Inside one of the stasis chambers within the cloning facilities of the planet, Jack was unconscious. Though unconscious he was still active within the Dark Side. His body asleep his mind was clearly awake. The Sith Lord saw all that transpired with his clone. The meeting with Desiree...their 'intimate moment'...everything! He saw all of it! Not being able to do anything about it the Sith Lord grew angry. How could he have been so foolish! Taken by surprise by a simple clone! That he'd never tell anyone how foolish and taken aback he was by the sudden awakening of his clone. Apparently the clone had picked a name for himself. Stole his ship too! Awake, though pretending not to be with his knowledge of the darkness. The agent of chaos was suspended in the fluid of the chamber being fed sedatives to keep his body from moving. They didn't know that these sedative would only work on something that was asleep. That didn't have a mind of it's own. Which is what Jack already had.

Suspended in the chamber Jack could feel everything around him. Once one of the guards peered into the door and looked at the other clones along with Jack he then poked his head back out and kept on his duty. The guards and the cloners wanted to make sure nothing like that happened again. If they told the Sith Lord of what happened, they feared for their lives. Too bad that the clown Sith was already there. Within one of the chambers. Which they confused him for his clone. Although their faces were similar, Jack had to have his reconstructed. After the brutal beating from Tal Kote he needed it. Sure, he could have healed on his own. That'd have taken months and he could have died waiting for that to happen. Better to get it fixed and deal with whatever then to have that happen. The only thing that Jack feared...was death. It's why he had clones made of himself in the first place. Truth be told it took him long to find his clone body into the clown he was today. Now, however, it wouldn't take so long. His knowledge had become more and he could traverse the Void better then he'd done during previous years and a previous life. The clown Sith Lord knew he needed to get outta here! But how was the bigger question.

A few hours had passed and one of the scientists assigned to the clone project had opened the door with his security card. Datapad in hand the Kaminoian strolled past each clone, checking progress. Making sure they were completely lifeless and exhibited no soul...or conscious of their own. Which is what the clown wanted in the first place. Jack was at the end, where the first clone escaped. Escaped was just a word that the clone would use. He just clearly walked out more or less. No one stopped him. They thought he was Jack. The guards simply let him just stroll out. With Jack's ship! That angered him. Though he didn't show it. Keeping himself pretending to be asleep he utilized his knowledge of the Dark Side and reached out into the mind of the scientist. The Kamino scientist was quite smart...but...Jack had his use of the Force. This one wasn't simple minded like the guards. But, his mind peered into the scientist and beckoned him towards his chamber. The scientist edged closer to the chamber Jack was held in. Looking the Kaminoian slightly canted his head wondering why he was standing in front of this chamber when he could have moved on to his other work.

You will let me out of this chamber... Jack said to him using his gift of the Force.

Shaking his head the scientist was trying to resist, wondering where that voice was coming from, "What is going on?"

Let me out...you will let me out of this chamber...stop resisting me! Jack shouted into the Kamino scientist's mind, trying to influence him.

It worked that time, as the scientist's eyes seemed to glaze over, "I will let you out of here. One moment please."

Reaching next to the chamber the scientist punched in a code and it drained the tank. Seemingly in a kind of trance, the scientist then shook his head. Clearly free of it now he then widened his black eyes and wondered what he'd done in that moment. Stepping away from the chamber he realized that he'd just let a clone free! The sedatives were gonna wear off soon if he didn't redo everything. They must be constantly pumped in or else they'd wear off in a few minutes. In that regard the clone could wake up and have a life of it's own. Though they weren't supposed to! It was too late!

Jack however had regained usage of his muscles. It had been a few weeks since he was stuck in here. Months since he'd seen his lover and student, Sahra. She'd be worried sick of where he'd be! His muscles regained their movement. Opening his eyes, the clown Sith then grinned. Being a Sith Lord had it's perks. Without it he'd be unable to recover from it unlike his 'brothers'. They were stuck the way they were. If released it'd take them a while to regain their muscles and everything else. Even to wake up from the sedatives. Jack was grateful of his teachings. They took him this far. Now all he needed to do was get outta the chamber itself. Looking at the scientist he then summoned the Force through his chaotic nature and pushed open the chamber. Fluid leaking out where it didn't drain, and poured onto the floor. The pressure could be heard and hissed as Jack shook his head and stepped out. The permanent grin on his face although his lips were nothing but a smile. They were in reality a frown. Looking around he then saw the scientist retreat into the corner.

Walking slowly towards him as he was in assassin mode, he stalked him to the corner. Looking around the weapons were no where in here. No matter! Jack summoned his use of the Dark Side once more and lifted the Kamino scientist off the floor where he'd retreated. Cowering in fear the scientist knew then that this wasn't a clone...it was the Sith Lord himself! He should have noticed. But, his arrogance and ignorance blinded him to see the changes. The facial changes of the Sith Lord. Begging the scientist then looked the clown straight in the face.

"Please...Lord Sheetai...I'm sorry...I didn't recognize you!" He said begging not to die.

"Oh? You don't like my new look? How sad!" Jack then brought him closer with the Force, "Where are my knives? My saber?"

"I don't know! The armory perhaps? It's where all weapons are stored! Ask the guard! Just don't kill me please! I beg you sir!" The kamino scientist said once more pleading for his life.

"Oh no tears my friend! It's such a waste of good suffering...which is what you'll get! For this!" Jack said grinning that time.

Letting go of the Kamino scientist he then let him drop to the floor. With speed aided by the Dark Side he swiftly snapped his neck. Such force to do so the sickening crack as his head twisted. Loud enough to be heard by Jack and the clown reveled in it. Looking up he then smiled and inhaled deeply. It was good to be free! Watching the scientist drop in a heap. Dead...lifeless without a movement his head twisted all the way around.

"Ah! It's good to be alive!" Jack said as he reveled in the fear...the suffering of the scientist before he slaughtered him.