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    Thread: A New Mission

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      A New Mission

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      After a long break after his last mission, Valo Torreno is ready to return to action. After his last successful assassination mission, Valo was put up in a luxurious suite by Vaago as a reward for his success. Now rested, Valo returns to meet Vaago for a new mission. His normally unruly hair is clean and slicked back, his armor and boots are polished and shining, and his face is shaven and rested looking. Valo walks confidently toward the door to Vaago's chamber. The guards standing out front know his face by now and they allow him entry.

      Valo walks slowly up to the hulking Vaago and bows on one knee.

      Valo Torreno:
      The excellency, Vaago the Hutt... I am now rested for a new mission. Thank you for the suite. After my last mission where I executed the ambassador, I have proven I can handle things with a more "personal" touch. I can do whatever you like, a kidnapping or an assassination. Dead or alive. It's your call.

      Valo waits on a bended knee for Vaago's booming voice to reply.
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      The mighty space slug's booming laugh could be heard as it echoed in the chamber.

      "It has been some time since I have seen you last. I recall that you have not let me down in completing my tasks in the past, my loyal employee. Let's see if your absence has affected your ability to work."

      Vaago's assistant handed a compad to the Bounty Hunter.

      "Indicate your choice of mission by replying to the entry and we will see if you are worthy of my generous payment once more."

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