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      Sarisha Huxx - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Sarisha Huxx

      Age: 19

      Species: Half Amaran, A Quarter Human, A Quarter Zeltron.

      Birthplace: Amara

      Physical Appearance: Sarisha stands at 5'3 with amber coloured eyes and dark blue almost black coloured hair. She has also inherited her Vulpine ears and tail from her father.

      Personality: Playful and mischievous, Sarisha is a trickster by trade. She tends to toy with both friend and foe and can be frustrating for more serious folk to deal with at times. She rarely seems to take anything seriously and appears to be in a world of her own half the time. A well travelled wanderer, she spends the majority of her time exploring the galaxy around her and refuses to settle down for too long. She comes, does what she wants and then move on to her next location, manipulating all those that she meets along the way. A flirt by nature, she cares little for rank or nobility and is promiscuous around both men and women, acting casually around practically everyone she meets. Passionate when she wants to be, Sarisha can become surprisingly formidable when she is unable to talk or charm her way out of a fight and can become incredibly violent when angered or fearful.

      Family: Drago Huxx - Father - Deceased, Tiana Valare - Mother - Deceased.


      The result of a night of passion, Sarisha was an unplanned but well loved child. Her mother unfortunately died during childbirth but her father, Drago, raised her on his own, giving her all of the love and care that she could of wanted. She spent the majority of her childhood travelling the galaxy with him, learning the ways of the trader and con merchant from him. A dealer in rare beasts and known as a Shaman by the Amaran people, he was particularly gifted with animals, a gift that he passed down to his daughter. She loved the life of a wanderer and was was soon key to the majority of his cons and schemes as she grew up. A natural with people and sociability, she was able to charm even the hardest of dealer in to giving her father the best deals he wanted, a skill that would become a trademark of hers as the years went by.

      As she grew older though, her father began to notice something amiss with his daughter. Sarisha began to show a darker side, beneath the playful exterior that she tended to show. There were moments where she would exude an almost alien power on those who refused to bargain with them. It was subtle but he began to notice it. Men and women would almost lose their minds when faced with her, giving in to her without a fight or argument, under her complete control, almost enslaving them to her will, as though she had taken their souls. What was worse was that she seemed to be aware of it, enjoying the sensation of completely dominating someone's mind and taking advantage once she had them in her clutches. It was a sensation that she came to love and as she entered her late teens, she began to show those abilities more and more often.

      It came to a head one night in a bar, where one of her father's deals went sour and a fight broke out. Sarisha gave in to her darker impulses and and set upon the traders with an animalistic fury, killing two with her bare hands, scratching and pummelling them until there was nothing left. Her father was killed in the struggle which sent her completely over the edge, resulting in her tearing the place apart, her untapped Force powers coming to the surface in a destructive manner, obliterating the building.

      She wanders still, alone, a potent mix of Amaran, Human and Zeltron blood pumping through her veins, ready to start on her new journey.

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      Looks good. Welcome to TSE. Feel free to PM someone to train your character so that you can get started telling stories.

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