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      [ So babysitting... Roger that, Two. ] Max keyed back. There was almost a tone of disappointment there, almost as the young pilot continued to hold a defensive posture alongside his wingman.

      Darksun blew out a long breath while they waited for back up, letting some of the adrenaline cursing through his veins settle back down. He had been ready for a shoot out, but... This ending of the situation was better for all. Justice would serve itys purpose as a Republic transport and combat airspeeders finally arrived to take the offending participants into custody.

      [ Yes, sir... Never. ] Nine quipped back over the wing pairs' comm frequency, then snapped rolled his X-wing up onto its portside stabilizer and dove back towards the canyons where they had come from. Challenge accepted.

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      Dak didn't like it either, but they had their orders, and if he was going to be a good leader he had to learn to follow them.

      Once Max hit his throttle, Dak was soon on his tail, he didn't know where the kid was taking them, but he was somewhat excited to find out. He wanted to put these fighters through their paces, and so far they were doing it but they could do more.

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      Kayla had been drilling for days, so much so that she felt her flight controls under hand and saw the HUD and scope sin her dreams... or nightmares. They'd been pushing hard. Extra training for two-flight on top of the official training sims and runs on older X-wings. They'd been ordered to get some extra shut-eye though, and most of the flight had agreed. It was prep for today, but she'd been pushing hard. Too hard. If she wasn't careful she was going to burn herself out.

      So it was that she'd lagged a little behind at the chow hall, but had finally made it to the squadron hangars. She'd been able to not only hear but feel the repulsors on the T-85's, a subsonic rumble that one felt in their bones as much as the y heard. The fusal thrust engines had also spun up and within minutes the XO and Nine had taken off, heading skyward.

      She sighed, making her way toward one of the trainers. "You're late," one of the crew techs groused, even as she saw the fighter's BB unit slip up into the socket. The aerospace superiority fighter was already warming up and cycling up for the flight out. "I know, chief," she replied while making her way up the ladder.

      Giving the instrument panel a final check, she was finally able to pop on her helmet, close the canopy and then lift off purely on repulsors.

      The X-wing rose steadily save for a slight wobble as she tested the sensitivity of the controls. It was hard not to be giddy. Of course she loved flying the trainers and simulators. They had gear to simulate everything from the original X-wings up to the latest, and she'd sim qualified on all of them. It was no surprise with the tactical readout son the HUD. It would have been information overload if she wasn't automatically filtering it out.

      She clicked over her coms to contact the tower and the flightboss. ["Red 5 requesting departure on..."] She checked headings being streamed from the unit's shared telemetry... ["heading 176 to form up with the rest of Red Squadron."]

      ["Affirmative for heading one seven six, and you tell--"] She cut the comms off, and nudged the throttle forward enough to send her drifting out of the hangar. With that she gave it some juice and swept out skimming just over the treetops, before pulling the nose skyward and opening up. As the ground fell away she snap-rolled her fighter port, then back starboard, getting a feel for it. Settling back she waggled her wings, then hauled back on the stick to swap sky for ground, half-rolled as she ruddered around until sky and ground were correct again and she was headed after her squadron mates.

      They made it to the canyon early enough to race. Then the call went out for what was happening ahead, which she pelled around in a long curve still a thousand klicks out. She gunned the sublights into full military power, and dropped her shields power into them. The fighter accelerated like a rock kicked by a mule and within a second the outside world went silent. She was in supersonic flight. The eerie sound of silence from outside was only faintly contrasted by the few sounds of her instruments and the cycling of air through the fans.

      She saw the data reports of the engagement with a little bit of lag as she'd ordered her BB unit to display what it coudl in a pip window on her visor off to the side. She had reached out and contacted the gunships, riding high to keep them covered. She arrived perhaps twenty seconds before the gunships would, by now showing up on Dak and Max's screens. She flashed her IFF transponders at them so they would know who she was and would be flagged friendly despite the highly aggressive approach and speeds that should get her arrested for flying in an atmosphere were she a civilian.

      Reaching out she shut down the sublights and shunted the spare power into the shields. The inertial dampeners kept her from feeling the deceleration, though it should have slammed her into her five point restraints. It was still supersonic flight but she was just above the speed of sound as she crossed the crash site. Her arrival was announced with a thunderous boom, caused by the violent shockwave of her passing. Continuing to throttle back she dropped down into low and slow mode, looping back around toward the site in the space of two hundred meters, standing on her starboard wings, bleeding off the last of excess energy even as the edges of her wings left contrails for a few moments.

      ["Sorry I'm late to the party,"] she called out over the squadrons' general comms. Looking at the gouges in the dirt, and the surrendering folks on the ground, she formed a lazy loop around, though she could have hovered and just raked them with her cannons if she wanted.

      [I'm sure late is better than never.] scrolled across her display as the BB unit in the back chirped and warbled at her. "Shush you," she jabbed at the astromech.

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      She had been watching the fighters from the control room and smiled as the banter between the pilots reminded her of when she had first joined Rogue Squadron as their mech and had listened to their banter. It was like coming home but to different voice.

      A frown furrowed her brow as she watched the newest addition to the group swoop low and listened as the troops on the ground screamed out as if the pilot could actually hear them. Without thinking she reached up to tap her comm on her right ear. "Red 5, watch your flying. You warp my bird with antics like that and the only thing you'll be flying is your boots. And I'll have you wearing them out around the hanger with a spano in your hand."

      As she clicked off the communique, she was glad no one was looking. Despite the your woman's crazy flying, and the atmospheric torque she was punishing her aircraft with, she had skill. In space, in combat, it would certainly come in handy. As cover for an operation, it wasn't so impressive.

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      Brissa had arrived and dropped the troops where Dak and Max had indicated. Her shuttle was on the ground behind the debris as Kaylar swung over them low and fast. A small smile lit her face as she popped her jaw to adjust for the small pressure pop of the pilots passing. As the troops outside holler up at her uselessly, she shook her head. Why did folks on the ground go hoarse yelling at pilots? It wasn't like they could actually hear them.

      She heard Arialla's reprimand and felt bad for the girl in a small way. Sure, it was close to the ground, and probably put ridiculous strain on the aircraft, but it had been executed nearly perfectly. Brissa had shown more of an aptitude for shuttles than fighters. She switched to the private pilot's channel. "Nice run, Red 5. But remember, Tink will keep her word on running you ragged in the hangers. Did it myself last month." She smiled and waited for the rest of the teams to finish up so she could evac them all.

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      The troop transport hadn't arrived quite yet. For the moment she kept pulling lazy loops, one eye on the ground the other on the surrounding area and sky. The bozos on the ground weren't likely to try anything with three state of the art X-wings circling over them like buzzards. Not if they didn't want to eat a torpedo. Tink's voice crackled in her ear, familiar, making her blink. She waggled her wings, then frowned. The T-65 Incom Skyhopper - The X-wings the Rebellion had started out with, that Rogue Squadron had made famous could handle those stresses and more. AS could meager alluminum made aircraft. These were faster, tougher, more maneuverable and better built. The T-85 series space superiority fighter she sat in now was one of the best flying machines she'd ever gotten her hands on. "Worry wart," she muttered under her breath.

      A second voice cut in. Her display told her it was a secondary channel. She smiled a little, but then shook her head. ["Copy that,"] she transmitted back over the squadron'd general frequency.

      These machines aren't the easiest to repair you know.

      "Oh don't you start in on me too," Kaylar groused at the BB unit in the back.

      She's just concerned. That is all.

      "Well, if the X-wing computer has anything to complain about, I'm sure you'd let me know."

      You bet.

      She hauled back on the stick, pulling around for another loop, only to note a speck on the horizon. She targeted it quickly, inspecting the vehicle. ["Transport's here. Should be able to step off in a minute. What do you wanna do next, bossman? Arr-tee-bee, or do we wanna take these babbies to the proving grounds?"]

      ((Arr-Tee-Bee - R.T.B. = Return to base))

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      A voice piped back up on her comm in response to her query, "Negative on RTB, Red 5. Remain and run support for shuttle. Make sure she makes it back to base unchallenged."

      Arianna's voice joined in after that. "Red 5, you are solo on station. Make sure no one comes to interfere with the soldiers and their duties. Copy?"

      THe mechanic's voice was stern and strong, but her heard was racing. It was two novices on the scene. Despite the soldiers in the shuttle with Mays, Luspark was the only other one there. She hated 'trial by fire' as much as anyone. But sometimes a practice run took a more serious turn. She had faith in them. She just hoped the rest of those above here were of the same feeling.

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      Brissa watched the soldiers collect up the ones they had come to get. She didn't know the story, and didn't bother to ask. Sometimes it was better to just shut up and drive. She smiled as they moved around the back of her shuttle like bees with a hive mind. She had two comm channels she was listening to. One of them was the channel the soldiers were using. Head counts, ship walk thru and other common chatter.

      The other channel was the comm with Control. She heard Red 5 was her escort and she clicked the mic once it went silent. "Shuttle 1 to Red 5. Come in? This is Pilot Mays. How's it look up there? Anyone planning on raining on my parade down here?" She knew was flying a solo escort was like. Everyone in Red Squadron did. They had all taken turns in simulations and in practice runs. If Red 5 was who she thought it was, the girl was even better than her in that fighter. Brissa could fly like the others. Shoot at her targets, and even perform on the fly. But her true skill was manouvering the huge shuttle around with the same ease as an X Wing. Where Kaylar could roll and slip into any small space with her craft, Brissa could move a shuttle and settle her down without so much as jostling a cup of coffee. Perhaps in time, they would become friends. If this worked out, maybe she'd even request the pilot as her escort every time.

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