This was one of those days where Tauren missed being a cypher, his next meeting was with a family name that he had detailed intel on. He was meeting another Lesan. No, the Minister of Defense had never met any of the others, but he knew of them, all of them, it was his job to when he was operational in Imperial Intelligence. They were all talented, incredibly intelligent and flighty, that wasn't so much a concern until now, now that one of them wanted to join up. True, the Empire was in a cease-fire with the Republic, a cease-fire he brokered with the Mandalorian kid but to know thine enemy is to know thyself.

Was she an enemy? Highly doubtful.

Was she a spy? Possibly, but either highly intricate in her plans, or "simple" in the lack thereof. He doubted she was a spy anyway.

She was EOD, he liked that, there was never enough of them in Tauren's opinion. Her skill set seemed to work, and considering the family she was coming from, it was no surprise. There was still the question of her name, and her intentions, that would be answered the moment she opened that door though. Looking up to greet her, he was about to find out...