucial.

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      Awesome! Welcome.

      He took her datapad, and looked over the info. No, Dak wasn't really sure what he was looking for, but that was neither here nor there. Unhooking his webgear and looking around, he couldn't help but wonder where everyone was going.

      Any questions or anything? Everything looks in order.

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      "My classmates and I weren't expected to be activated for a while longer. There's talk Command is up to something," she stated, but leaving it as an implied question. Not that he'd probably be able to tell her much right now.

      "When are we actually getting off the ground, El-tee," she finally asked. "I joined the Navy and aerospace corps to fly, not pound sand." The corners of her full lips drew back in a small but bright smile that looked like it belonged there. It was unbidden, natural, but as she felt her face moving she hoped that it would take any sting out of her words. She wasn't trying to be insubordinate, but was just eager to get behind the controls of the fastest thing she'd ever touched.

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