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    Thread: Death Incarnate

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      Death Incarnate

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      As darkness fell, rainfall followed. Grey clouds billowed, covering the night sky above. Low whispers and chatters can be heard beyond the wild jungle trees. Raguel Kaffaljidhma, the Tatooine Bounty Hunter who was equipped with a red painted Hellslayer Armor, studied his target. His Heads-Up Display Link inside his gold visored red helmet allows him to look beyond the trees. There, he saw an abandoned wooden cabin but he could see the slight renovation being done to it- an indication of a temporary occupation. The supposedly missing windows were nailed with woods. The doors were barricaded and two tables in the front of the cabin were flipped over. His visor could detect two yellowish heat signatures that belongs to the entities hiding behind the tables. He knew that they were Rodian in nature. He could also detect dark blue signatures that were too cold for a Human's- Trandoshans, trio of them. His target was the single Geonosian whom they were protecting all along.

      "Krav Magrix." He muttered the insectoid's name. "Your debt to me hasn't been settled yet and you will repay me by blood."

      He raised his Flechette Shotgun he holds in his fingertips. He remembers that time when he first got the weapon. It was a prison riot somewhere in a planet, escaping the grasps of the authorities with the help of a few gangsters that he helped to break out. But he set the thought aside. No time for being nostalgic. He needs to focus in the mission at hand.

      Raising his Shotgun, he slowly crept towards the direction of the cabin. Its full view greeted his eyesight. He could see candlelight seeping out of the blocked windows yet he ignores it as he tossed a Grenade at the Rodians behind the table. He never cares if it alerts the occupants inside. A blast would simply stun them. If it kills him, it doesn't matter as well. It was what he came for anyway- death.

      He moves towards a lump of boulder big enough to conceal him; an explosion followed. It racked the cabin, throwing the two Rodians outwards with mangled corpses. Smoke billowed out of the cabin. Raguel kicked the ground and sprinted; his power armor operates in a silent hum and the heavy pounding of his armored foot on the ground joined the noise in a cacophony of noise. It announces his presence, and the Geonosian's impending death. He moves inside and spotted the Trandoshan Bodyguards on the ground, stunned. They looked at the menacing figure in blood red armor with surprised look on their faces. Raguel fired a shot; eight bits of shrapnel shredded through alien skin. His aim jumped to the second one and fired before it could react, killing it as well. The third one has managed to reach for its blaster and fired a shot at Raguel but it only scratched his armor. Raguel didn't react as he fired another shot towards it. He has seized the initiative before the enemies detected his presence- an element of surprise they didn't expected. He moved menacingly to the cowering Geonosian while he pumps his shotgun.

      "You and I have something to talk about." Raguel says, grin behind his obscured face.

      "Please, don't kill me!" The Geonosian replied with an accent. "Name your price, name it!"

      "Your blood." Raguel replied and without hesitation, he pulled a vibroblade from his belt and plunged it in the ribcage of the Geonosian. He twisted it as the alien yelled in agony, dark crimson liquid spilled out of its mouth as Raguel twisted it again and again and again. "Keep screaming."

      Soon enough, he was satisfied to see the Geonosian motionless. He pulled the knife and wiped the blood clean from the alien's torn fabric clothing. He walked outside the cabin, pressing a button on the side of his helmet.

      "Bounty kill confirmed. Enemy down."

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      (3 Days Earlier DAY 0)

      The steady sound of the water flowing from the faucet hitting the sink filled his eardrums. Blood can be seen on the sink, mixing with the water as the flow washed it away, draining all of it down the drain in the swirl. Raguel splashed his face for the second and third time before spitting another blood from his bleeding mouth. He looked up and stared at his own reflection; he could see a grizzled man who have been fighting battles both around and within. A scar ran from his right cheek up to the top of his shaven head. His eyes that looked like little slits displayed brown pupils that shows both intent and contempt. His nose was bleeding as well as his mouth; a droplet of sanguine can be seen on the edge of his lips. No matter how many times he spits, his bloodied gums never stops bleeding. He grabbed the stained towel on the side and wiped his face again as he whirled behind, heading towards the white door that leads to his own room.

      His rented room was plain and simple, with white paint decorating the wall, a cabinet stood on the left side of the room, a bed covered in a white sheet on the right, and a holoscreen in front of it. The room was dark. The only source of light was the moonlight permeating through the curtained window just beside his bed.

      "Another day at work, huh?" A male voice says.

      Raguel snapped his gaze to the left, among the shadow. There, he could see a figure armored in a yellow Mandalorian Armor. His chestplate had bullet holes, left arm blown up in a gory manner, faceplate stained in blood. His right thigh has a vibroblade sticking out of it. The figure was faintly and ghostly, yet his voice sounds as if he was just beside Raguel.

      "What do you want?" The Bounty Hunter asked as he snatched a bottle of Lomin-ale from the floor and took a swig.

      "Nothing," the figure replied to him. "I just wanted to remind you all the crimes that you have done against us."

      "Get over it." Raguel replied as he casted a glance at the holoscreen and sat on the side of his bed. "I can't believe my imaginary friend is back. Maybe the next time I got out of here, I would consider going to a psychiatrist in some luxurious world."

      "We didn't deserve to die, Raguel." The Mandalorian says as he inched closer. "Look at me." It commanded but Raguel paid it no heed. "We have families who were waiting for us. Most of them were depending on us. We were only doing our jobs but you came in with your brutal gung-ho tactics and killed all of us." It moved closer and closer. "Do we deserve to die? Look at me, boy!"

      "I'm too old to be called a boy. Now get out of here." Raguel replied, his eyes still glued to the holoscreen displaying a late night show, a documentary about the Clone Wars and the Fall of the Old Republic.

      "We do not deserve to die, Raguel! We do not! Now look at me!!" Slowly, the Mandalorian took off his helmet. Raguel kept his gaze to the holoscreen but he was somehow tempted to take a peek. He did so, slowly, but when he do, he immediately regretted it. He found himself looking at a skeletal head covered in burnt flesh. Its hollowed eyes shows burning orbs that displays everything he have done, from his work as Vaago's Bounty Hunter, up to the moment of being a mercenary for various factions across the galaxy. He let out a scream, throwing the bottle of ale at the figure but it simply goes through. The bottle shattered itself on the wall with the liquid spilling on the carpeted floor. All of a sudden, the door shot open. The light of the hallway temporarily illuminated his room as his buddy came in.

      "Raguel, are you alright?!" Irmand Nightshade, a fellow Bounty Hunter asked as he rushed inside the room. He could see Raguel cowering in one corner.

      "Dammit," he cursed. "It must have been a dream." Raguel replied as he stood up and shut the holoscreen with the remote beside him.

      "Bloody hell," Irmand muttered. "I thought you're dying, mate. How about you stop drinking more of those sodding ale?"

      Raguel took a deep breath. He ran a hand across his hair, heaving a deep sigh. He stands up, hand waving Irmand in. The Bounty Hunter complied, closing the door behind him. Raguel sank back on the bed again.

      "Any news about our target?" Raguel asked.

      "Well, I've called some of my contacts. Even sent some of my agent but not a sodding thing." Irmand replied.

      "Can you brief me more about our target?"

      "What happened, you took a hit on the head and forgot everything told to us?" Irmand joked, but Raguel remained serious. "Our Geonosian target was convicted of smuggling potent bacta and drug chemicals. Most of it were party drugs that were being shipped here on Coruscant. It has lethal side effects, mate."

      "So we're playing heroes this time?"

      "If that's how you put it, yes. Our Employers wants us to deal with him."

      "May I ask who our Employers might be?"

      Irmand shrugged. "Not sure. But they only have the initials of ZIC. I don't know what in bloody heck that means."

      "Right." Raguel replied as he finally laid on his bed. "Lock the door on your way out."

      "Yes, boss." Irmand replied sarcastically but ignored by Raguel. With a troubled mind, he closed his eyes and dozes off to sleep. Slowly, his mind was enveloped by unconsciousness.

      "We do not deserve to DIE!! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

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      (6 Hours Later DAY 1)

      In every step he makes, a loud thump followed. In every turn and in every motion, his suit emits a whir accompanied by a 'clack' sound. The sound coming from his battle armor were all too robotic, making passers-by think that he was a military droid on patrol. Even the motion of the wearer himself was too disciplined and almost inhuman. He got used to being caged inside a machine that both acts as his skin and weapon. Many people overlooked the fact that like any battle suits, the Hellslayer Armor is nothing but a hollowed shell operated by a Human covered in organic flesh. Light Blaster and Heavy Blaster Pistols can be seen attached on both thighs in a magnetic harness. The modified Riot Gun was strapped across his chest and his Blaster Rifle was simply holding on to the bandolier he wore across his body. His hands were gripping the shotgun, ready to aim and fire at anyone who might stand in his way. His golden visor flashes every second as new feed of data shows in the HUD link for him to review, yet he ignores it as he continued walking. His vibroblades attached on his belt rings like coins in pouches as he walked, but the noise was drowned by the sound of his suit.

      "Raguel, do you read me?" A familiar voice over the comms radio asked.

      "Yes, Irmand. I copy you. Walk me through the plan."

      "One of my agents found this seemingly abandoned facility but it was actually functioning quietly, producing the material that we are supposed to suppress." Irmand paused before continuing. "The facility was operated by Droid Workers, guarded by modified Combat Droids of some sodding corporation. Now, our objective is simple. You get inside the facility using the back gate while I get to the front gate. We will take down any opposition, destroy the machineries and the Droid Workers, and capture the Factory Overseer."

      "Who's this Overseer?"

      "It's a Human, mate. We will need to interrogate her for information."


      "Yes." Irmand concluded. "Now let's focus on the job, shall we?"

      The Factory was a huge facility whose walls were coated in grey plasteel. Big red roof with insulation pad underneath it covers the insides if the building. Three long protruding chimes can be seen above but none were spewing out smoke- an indication of ceased operation. The Factory was accessible through steel doors that were poorly fitted on the frame. Rust slowly eats the surface of the metal door that one kick from an armored man like Raguel would bring it down. The walls never have any windows which makes Raguel suspects that the ventilation machine would be inside the factory itself. He could see the painted logo of some long forgotten corporation in front of the Factory, yet it was very worn out for Raguel to recognize what corporation it is. Beside the Factory was a huge courtyard with a separate garage where the vehicles of the Factory was kept. Just as expected, it was empty.

      The sky above was clear, with the sun shining down on the busy city. Everyone was preoccupied with something that they failed to notice two armored Bounty Hunters heading towards an abandoned Faculty. They were oblivious not only to their presence, but to the impending firefight.

      Raguel lowered his position in a crouch, heading towards the steel door with his shotgun gripped tightly on his left hand. His right hand turned the knob open, and with one quick motion, he swept his environment weapon-first. He detected no opposition, prompting him to move further inside. From there, he was greeted by tall stacks of steel boxes that contains unknown materials. He couldn't help but feel like he was entering a labyrinth of steel crates. He moved with a jog, turning sharply to the right. There, he was greeted by an intersection that leads to west, east and north. He stopped and listened to the sound of Droid Workers; it was coming from the north. With a deep breath, he kicked the ground again and began sprinting before he was greeted with another three-way intersection. This time, he didn't stop as he turned to the east without hesitation. After a few steps, he encountered a duo of Combat Droids that he was trying to avoid.

      Red hardened platings with white strip of paint running across it covering a grey exoskeleton greeted his eyesight. Each of them were armed with Blaster Rifles. There cyclopean faceplates were unhappy to see him. Bluish glow can be seen on the 'eye' of each Droid, pulsating rhythmically- an indication of power operating it. Without hesitation, Raguel opened fire, blasting one of them in the chestplate. It fell down, sparks flying around the damage he have made. With a dying hum, the glow on its 'eye' slowly flickered and dies. With a quick speed, he leaned to the left as a laser whiffed past him. He returned fire with the shotgun's muzzle directly aimed at its head. Within seconds, the Droid fell down, headless. He moved once more, sprinting straight at what looks like a dead end. He stopped, lowering his body enough to spring himself in a jump. He held onto the edge of the wall of boxes as he hoisted himself up. Reaching up top, he raised his shotgun, gaze darting from left to right for anything hostile but he found none. Below him, he found a lone Combat Droid, looking far ahead. It was unaware of his presence. He fired without hesitation as he dropped; the Droid reducing in a heap of twisted metal. He moved ahead where he was met with an intersection that branches to the left and right. He takes the pathway to the left, where he came face to face a duo of roving Combat Droids on a patrol.

      "ENEMY DETECTED." One of them says as they started firing at Raguel. The Bounty Hunter dashed below the hailstorm of lasers, evading the shots with graceful speed. He righted himself and blasted a Droid, the force taking the enemy backwards. He drew out his Heavy Blaster with his right hand and fired thrice at the remaining Droid, chest burned and battered. Slowly, its circuity burned in a fountain of sparks before exploding in small flames.

      In the distance, he could hear laser-fire and falling objects. He pressed his back against the wall of boxes as he listened intently. Soon enough, it stopped.

      "Raguel, I know you're in there!" The voice of Irmand says. Raguel revealed himself, greeted by the sight of Irmand in his blue Mandalorian armor. His helmet, however, was wide-visored as opposed to the traditional Mando Helmets that boasts knightly designs. He could see a jump back attached on his spine. Blaster Pistol at hand.

      "Found the Overseer?" Raguel asked.

      "We haven't even set fire in the machines yet." Irmand says. "We have to fight our way towards Working Area and from there, we could destroy both the Machineries and the Droids. Hopefully, the Overseer would be there as well.

      "Affirmative." Raguel replied as they walked towards the pathway set beyond them.

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      The two walked quietly. The Workstation was far beyond them and the battle that has taken place earlier was nothing compare to what they will face later, Raguel thought. The first wave of patrolling Combat Droids were obliterated easily that the Bounty Hunter hardly even call it a fight. Adrenaline is still in his veins, mixed in his bloodstreams together with iron and oxygen. But slowly, it was escaping him. He released a deep sigh as his heart returned to normal. For now, the battle is temporarily over but there is more of it. The silence that had ensued indicates that the two men were focusing on the job at hand. But not Raguel. He was dealing with another episode of his hallucination.

      "Ha, one way or another, this lad will bite the dust!" Said a ghostly voice that was slowly fading away.

      "He's gonna die, like the rest of us!"

      "When that happens, we will feast on his soul!"

      Trembling, Raguel stopped at his tracks with his weapon raised. Irmand glanced at him, then at the empty space he was aiming at.

      "Mate, I know you have a sodding problem of your own but please, not while on the bloody job." Irmand says as he put a hand on Raguel's shoulder.

      "I'm working on it, buddy." Raguel replied, slowly lowering his shotgun. The two continued walking again.

      The two stopped in front of a big rollup accordion. Raguel could see a button on the left side of the roll up. Irmand pressed it without hesitation. Slowly, the accordion started to rise up.

      "Are you ready, mate?" Irmand asked without looking at Raguel.

      The scenery slowly unfolds in front; a huge Workstations filled with dozens of machines, some were operated by Droid Workers. Black Droid Workers were standing behind a huge conveyor belt, packing liquids inside cylinders. At the end of the running belt was a large group of Droid Workers packing each finished products inside the steel boxes and loading it to the side of the wall. The Combat Droids were scattered around the Workstation as well, standing guard in case any intruder might attack.

      "Eveready." Raguel replied as they sprinted inside.

      Dozens of Combat Droids were alerted at their presence. Irmand hopes that their gung-ho tactics would not hold any heavy consequences that they have to deal later. Raguel aimed and fired a shot. His aim stays true as a Droid fell down with a broken chestplate. He aimed his Flechette Shotgun at its companion, blasting it as well. He moved towards a crate in front of them and dashed, taking cover from a trio of Droids firing at them. He has lost track of Irmand but he knows that he was somewhere fighting his own battle. Switching to his Riot Gun, he peeked out of his cover and mowed down the trio in a stream of kinetic bullet shots. His Riot Gun was modified months ago to fire lethal bullets. It was originally a crowd-control gun with non-lethal capabilities. Now it was as deadly as a small Blaster.

      As the trio fell down, he switched immediately to his Blaster Rifle and moved recklessly across the Workstation, aiming and firing at any red Droids that will kill him without any hesitation. The Black Droid Workers were somewhat unaware of what were happening around them. They continued their work normally even one of them get shot.

      Reaching the conveyor belt, Raguel fired at three working Droids behind it. He stuck a grenade at it and moved away then an explosion followed. He drew one of his vibroblades and hurled it at a lone Combat Droid. He turned around and fired at two more Combat Droids heading straight at him. He switched to his shotgun, filling it with more and more bullets before charging at a group of Combat Droids once more. Two, three, no, four lasers had dented his chestplate already, yet he never cares as he emptied his gun at the group. After that, silence ensued save for a few Droids who were mindlessly working in their areas.

      "Let's unplug the machines from that power core and blast the chords so that nobody can use it again." Irmand says.

      "How about you get the Overseer first and I'll blast the heck out of that power core so the entire facility blows itself inside and out?"

      Without much time to think, Irmand disappeared in one of the staircases that leads to a catwalk above them. It would take them to the office of the overseer. Raguel, on the other hand, stared at the huge machine in the middle of the Workstation. Two metal columns support a transparent cylinder. An orange orb glowed inside, emitting electricity from top to bottom.

      "Raguel," Irmand called through the radio. "I got her. Do whatever you want."

      "With pleasure." Raguel says as he shot the transparent glass. He tossed a Thermal Grenade inside and rushed towards the path where they came from. Irmand must have escaped the facility in some exit. Time is already running out and following his buddy would more likely kill him inside.

      Soon enough, he reached the exit and the Facility exploded behind him.

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