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      Common Threads [Ondraeya]

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      The Hangar

      Maintenance was a necessity. The regular check-up she did of her ship's systems ensured the probability of an inopportune failure remained low, and performing optimisation tweaks kept the vessel 'purring like a kitten', so to speak. She'd never had a pet cat, but she understood the purr to be a pleasing sound, and thus a sufficient metaphor. This morning, she was mulling over some upgrades, in some cases to further improve performance, change an aspect of it, or add something to the ship that would be ideal to her purposes. Altogether, a good use of a part of her morning, while waiting for a possible student to arrive; that she was nestled into the pilot's seat, bent over a datapad, meant she wouldn't be elbows-deep in Zius' guts when the time came.

      Aerin had spent a portion of the previous evening poring over information on initiates that were in need of guidance, a session that had ended with this selection. She wasn't looking for just another student, but one that (ideally) could understand the way her mind worked. It was ideal, but it wasn't a must. Still, Ondraeya's background showed promise, and the half-Echani allowed herself a small smile when she felt the presence of someone at the bottom of the open hatch. Silver-blue eyes rose to settle on the image of the dark-haired woman as shown on the feed from the hatch, as she set the 'pad aside on the console and rose from the chair, to exit the cockpit. She opened the comm between the cockpit and the hatch before leaving: "You're early," she remarked, "good. 'On time' is late. Wait there, I'll be down shortly."

      A corner of her mouth curled and she set off, beginning to make her way down the length of the ship, which was average as light freighters go.

      "Shen," she called to her droid companion down a corridor as she passed it stopping a moment, "when you're finished, run a thorough self-diagnostic. We'll continue our work later."

      The specialised Verpine droid merely clicked his assent. She continued on, soon coming to the hatch and loading ramp, and descending it.

      "Good morning," she said, proffering a hand, "you must be Ondraeya."

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      Waking with the dawn, the Hapan had gotten used to her schedule here on Ruusan and though she wasn't one of the key members of court here, or the parliament in Olmondo, she had gained some notoriety with the maintenance hangars behind the palace. Enjoying the walk after breakfast, the engineer took in the scents rising up from the host of flowers and plants tended to by a small army of droids as well as at least two members of their secret society of dark jedi. Members that she still had yet to meet. At least they let her sleep in the residential wing of the palace, she mused grinning.

      Passing through the Garden, tanned, slender fingers moved the wrought iron gate and passed from the Garden and into the grassy landing field bordered on the northern and western side by large hangars which were also buried in the forest that then commanded the rest of their acreage. Cool air caressed her skin as she moved, hearing the sounds of droids and mechanics already getting ready for a new day. Seems she wasn't the only one that got up early. Scanning the open hangar doors, she soon found the target freighter that was denoted in the summons left on her comm suite last night. A well taken care of craft, from what she could tell on the outside. Sleek and clean. Her time in the Alliance navy had given Ondraeya an appreciation for being organized and detail oriented, which had been two of her natural traits already. She fit right in to that lifestyle.

      Until the accident.

      Violet eyes scanned and evaluated the vessel as she approached, slowing her pace once reaching the open ramp and soon heard the noble's voice within. Standing now at the bottom of the ramp, Ondraeya bowed her head respectfully, long chocolate tresses dancing with the movement. "I am," she nodded. "Good morning."

      Thanks Judah

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      Getting a bow, rather than a handshake, Aerin retracted her hand and gave a tight smile. Ah, that. What was it with force-sensitives and bowing? Nobility, for that matter, was still prone to it, too. Habits were hard to break, traditions closer to improbable, and she had a preference for a more businesslike approach to other people, but shouldn't have been surprised when she got a bow. She would adapt, as she always did. Clasping her hands together, her smile softened, and she stepped off the bottom edge of the ramp, and began giving the typical Hapan beauty a once-over, walking a circle around her.

      "Hmm," she mused, her appraisal done with, "so, Hapan... and former Alliance. How did you end up out here?"

      Asking the pertinent questions, indeed. Most members of the Penumbra were former something, including herself. Sindy was a former few things, if getting to the nitty-gritty details, and was in the ongoing process of becoming more, always. She turned to head back up the ramp, and beckoned Ondraeya to follow as she ascended.

      "Come aboard, we'll talk inside."

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      Noting the discomfort with a more obeisant act rather than something used by casual friends, the Hapan grinned as Siyndacha then toured her as if sizing her up. A sergeant evaluating a new recruit, she recalled as the first evening off of the shuttle, the yelling from the trio of smartly dressed NCO's had given her quite a fright. Though this meeting was totally different. Two Force users now interacting the same way that their kind had done for generations - master and apprentice.

      Nodding, Ondraeya followed the snowy haired female into the vessel and immediately noted the clean panels, shiny floor plating and absence of smells of fluids or the signature scents of electrical activity, she could already tell a lot about this woman. "Nice ship," she finally commented as they entered the galley and common area. "My last mission with the navy ended up changing me somehow while killing the rest of the crew, somehow. I was found by Jacob Murano who then brought me here," she explained, her judging eyes still evaluating the interior, then fell on the owner. "I'm still coming to terms with this new life, though more pertaining to the Force rather than a life in a palace." Easing her stance, she took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "My mother is a member of the queen's joint chiefs, so being around wealthy nobles is second nature. Though I will have to admit, getting used to males being in positions of power has taken some getting used to, even after a year in the Alliance navy."

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