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      Cat Got Your Tongue?

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      One week after...[x] and three days after...[x]

      "Ah! Chit!"

      Kestrel Dray slid from beneath the belly of her ship and wiped her hands down the front of the coveralls she wore. Kestrel was covered in grease and her clothing stained with what looked to be engine coolant. She pulled the safety goggles onto the top of her head, wisps of dark hair poking out around them. The area around her eyes was clean, framed by a thin film of grime where the goggles had sat moments ago, showing just how dirty she actually was. Her eyes traveled down to blistered fingers and she resisted the urge to suck her bleeding knuckles. Those wires weren't meant to cross paths, obviously.

      Kes glanced her partners way and nodded her head towards the ship. "Water break?"

      She'd asked JJ to help her with a few repairs, but it seemed like he was in more of a chatty mood than normal. Trying to maintain a conversation was pulling her focus away from what she was doing. An electric shock was the result of her distraction. So, a water break to get it all out there. Then she could get back to work on her ship. The trip to Ossus and back had taken its toll, and as much as Kestrel loved her vessel...she sure would like for it to not break down on her so much.

      Leading the way up the ramp, Kes went straight to the galley and opened the conservator to pull out a couple water bottles. She tossed one JJs direction and untwisted the lid from hers.

      "Repeat what you were saying again? I missed that last part."
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      Ever since Manu brought the teens home things had been better between the two padawans. They had learned what Judah had wanted them to. They were better together. JJ had to admit he was getting nervous though because Judah had been gone, and was still gone. SOMETHING was wrong, but JJ couldn’t know what it was. This made him more talkative than usual.

      Kes hurt herself because of it. JJ let out a curse in old Corellian when she did. He knew it was his fault. That’s why he nodded when she asked about a water break. He chuckled at the site of Kes covered in grease with the exception of where the goggles had been. JJ stopped when Kes shot him the look he only knew too well. Every woman came by it naturally.

      ”Water would be great... besides maybe that way we can talk without me getting you electrocuted?”

      JJ had been meaning to ask Kes about something, though he’d been reluctant to bring it up. With all the fighting they had done before he wouldn’t have trusted her answer, and now that they were being nice to each other he didn’t want to wreck that. Still... he wanted to know if she felt about him the same way he was starting to feel about her. JJ had a fool proof plan.

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      "Not being electrocuted would be a plus." Kes responded thoughtfully, closing up the service panel. "I think I found the problem, though. I'm pretty sure it's the inertial compensator, needs replacing." Kes went over to the sink and set down the water bottle to flip on the faucet and wash her hands, making sure to scrub them well, all the while considering the price of the parts she was going to need. Considering that, she started to instead wonder if there was a junkyard somewhere near Yavin VIII where she could scavenge the parts herself. The water turned off, she dried up and meandered back to where JJ was.

      Kes could sense that he was nervous about something, she could feel it in the Force and through their deepening bond. This concerned her, but she had no idea what it was about. If she had to take a guess, then it was likely something to do with the senior Judah's disappearance. Kestrel was worried, but not as much. He seemed a capable Jedi, and if something had happened...then surely they would have felt it in the Force? JJ especially would have noticed something. Right? She'd even heard that some could sense others at great distances, if the connection was strong enough.

      Kestrel leaned back against the wall and crossed her ankles, taking a swig from the bottled water.

      "So, tell me what's been on your mind. You have my full attention JJ! Lay it on me."

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