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      Amerial Urstalis - Recruitment Bio - Government

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      Name: Amerial ‘Amé’ Percaea Urstalis

      Age: 21

      Species: Morellian

      Birthplace: Morellia

      Physical Appearance: Amé is a gray-eyed, fire-haired beauty, standing all of five feet and six inches, with a slim frame and mild curvature. Away from her homeworld, she tends to clothe herself in modest dress, nothing near as refined as she wears in situations where her position as the heir to her house is required, or can be used to benefit.

      If there’s two words that describe Amé, ambitious and kind would be them, but under the surface lies the cunning, high-nosed intellect she inherited from her mother. At her core, she knows her place in the galaxy, and where her life is headed, being obedient to her family’s wishes to an extent, which is tempered with her knowledge that she would better serve the future of her house not being holed up in the limited view of nobility, her culture, and the longer lives of her people.

      Renea Urstalis: Mother; Matriarch and Noble Head of the House of Urstalis
      Marsos Urstalis: Father; Deceased
      Marselia Urstalis: Younger Sister; Sith Apprentice
      Aledaer Engwen-Urstalis: Stepfather; Second husband to Renea
      Orell Engwen-Urstalis: Half-brother; twin to Orena
      Orena Engwen-Urstalis: Half-sister; twin to Orell

      As her mother’s firstborn, Amerial is the heir of the House of Urstalis, and has been educated to that end, and has been her mother’s favourite. From an early age, she took an interest in languages, and has accumulated a fair number of them under her belt, which has been an asset in her family’s dealings and given her opportunities as a teen in government programs on Morellia, her homeworld. For the most part, she hasn’t the best relationship with her younger sister, who had most of their father’s attention and harboured mild jealousy towards Amé… but if it wasn’t for her sister leaving, Amé would never have gotten the idea to expand her knowledge and horizons by serving with a larger government.

      But first, she wanted to see more of the galaxy, so she made plans for a little tour, taking in worlds big and small on a path that would bring her to Bastion in a roundabout way, and all on her lonesome, much to her mother’s initial concerns and objections. At first, she was a little afraid, but as she journeyed, her confidence rose and her naïveté began to melt away when she saw bad along with the good, and disorder, which cemented her career choice. To her surprise, she also met members of an older diaspora of Morellians from the time of downturn of their species, and was given the chance to inform them that their survival as a species was improving at a fast clip; an encounter on Ralltiir, one of her last stops, was only the beginning in spreading that news.

      Before long, her tour was over, and she arrived on Bastion to become a citizen of the Sovereign Galactic Empire, and secure living arrangements, port for her ship, familiarity with Ravelin, and employment with the Imperial Government, as a knowledgeable trainee. Being young, she hoped she would make some friends on this new world, or it would be a sad existence, and a lonely one… so she planned to seek social opportunities - second to her new job, of course.

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      I'm reminded of the Hall & Oates song "Rich girl", reading this. Welcome. It looks good.

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