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      The Wolf Meets a Lion [Hydrocus]

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      Vayl paced the training field the small impact droid darting to and fro as he circled it. This time of night he had the space all to his own without anyone lurking to watch. His sword form wasn’t anything specific, a mesh of things that he’d learned from his father. He swung the blade in his hands in an under stroke protecting his legs as the machine tried to swipe at him twisting around as it swung by to slash at it’s back.

      The impact of the blow was a finish and the droid went limp with defeat. He wiped sweat from his eyes, he’d been at this for a good couple hours taking his time. He moved to a bench and sat down drinking some water from a container. The towel near at hand he used to mop up. He looked up at the sky, the clouds suggested that at some point there would be rain again, he debated going inside.

      What he wanted was to find an opponent to test himself against. He didn’t care if he won, but even if he lost he just wanted to fight. True, he could come during the day and find dozens, but that wasn’t what he wanted either. He stood up again and went back to the droid turning it on again and just started to assault it with more aggression, just pounding on it going for close quarters and pressing it hard. Perhaps he would luck out, it was said that some nights the field saw the Lords and Masters come out to take offers for anyone present, if it was true.

      He’d wind up greeting the dirt if he met any of the higher ranks, but at least he’d have more fun than beating the training droid.
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      There where few things that put into motion the water wheel of the Sith gossip mill of that merited any sort of attention. Like any grapevine, the information passed through the compound was oft unfounded with little basis in truth. Stemming from jealousy and boredom, these tidbits where more times than not scoffed at by the upper echelon. The exception however, was when these parcels pertained to the upper echelon. Especially when attached to Shadowtide herself.

      When a name like Dara's passed through lips, for whatever reason, it was always prudent to listen and perhaps more sensible to be discerning who ears those whispers reached. While the rumor in question had not been a detraction on Dara's reputation, a certain set of ears had found it disconcerting. Luckily for the messenger, said ears had a place to focus their dissatisfaction...a person.

      Dara's new student.

      The Rule of Two had long been dead. The bond between Sith and disciple hardly resembled the familial bonds between Jedi and padawan, but that wasn't to say there was never a connection. Fueled by greed, Sith where notoriously obsessive of anything they deemed theirs and coveted anything of worth. Hydrocus was no exception and had fostered rivalry with many of his Master's former disciples. The aim was always to supplant and surpass them in every regard. An objective he had completed with a great degree of effectiveness and would happily do again if it meant keeping her esteem.

      It wasn't the student that perturbed him though. Dara had taught many over the years, even taking his own daughter under her wing. The timing however. Hydrocus wasn't getting younger and his exploits where becoming far and few between. Like Vega before him, he wondered if this Vayliens would be groomed to replace him. This is what ultimately fueled his reasoning and had placed him in the training grounds this night.

      "Are you Vayliens?"

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      The droid toppled to the ground and Vayl stepped away picking up his towel to wipe the sweat away. He then stretched a bit to ease out some of the tension and sat down taking a drink of his water with a sigh. It was then he heard the sound of footsteps and looked up as a stranger approached him. The way he moved with purpose set a curl of anticipation in his belly, maybe that rumor was true after all. Vayliens stood up with a respectful bow when he was questioned, he knew who this man was, well, by picture and reputation.

      Master Venetia, it is a surprise to see any of the upper echelon up at this hour.

      Vayl wasn’t a fool, he knew Hydrocus was rumored to be quite a swordsman, but also to have shared the same master. His visits to the archives told him plenty, especially when he looked up the contributions of those of rank currently within the temple. He didn’t think respect would get him very far, but offering it might reveal something he could use or some kind of grain of sand sized reward. He knew with certainty he was going to earn a rear kicking regardless, but he was damn well going to have fun getting it.

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      Any of the upper echelon...a poor choice of words. Groveling at Hydrocus' feet would have seen better effect than alotting him as equal to anyone on Munto Codru. A begging dog would have been kicked, but clear insult was a death sentence. Hydrocus had no equal, here or other wise.

      They had called him refined once, the Master Sith acting in a manner much like Nova, and he would have very much tried to engage this man with civility. The years though had not been kind to Hydrocus' temperment. While not entirely given to bloodlust like a Van-Derveld, the slightest of slights irritated him profusely.

      "I'm not sure whether that was a jest about my age or an ill attempt to kiss my rear, but make ready boy," he growled pulling an all to familiar cylindrical object from his waste....

      ...Snap hiss...

      The grounds became illuminated in the crimson glow of Hydrocus' saber and he stepped forward into the grounds slow enough to allow the disciple a fair start.

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      Vayl gave Hydrocus a wide grin at his comment, the thrill of danger running down his spine. The moment the man drew his saber, Vayl brought out a practice saber. Oh he knew it wasn’t going to amount to much, but he threw himself at the blonde man anyways just because. He led with a feint, then spun striking up and then giving a strong downwards reverse strike.

      Vayliens was not at all the groveling type. He wanted a fight and he was getting it and his blood ran hot with the thrill. “You ain’t my type, even if you happen to be almost pretty Master Hydrocus. Plenty pleased you’re willing to oblige my desire for a glorious kicking of my behind!

      Win, lose or draw, what mattered is the thrill and the lesson he could learn from it. The hunger for more drove him, to push himself, to keep going, keep chasing, keep growing. He doubted that the man before him would be amused or impressed, but who said he cared?

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