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      Dust and Danger (Open)

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      Gathering more of her latest crop in the garden, outside the main walls of the temple, Lykeira placed them delicately into the leather satchel at her right side. Her leather vest vainly covering the intricate tattoo commanding her abdomen, she hadn't had many reasons to add more to it's black, tribal lines in a while. The latest foray being a trip to Manaan seeking out her mother or fellow Pachmari elders. One having been found, she ended up escaping but not before the Sith Lord had gained more information on those that had once been in command of a large number of dark side witches. One day, Lykeira promised herself, she would have the codex possessed by the Elder Mother. A search that continued.

      But, until that day, she continued experimenting with various poisons and herbs grown here in the garden.

      Rising, she perused the other flowers and plants within her own side of the large furrows and bordered lane. Many would be ready in a week or so, she mused. Turning, hazel green eyes rose to the far side of the garden, once kept by another of their order who delved in elixirs as well. Though they had never traded notes, Lykeira knew that most of her own concoctions were superior and had proven them on numerous occasions. Some of the failed disciples of the Sith temple having been her test subjects. Some too stupid to protect themselves against her coercion, or even seduction in some cases, they deserved their end and the witch got the results she hoped for, or went back to the drawing board. In some cases, she even gained a result that she hadn't expected. Everything effected certain races and genders differently.

      Moving toward the main door leading into the atrium, the cinnamon toned witch gazed out across the verdant mountains and then down to Rama's. If ever she wanted a larger audience for her elixirs, that dive would be the best place to test it, she grinned darkly.

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      Antony then opened the door which lead to the atrium before he would head outside to the gardens. Today he wanted to note since it had been a few days since he'd returned from Bastion and wanted to see what results had occurred in the plants here and note how they'd grown and what blooms would be sprouting soon. Smiling while he walked with his datapad in hand to take note, the Sith Apprentice then saw the cinnamon witch and nodded to her before he walked into the open air. Knowing that she had knowledge more then he did of poisons and elixirs though he was just more into studying all the plants that he could. Sure at times Antony would delve into such things but today wasn't one of them. At the time such as this he was just noting their growth and what was about to bloom and what would bloom in a short amount of time.

      He then headed toward the gardens which were around the temple and a few not far from it. Smiling he then breathed in the fresh air through his nose and let it out in a sigh. It was quite a nice day he had to agree and with that set off for the few gardens which housed only flowers. No such poisons or anything of that nature. Antony would make his way there, but, at this moment that is what his focus was on. Not that he minded what anyone else thought. This was his time to do what he wished and he would make the best of today. Whatever would happen. As he walked he heard the deep sigh from the Dark Passenger in his mind and the Apprentice then rolled his eyes. Wondering what stupid sentence would come out of it's mouth.

      What fruitless thing are you doing now, Antony? It said walking next to him.

      None of your freaking business that's what! He spoke into his head back to it.

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      The exit of the son of Icarus caught Lykeira offguard initially and she glanced to the strange kid who had gained entry to the temple on his father's name, or so she had been led to believe. Brow furrowed as he then walked out into another section of the garden that fronted the large complex. Turning toward him, she grinned wryly, "You out here picking flowers for some girl," she inquired, her judgmental tone one of her signature traits. Though she had never seen him around any females that often, the cruel joke would be lost on most.

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