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      First Encounters (Kit Baxter)

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      The sky was clear and the brightest shade of blue without any sign of clouds, or snow on the horizon. Such a bright, sunny day was rare on the frozen planet of Yavin 8. From her vantage point on one of the many neighbouring mountain tops, N’yssa Fairfax could see all of the Jedi Temple, from the Great Hall Entrance, to the compound, the hanger and even spot the distant building of the Tavern. Small dots repressing the students, visitors, Jedi and mechanics roamed around moving to and fro from building to building. It was difficult for the Jedi Master to say goodbye to such a place. It had been her home for so long, years… decades.

      How could she just pick up her roots here and move to Ossus? Ossis where their new Temple now stood, complete and already housing several students and Jedi. While the second temple began to picking up on the popularity among the younger Jedi, N’yssa decided to remain behind and keep an eye on the old temple on Yavin 8.

      It was much quieter now. Peaceful but an empty feeling taking root. N’yssa hoped that she’ll see the day when not only the Ossus Temple, but this one too will both be filled with wide eyed students ready to learn the ways of the Jedi, understand the Force and grow in the Light. Until then, their numbers will have to be split between the two planets.

      Taking a deep breath, the pink haired woman stood and stretched on the rock outcrop. Her meditation was over for the day, time to return to the Temple and look after all the administration work that was required. Picking her way down the mountain edge, using the Force to help her balance, finding the right rocks that will hold her weight. Reaching the bottom, N’yssa strolled through the forests, taking her time to enjoy the life that managed to survive the planets harsh environment. Yavin 8 may be harsh, cold and bitter, but to the Jedi Master it was a great place to harden any Jedi, to focus their mind and find their true path.

      In the distance over the last ridge N’yssa spotted the Compound looming before her, the glass dome top where they grew more plants and flowers for the comfort of many Jedi and students. In the back of her mind, N’yssa wondered what to have for her evening meal. Lately she’d been using the kitchens to cook up her own recipes, home ones from Naboo. No matter how long it’s been, there were still days she desired something to remind her of her home planet, her village and her past life before becoming a Jedi.

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      This new life was strange to Kit. He could have all the freedom he wanted, with only just a few rules and if he misbehaved, a lightwhip wouldn’t even be far behind. Nope. He could relax without worry, and enjoy his free time because there wasn’t a slave master behind him every step of the way.

      As he was making his way down the halls, he took a sniff of the stale air, that didn’t seem...stale? This must be some mistake. How could this be? He thought. Maybe he was just imagining things, but as he made his way into the corridor that led to the kitchen, that was further from the truth. It was fresh air! FRESH AIR! Not like the mining colonies where dust and dirt was thrown around to the point where when you tried to take a deep breath in, all you could do was cough. This was a total relief.

      He even took note of the bright blue sky that was outside of the crystal like windows. That was a refreshing sight to see now that he wasn’t in that frigid air.

      After a while, he found himself in the kitchens. Now those utensils, pots and pans looked familiar. He knew where he was, but almost as soon as he looked over, he saw someone in the far distance...a...Jedi perhaps? But why did she have pink-hair?

      He shrugged his shoulders, and went back to his exploration, but something about her kept getting his attention. The way she stood oh so proudly, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride himself, so, cautiously, he tiptoed over toward her to get a closer look, and spoke.

      Meekly, and nervously, he said to her, “H-h-hello? A-are you a J-jedi, or s-s-servant? This place...it-it’s so-so confusing.”

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      N’yssa perked her head up when she heard the voice. She had only just entered the Compound, and was making her way towards the kitchens to check out what was in the cupboards to work with when the timid voice called out to her. Stopping, she turns to see a young boy staring at her. He seemed nervous, as if he was afraid to even speak the questions on his mind. It only took the Jedi Master a second more to realize the boy was Force Sensitive, she opened up to the Force and sensed the power the young boy had within him.

      “What do you think?” N’yssa asked, a smile on her lips. She thought it might be fun to let the boy figure that out himself. “C’mon, I was on my way to the kitchens to find something to eat, maybe we’ll find some snacks. What do you like? Cookies? Something with chocolate?”

      N’yssa moved forward into the kitchens and towards the pantry where she knew the Temple’s cooks prepared a few delicious goodies for the passerbyer. She assumed the boy followed her, she hoped he did.

      “You must be new here.” N’yssa said as she found a few tins of various kinds of cookies and set them down on the nearby table. “Having fun exploring the Temple?”

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