Per his acceptance into the Jedi Order after his month of travel, Neo knew that he'd need to use his abilities for a greater good to rid it of the evil in the world. Such evil like his template, Jack Sheetai. All in all Neo was an exact copy of him. Well, exact copy all but the face. Jack's own had reconstruction surgery. As did Neo now. On Drifter's Paradise the clone had his face reconstructed as to not look like his evil template. No, Neo wanted to be more different then him. He wasn't Jack and Jack wasn't him either. They were two separate entities now. Thankful for Desiree showing him a few things of the galaxy, and, their intimate encounter he'd felt more separate then Jack in the entire galaxy. Stumbling upon Munto Codru and seeing first hand the Sith, he knew that his loyalties lay elsewhere. That he should do something good with the Force sensitivity that he possessed. It was then he remembered that Desiree was a Jedi. Though not your typical one and neither would Neo. Underneath he was a free spirit. A teenager in an adult body.

His first few days at the Temple were spent getting to know it. Where everything was. He knew exactly where the Tavern was. That was the first place he'd visited upon his arrival only three days from the cloning facilities on Kamino. Neo had no name when he'd met her. Though she helped come up with his name. Meeting the young woman on Munto Codru had sent him on a better path. Sure, he could have joined the Sith like his template. But, he knew too much of Jack's life through the visions to do so. It sickened him of what the capabilities of such a being used his abilities for. The clone joined the Jedi Order and knew he'd need to make amends for what his template did in the galaxy. Where Jack was an agent of chaos, Neo would be an agent of order and balance. Neo wasn't the type to be warm or completely friendly to anyone. When Desiree first saw him and said hello he jumped out of his skin. Same happened on Munto Codru. In time he knew not to jump at everything. Still, it happens once in a while. He could be very friendly and kind when he had gotten to know someone. Neo was just very reserved. With good reason. He still had much to learn of the galaxy. Never in one place too long and free spirited to where he wanted to experience it all.

Neo looked through a list of those who could help him harness his abilities. Seeing the short bio about Master Jannik Mortlandt he thought that it would be a great fit for him. Asking around he'd heard that the Jedi Master tended to venture out into the galaxy. Train his students out in the field beyond the capabilities of Yavin VIII. Something that Neo admired about him. Jannik seemed the type that was free spirited even if he didn't want to admit it. Which is why Neo was making his way towards the Jedi Master's door. Wondering if he'd take him on as a student. Talk with him and see where things would go. Not that Neo was in such a rush to get started. The clone figured he'd make an impression and introduce himself to the Jedi Master. A smile on his face he then made his way towards the door.

Standing at it he brushed off his black pants with his gray t-shirt half wrinkled. Neo wasn't about fashion, but he unwrinkled it and adjusted his green vest. Pushed back his green hair as his near pale white features studied the reflection in one of the glass windows next to the door. Neo peered out the window for a moment seeing the snow covered ground and raised his eyebrow. Red eyes scanned over his features in the reflection before he brushed a strand of hair out of his face. Looking once again at the Jedi Master's door in front of him he pushed a button and heard a buzz on the other side of it.

"Master Jannik?" Neo stated and this time didn't stutter, "I was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment?"