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He wasn't Emperor, he didn't want the idea in his head.

He wasn't Supreme Leader, the idea was forming but they were not there yet.

Saryl was someone though who was making the best of the situation and if that meant that he was spending time in the Tarkin Centre in order to ensure the logistics and governmental operations of the Empire continue to move forward than so be it. It also meant that he needed to take his own approach to the situation and that meant involving himself in the discipline of new interns, and ensuring that they were choosing the right people, then that is what he would definitely be a part of. This did not endear him to many of the Moffs, or Representatives, but he answered to none of them.

The Empire was moving forward, even if he had to give it a push.

Much of the morning was spent in meetings with interns, as mentioned, none of them to this point seemed to impress him. They were all "mouths" trying to say things that they thought he wanted to hear, Tauren didn't like pandering. This next meeting though, she was interesting, looking to be some form of nobility he couldn't help but wonder if this was some form of parental punishment for her, this position that is. Then again, as he thought about it more, she might be a perfect fit, and the more he read, the more his thought strengthened in this.

She would be an interesting meeting indeed.