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      Through the eye (Invicta)

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      Jacob stepped off the shuttle early today. Since his return he'd neglected Invicta's training. But, there had been something he'd needed to do before then. So with that he spirited away and left for that amount of time. The Archbishop was back, and, in the wake of that he would begin her training. He owed that much to Invicta other then being there then disappearing. As he made his way through the moon's training area, the Dark Jedi Knight looked around and smiled. It had been some time but seemed like everything was where it was before he departed. Couldn't argue though and he figured that the training spot he usually took his students was still intact. He felt like it had been a lifetime since he'd step foot on the moon of Ruusan. Then again it felt that way when he returned to the palace. Seemed like ages since his feet pressed against the surface.

      Walking steadily towards the labyrinth, Jacob then smiled and saw the area that he usually used. It was right at the end of it and there were pillars, broken droids, and all sorts of thing that one could practice on. Jacob had set it up like a course where one could run, use their jumping skills and then practice jumping to bigger heights. Then they could practice their Telekinesis skills which was a plus. Things to lift and things to push away or pull towards them. He saw it and stood there looking around. In awe that it still even stood he then sat down and crossed his legs. Opening himself to the Force, the Dark Jedi Knight began meditating. He hadn't done so since his return a few days prior. There were matters in the church he attended to and everyone was glad to see him. Which he was happy to be back among people. Too long he'd been isolated on Balthim.

      As he meditated he remembered the note he'd left Invicta in her quarters...well...placed under the door. He said for her to meet him here on the moon. That it'd be her first step to something greater. It also said she would need to find him at the end of the labyrinth. Although most of the labyrinth was decayed and broken, it wouldn't take long to traverse. The note spoke of him being at the end and that she would find him there. Waiting for her to begin. That he was eager to begin her training and that he apologized for neglecting her all this time. He signed his name at the bottom and left it under her door. Which was last night before he came in the late morning.

      Hello darkness my old friend... Jacob said to himself opening to the Force.

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      In the time she had to herself, which given Jacob's prolonged absence had been considerable, Invicta had done her best to make herself both unobtrusive and still useful around the palace, the grounds, and also at the Church. She spent the most time in the libraries and archives that were tucked around nearly every corner, absorbing every ounce of information that she was permitted to access. Treatises on government, tomes on philosophy and science, and her favorite subject, history.

      She read everything about Ruusanian history, galactic history, accounts of the major galactic conflicts, and especially that of the Force using orders that had existed over the millenia. Invicta spent days utterly absorbed in the accounts of the Jedi/Sith conflicts from the era of the Old Republic, fascinated by the constant jockeying for power and the inability of both sides to see the bigger picture playing out around them. It was this research that had led to her joining the expedition to Yavin IV, wanting to see the ancient Massassi temples for herself and walk where so many tragically storied figures had done so before.

      Even after her return, the zeal for learning had not left her, and the receipt of Jacob's missive was met with a mirthful sound and perhaps even a short dance around her quarters. It meant many things, this missive, but the most important one was that her actual training in the Force was finally to begin. With great care, she set out something appropriate to wear and settled down to sleep earlier than was the usual for her. Invicta wanted to be well rested and have as much time as was necessary to solve the puzzle that Jacob had left for her.

      Sleep, however, proved elusive for a long while, as possibilities and thoughts ran roughshod over one another in her mind until she became too tired to continue chasing them. It was a difficult night, with her sleep plagued by shadowed visions and figures she did not recognize, nor could she give a description of. In the morning upon waking, she noted a few thoughts down in her leather bound journal, and included a brief sketch of the strange temple complex that had appeared in the last dream before she awoke.

      This unsettled sensation, however, did not last longer than it took for her to close the journal and bound out of bed. She bathed and dressed quickly, her long locks pulled back into a simply ponytail, the damp ends curling in the warm air as they dried. Her journal and a few other necessities tucked away in a bag, she made her way to the shuttle pad where she knew she could find a craft to take her to the moon.

      It was a relatively short wait and subsequent trip, as there was always a shuttle waiting to ferry those who wished it to the training areas of the moon of Ruusan. A word of thanks to the pilot upon landing, and Invicta soon found her boots crunching along the path away from the landing area and towards the labyrinth Jacob mentioned in his note. A frisson of excitement danced along the length of her spine as she found the crumbling and decayed structure. Would that she had time to simply explore it at her own pace, sketching as she walked, studying the stonework and structure.

      But that pleasure would have to wait for another day, and she tamped down on her thoughts and firmly placed her mind on the proper path. She needed to find Jacob at 'the end of the labyrinth' where he was waiting for her. The thing was, there was no end in a true labyrinth...only one way in or out. But perhaps end had a different meaning in this case...perhaps it was at the end of a particular pathway, that she had to discover. The young woman captured her lower lip in her teeth and tilted her head to the side as she walked slowly forward, her left hand trailing lightly along the wall.

      With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and with her fingers as her anchors to the physical, she opened her mind as best she could to the energy Jacob had only begun to speak to her about before he'd left. The connection she felt to the pulsating energy that supported and held her during her years as a slave; the corner of her mind she retreated to in order to preserve her sanity. Sensations came flooding into her mind, nearly overwhelming her, until the scrape of her fingers against stone brought her back to center.

      It took her several minutes to make any sense of them, and most were simply too much to try and comprehend. But there was a familiar thread there, akin to a strong, braided cable, that drew her forward. Invicta took it slowly and made her way through the derelict labyrinth, following the sensation of Jacob's mind as a beacon. Before long, she'd reached the end of a long, straight passage, and opened her eyes to find a simple door. She raised a hand and knocked politely before opening it to enter, nodding as she set down her bag off to the side.

      "Good morning, Jacob. I trust I haven't kept you waiting for too long?" she said softly in greeting, a smile warming her features as she raised her eyes to meet his.

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      Jacob opened his eyes and smiled as Invicta spoke. It was good to see her again and he did see her when he'd returned to the palace. But, today he'd be doing something with her one on one. They'd not spoken too much after he'd brought her here and before he left to Balthim. Though now was his chance to get to know her more so and begin her training through the Force. The orange eyed gaze of the Knight then looked at her and smiled before he concentrated upon the Force and levitated himself and and let his legs dangle to where they touched the surface of the moon. Once his feet touched the dirt he then let the energy of the Force dissipate. Though soon he'd call upon it once more. Truth be told he missed his students. It was good to see them all once again.

      "Morning Invicta. Hope you slept well and are ready for today." He began as he looked down at her noting that she had dressed in attire for training.

      Something that he was glad she did. Jacob wanted her to explore more things then just being cooped up in the palace and all. She was free to go where she wished and no longer would she be a slave to anyone. Not to Jacob, not to anyone in the Penumbra. True, Jacob was her teacher. That was all he was. A teacher. The Dark Jedi Knight told his students never to call him Master. Unless they felt they had to. Made him feel older then what he was if they called him that. Invicta was becoming more then just some slave girl he'd rescued and brought to Ruusan. She was a Dark Jedi now, and in that regard she would learn anything she desired. With that Jacob was going to guide her in what she wished to know.

      He then walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders, "Have you been alright in my absence? I know we never got a moment to speak after our walk before I left. Which I'm sorry I just up and left you like that. There was...just something I had to do like I said when I got back."

      The orange colored eyes looked into hers and then he breathed in and let it out slowly, "Anyways...I remember you told me that while you danced that there was something that connected you to the Force. I'm here to show you how you can take that further. I have an ideal that I want to tell you about. Something that helps me connect to the Force."

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