Location: Outer Rim Territories | Helska 1 | Reibon City
Allies: N/A
Objective: Purchasing New Ship Parts

"If I had a credit for every time this blasted ship broke down..." Kestrel murmered under her breath with a sigh.

She proceeded to clunk her leather bag on top of the merchants booth, among all the random ship parts and wares accumulated and displayed. She unzipped it, and dug around until a credit chit was produced. She stared at it for a long moment, then painfully forked it over to the itching palm of the Rodian, the last of her cash gone. All for an overpriced power converter.

"Wknuto che sa shuss."

"Alquono deg apprefaron." Kestrel replied, unable to keep from grinning at the apparent surprise lighting upon his features, that someone out here knew his language.

Well, a bit, anyway. She wasn't fluent in rodese, but had picked up enough of it on Tatooine that she could hold a limited conversation. "Thank you again, friend. Couldn't get back home without this." She held up the part to regard it one last time, contemplating its worth before she slipped it into her bag and re-shouldered it. The new weight instantly began pulling the strap down, digging painfully into her shoulder. She tried to adjust the strap to a comfortable position, but to no avail.

'At least the dockingbay isn't far.' she reassured herself, beginning her trek back through the marketplace, taking the time to notice a few things she'd missed before.

Helska 1 was a place of wild jungles, jagged mountains, glass-sand beaches and largely unpopulated, except for the main city she was in, Reibon, which was rather small and unimportant. It looked like an old trading port that had been forgotten and faded through time, eventually being transformed into this settlement for the Outer Rims 'catch all'. Those looking to start fresh, those who didn't want to be found, not a too dissimilar feel of Tatooine's population. Filled with a lot of 'interesting types' of characters, characters she didn't want to stick around to get acquainted with.

Alas, the planet had been a necessary pit stop when her ship started petering-out en route to Yavin 8 from Belkadan. Judah had sent her there on an errand to pick up an artifact that was found at an archaeological dig site, tasked to bring it back safely to the Jedi Temple. It was a simple mission, and one she was happy enough to take on after some recent events with the Lesans. The remembrance of those events made her face fall, her stride slow, matching the feeling in her heart.

She sucked in her lower lip, almost coming to a stand still. She gave a light shake of her head, breathed deep, and pushed through the emotion, as well as the crowd.

She still had a ship to fix, and a mission to finish. That was her focus right now.