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      Yeah no, I don't intend to ever do this forever, she thought as she studied him. She still had things to do, and hopefully a life to live. When she had said study, she meant study. Not devote her life to a monastic religious sect.

      As he mentioned the last thought being the one that puts their hands down, she shook her head. Do people actually think about that around here? She gave him a look that might have equated to sucking a lemon. Her hands were already in her lap, comfortable. Loose. Relaxed. They weren't going anywhere. In the meantime she tilted her head, turning over hte idea that people inwardly said to themselves Now I'm going to reach out and grab the door to the conservator. I will wrap each finger around the handle like so, and then I will draw it open with a pull... She paused. Did he do that when he moved, or walked around his home or ship? The puzzlement and the need for an answer built and built until it was all she coudl do to not blurt out the question, the thought.

      A moment later she took a breath and shoved it aside, though irritation began to rise off of her at the same time, as she examined the matter from every which angle. This is pointless she decided after nearly a full minute, and glanced about. So began the debate. Stay, or leave? Stay... or leave? She'd gotten the answers she'd needed. There was no further reason to be there, other than training which she could do in another spot.

      Or was there?

      It was an inkling. A little scratch at the back of her heart and mind. Something she was learning not to ignore.

      Okay. Let's see where this goes.

      She took a moment to draw in a deep breath through her nose and quickly reached for the silence, finding it almost before she'd begun her inhale. Her mind was disciplined, focused, from years of racing, some martial arts training, and driving mining equipment which required concentration.

      With that she closed her eyes, though she was still partially aware of the outlines of those around her due to the heat or infrared bandwidth her eyes picked up as well as the arrogantly dubbed 'visible' light spectrum. Now all that came from her was curiosity, determination, and the feeling of a gamble.

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      Trying to clear her mind wasn't that hard, but ridding herself of the philosophical discussion they were having did take a couple long moments. She enjoyed the quiet debate, to a degree, and having a more focused discussion about the Force prompted the creative juices flowing once again, after so long. It had been a while, indeed. Though as she finally closed her mind off to everything else, Masiri instead took comfort in the Force itself and then let her hands fall to her thighs. Breathing calmed to nearly indiscernible and she was at peace again.

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      Neo took in Caltin's words and thought to himself that he would calm his mind. At times his mind raced and there were times that his anxiety would surface. In times like these however he found that if he could change that. From what he'd heard that Jedi used meditation as a means to refresh oneself and better their connection to the Force. In truth, Neo hadn't even used it yet though he had some sense of it. Neo knew what it was to a degree and knew that he had potential to use it. To what degree and how to utilize it that was a different story. Not knowing what to do regarding that he then heard what the Jedi Master said and tried best to clear his own thoughts. The last thing he thought of was something that made him happy. Spending time with a friend and just chatting with her. It brought him a sense of happiness that he had a friend.

      Thinking of that he then rested his hands on his knees while letting his mind clear and breathing went shallow without realizing it. Keeping his eyes closed he then let the thought drift to nothing. While he kept his mind clear he kept his focus on his breathing and nothing else could be heard in the quiet of the room that he sat in. It was quite interesting to say the least. This wasn't something he'd experienced before. A calmness that he hadn't felt. The rest of his time he'd been anxious or kept to himself.

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      Caltin took in their feelings, their emotions, and their actions. He took in the confusion of some, the pensive nature of others and the snarkiness of others yet. There was nothing to the actions and therefore he didn't take offense as none was probably intended.

      Who would really think one would have to tell their hands to fall to their sides? No, he didn't know whose thought it was, and it didn't matter, it was a surface thought and Caltin would not press further. It was cute and brought a smirk to his face anyway.

      Quietly, once they were all in position and in the right frame of mind, he got up and stood behind them.

      Now, reach out through the Force, not to me, not to each other, just "out".

      Slowly he emanated an aura of calm, switching with an aura of light and back repeatedly, the action was slight and meant to be unnoticed by any of them.

      Tell me what you see.

      He wanted to know what they saw. He didn't want to hear about what they might think that he would want to hear, or "a whole lotta dark".

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