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      Cards And Nightmares [Alisa]

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      Sitting across the table from her opponent, she looked at a man with hard facial features, it seemed as if some hint of a clean shave on him started to leave and he looked weathered, rough, with signs of aged gray stubble and a beard beginning. The two were playing poker, and the match seemed to have attracted a small crowd.

      Velda checked her option on the last card dealt, seeing if he wanted to go to showdown flip the cards over and find out who had the best hand. It seemed like he might considering Velda turned the hand into a roller coaster nightmare for him, yet the man held on for dear life throughout the hand. He refused to fold and throw his cards out for the next hand, it seemed like he was determined to win this pot, no matter the cost, for some reason he just wanted those credits. And on this last card dealt he pushed all his remaining credits on the table toward the middle, he was all in.

      As Velda watched him, she wondered about the man’s sanity; he couldn’t be serious. The brunette replayed the hand in her head, thinking of the possible lines of plays that could lead to this decision and none came that made any sense.

      If she called his bet and lost, she wouldn’t be broke on the table but would severely reduce her chips, if she called and won, then all of his chips was hers and the match would be over. In a way she couldn’t blame him, she bullied and tricked him the entire time, she slowly drained him of his chip stack like a vampire slowly siphoning blood. He had to make a stand at some point, she just didn’t think it was now.

      “I call” she flipped her cards over, and he did his. Velda was holding a pair of four’s, and if he connected with anything on the board she was beat, but her hand was strong enough to beat a bluff. He turned over a Jack and an eight and he had no part of the board at all, he was bluffing, and he looked like he just saw his life flash before his eyes when it dawned on him she called his bluff with that.

      It seemed like he had that empty feeling of shock in his tummy.

      He stood up quickly, bumping rudely into a patron while doing so “How did you make that call!? Who are you?” Velda at this point was taking his credits and sipping her drink, as the crowd was beginning to scatter “I’m the Devil.” She sarcastically said, feeling he never actually earned her name. After replying, she glanced around and behind him she saw a regular to the cantina.

      Velda poked her finger in the woman’s direction a couple of times pointing her out to the man, and he turned around to face her.

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      The Sith Lordess was at her usual table, sipping on a cold one and casually observing her surroundings when she saw another woman point her out to an angry man. Alisa threw her arms up as if to gesture "what the..." and then saw the man start to move toward her. She stood up and cracked her neck loudly.

      Using the Dark Side she outstretched her hand and lifted the cards he left on the table into the air. With a sudden and violent force, she sent the projectiles into his back and they pierced his skin quickly. His screams temporarily filled the bar until they were silenced by Alisa beating him with a chair. As the unknown man laid lifeless on the floor, she stepped over him and then sent the cards and chips flying off the table and onto the floor.

      "Game over."

      She smiled and sat down across from the woman who had drawn her into this mess.

      "So, you're the devil, huh?"

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      Within a matter of moments Velda saw the man’s cards on the table rise with purpose, soon to shoot themselves at her former opponent, piercing into his back. That brought the fellow to the floor as she watched him drop. Then she took a chair and beat the life out of him, Velda couldn’t blame the woman, he had it coming. Then she stepped over the man and to Velda’s table the rest of the cards and chips sailed off and Velda heard them shower the floor with the different card suits and chip colors.

      “I suppose so..” Velda said to the game ending, feeling somewhat content with the results. “Impressive, with the cards, I must say.” She said speaking of Alisa’s display.

      She nodded to the question she gave her about being the Devil. “That is me, I go by other names as well, you can call me Velda.” Workers came by and picked her opponent’s lifeless body up and dragged him away. All the while, the crowd and the hushed chit chat that came with it surrounding the table simmered down, and the crowd dispersed. “Since introductions are in the air, who might you be?”

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      "Velda the devil, got it. I am Sith Lordess Alisa Sha. Rama, the person this bar is named after, is my half brother and I like to kill things. Oh and I have a short temper. I'm good at destruction and mayhem in general."

      She levitated her drink over to her from her former seat and took a long sip.

      "So what are you really doing here?"

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