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      Even if she was a Zeltron, Livian wanted to make sure Judah was on the same page as her. She might have been trying to seduce him, but Livian wanted her scruffy captive to admit that he wanted what she did. Did she actually think he would leave after getting this far? No. And she wouldn’t have known what to do if he’d actually chosen to leave. Her lovers never did. Thus far, progression had been as expected.

      What did manage to catch her off guard, were his next actions.

      Those same rough hands found her shoulders and pinned her up against the outside of her apartment building. A smirk slowly curled her glossed lips up when he admonished her over how much she was chattering on. She had half a mind to shoot a retort back at him, but was silenced when his lips covered hers.

      Livian whimpered softly into the unexpected, though enjoyable, kiss, and closed her eyes, allowing her lips to part the tiniest bit, inviting him to further his intentions. She was not disappointed that he’d taken control of the reigns, she liked initiative, and met his eagerness with an enthusiasm of her own as her natural production of pheromones released from the escalating situation. She could not control them at this point, not that Livian would of had any intention of doing so, anyway.

      But! She did need to calm things down before he propositioned her outside. Even though they were in the pleasure district, and it was unlikely that anyone would bat an eye at them, Livian had standards. Not many. But she did have some.

      She broke free of his kiss, “We’re in the wrong place for this...let's get you inside...I'm just up the stairs.” and rolled her shoulders to get free from underneath him so she could scavenge through her purse for her card-key. Livian started up the staircase and paused halfway, casting a wicked glance over her shoulder at Judah and continued on. He would follow.

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      Judah never intended to start and finish things in front of her building. While it was Zeltros certain things were just indecent. Yes, Judah had been known to make love to someone just about anywhere, but he certainly was not a exhibitionist. When Liv broke the fiery kiss to move them into the building Judah nodded. That’s all he was after anyway, that and he wanted Liv to quit checking in to make sure he was on board. He’d left the bar and the club with her.

      When they got inside, Judah picked Liv up and started carrying her up the staircase. It was amazing what a person would do under the influence of pheromones. The man had known she was beyond controlling them, and the output was certainly beyond Judah’s ability to resist. That was the point of all this though, keeping each other from changing their minds.

      ”Which one is yours,” he asked as he set her onto the floor. She seemed to like the initiative.

      Judah pressed into her again with a kiss. She didn’t need to answer with her words. Even if she just thought about it they would get there. He was eager, she was eager. All they needed was to get inside her apartment.

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      "Wooah!" Her magenta eyes widened with surprise, and her feet lifted from the ground to find herself swept up into Judah's arms. "Well, aren't you gallant? Though...I had the impression that knights wore shinny armor?" Livian teased, knowing full well this wasn't a chivalrous act, neither a grand romantic gesture. Pheromones and desire were at play, nothing beyond that. Still, she curled in and relaxed against his chest, allowing herself to enjoy the moment for what it was until he put her down.

      Right now? That was uncomplicated.

      She slid the bag off her arm and dug around until a keycard was produced from the abyss. She glanced up at Judah when he asked where her apartment was. "Number tw-mmph!" 'elve'.

      His lips covered her mouth and stole her breath before there was ever a chance to finish her sentence. It didn't seem to matter though, somehow, he knew, and the two of them kissed and stumbled their way through her front door.

      Things were getting heated, and she didn't want to, but broke free of Judah's grasp to make sure everything was locked and secure.

      Was she just being careful? Or was she expecting an unwanted visitor?

      Liv didn't give room for thought or comment on it, and reached for Judah again, allowing herself a grin before going in for another kiss.

      This had started because she thought he had a genuine need, and originally wanted to help him. Already, things had progressed much farther than ever anticipated. Though, any guilt she felt, any doubts, were gone.

      There was no turning back from this.


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