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      Merrick Sato - Recruitment Bio

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      Name: Merrick Erisar Sato

      Age: 26

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Chandaar

      Physical Appearance: Like both of his parents, Merrick is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, and altogether easy on the eyes. He dresses well; his look is always tidy and of proper fit, often comprised of business casual attire and more formal outfits when needed. He stands at a height of six feet and four inches, and is in excellent physical shape from strength training, fencing, running, and other pursuits.

      Merrick is an intelligent, hard-working individual, raised to excel in whatever he does. This makes him competitive, while at the same time he is graceful and sure of himself. Though, because his life has been for the most part directed by his mother's ambitions for his life, his confidence wavers in being faced with his new path of becoming a Jedi, tempered only by the prospect of becoming his own man in control of his own life.

      Kailey Sato [Mother]
      Tarion Viren [Father][Deceased]
      Chiara Viren [Half-Sister]
      Zarah Viren [Cousin]

      Born on Chandaar, Merrick was the only son of the late King Tarion Viren and only child of the king's royal mistress, Kailey Sato. The advent of his birth as a potential male heir to the king brought greater social standing and court position to his mother's family, but the birth of Queen Aurelia’s first child, Chiara, in Merrick's fifth year enabled the queen to act upon her jealousy towards the king's mistress, eventually having the woman and her son banished from court.

      Thereafter, Merrick and his mother settled on Empress Teta, where she continued to raise him as the heir to the Cronese crown, but with heavier ambitions now controlling her thoughts: the king, the man she loved, had been put to death at the end of the Cronese Civil War by the new queen, his half-sister Airael, an act for which Kailey desired revenge. This would drive her ambitions for years to come.

      For Merrick's part, apart from the pressure of his mother's ambitions, he was raised well, given an excellent education, wanting for nothing.. except a little freedom from his mother's will, perhaps, when in his early teens he was ordered to end the short-lived relationship with his girlfriend and best friend, Teyla Ee’everwest. He had never defied his mother before, not at this level, and soon the boy was single again, but the friendship remained. He was angry, and retaliated by taking his mother's wishes to the umpteenth degree, refusing to even date girls suggested by his mother that met her own approval as he got older. He told her he would date for nothing less than the serious intention of marriage, and thereafter buried himself in his school, fencing lessons, and other activities, right through his undergraduate degree. That is, until his best friend left for the Jedi, and another door opened, another path was set before him by the Force itself…

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      Looks good! Feel free to find a Master to teach Merrick and start rping.

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