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      Light will always outshine Darkness (Judah's Master Trial)

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      He read it.

      He couldn't believe it.

      Alyscia was getting married, and she wanted him to meet her new fiance. It seemed like yesterday that she was a little girl, well she would always be his little girl, but still. He was a mixture of happiness for her, pride in the woman that she has grown up to be, curiosity at how Alyks, her late mother, would react to this, she would be proud too. It meant a lot to him that she was wanting to see him first, she had her own life on Corellia now and while they always kept in touch, he didn't want her to feel pushed. Then again, he was her dad.

      So he definitely was going, and he was going now, but his BB droid, BB-55 had a message from Master Rendahl for him. He read it, and it looked to be nothing more than a simple ride along for Judah Lesan. Apparently the Knight was finally on his way to bigger things in the order, that was good. It was about time. It was Caltin's job to get him to the Enclave on Corellia, that worked for him just fine. Maybe he could help the guy prep for his trial, nothing "cheating", just be ready in body. The mind and spirit was up to Judah.

      He'll be fine.

      You have power over your mind, not outside events.
      Realize this and you will find strength.

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      Judah had his bags packed and walked down the hall toward the ship bay. Caltin was giving him a ride to Corellia. Normally Judah would have insisted on taking his own ship, but this was given by instruction of the council. Judah was being sent to Corellia for his trials. He had walked through trials before, but these were to be his final. The man hoped he was ready, but he could not claim he was. A lot had happened in his life over the past year, and the man was still coming to terms with all of it. Judah was learning what it meant to be Judah again. The trials could not have come at a worse time for him.

      When he saw the "Boulder" Judah grinned. Lesan had always looked up to the elder Jedi. He wasn't perfect, but he'd been places Judah had never gone and had wisdom because of it. Master Vanagor was not perfect, but he was good.

      "Anything I can do to help get us off this frozen moon sooner," he asked as he greeted the master with a small bow.

      Caltin had always been one to tell Judah to not be so formal, but when it came to masters the Telosian had always offered certain respects.

      "I'll even fly the ship if you want to take a nap or something?"

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      Giving a "Hey there!" head back-tilt and grin, Caltin stepped aside to make room.

      You can stow your bags and make yourself comfortable, that's what you can do. As welcoming as he could be, Caltin didn't want Judah to feel ill at ease about what was ahead of him. He knew that the Knight was having a rough time, but in a way, this was the trial of his spirit. As Judah made his way on board and the loading ramp up behind him, Caltin made his way to the cockpit.

      The "new" ship (new to him), The Epiphany was soon hovering and then climbing through the atmosphere, and once they were in hyperspace, Caltin turned the pilot's seat around and relaxed.

      So... any questions about your trial? Want some pointers? I won't help you cheat... but I was alone and went into mine blind.

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