Name (Full) : Coldi'Ali'Nuorodo ("Ali" or "Al")

Age: 36

Race: Chiss

Birthplace: Csilla

Physical Appearance: Born to a Chiss father and human mother, he is nothing out of the ordinary for that of the species. Tall. broad shoulder, smiles a lot... for a Chiss.

Personality: Though he is of a race known for their mostly aloof attitude, "Al" is quite personable. He's not the proverbial "life of the party" but his mother made sure to encourage both of his lineages.

Family: Father - Mirt'Hamil"Nuorodo, Mother - Blaine Andrill'Nuorodo, Twin Brother - Coldi'Bono'Nuorodo


Born on Csilla, "Al" wasn't so much an "outcast" but he had to spend the majority of his life working hard to "fit in". The thing is, he never really did, but on his fifteenth birthday, he realized that he was tired of being what others wanted him to be and decided he was going to be himself. He knew his mother would support this, but was inwardly worried that his brother, and father would not. 'Bono' was disappointed and chose to disassociate himself with his twin and entered the CDF, or would when he was eighteen. His father was killed in what was said to be a "Rebel Attack" on Yaga Minor several years ago. Al didn't have any real military aspirations until then, though his family is part of the Nuorodo house, traditionally military. When Al had heard the news, he wanted to avenge his father's death and signed up, not for the CDF, but for the Empire.

He was almost immediately put into the Navy, and hated it. This was not what he wanted to do, so as soon as he could, the "half Chiss" put in for a transfer to Intel and was moved into Operations. He was sent out on deep cover assignments as well as "suicide missions" (not overly deep or truly dangerous but thought to be too dangerous for his lack of skills), yet he always returned. That was when he met the man who would be his new overseer, the current Minister of Defense Tauren Saryl. The Agent was a Director at the time, and set him straight on what REALLY happened on Yaga Minor. Several months went by after he disappeared before Al returned ready to work. He was no longer about "revenge" but for service.

However he hasn't had the closure he needs, and it's eating away at him, slowly.