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      Glancing at her, she knew he would normally argue that point, but instead moved out, keeping low and heading in line toward the shuttle's lowered ramp and then turned and crouched once more, Sparky now aboard. Along with the door gunner, Cabrin waited for Llewel to join them, then everyone headed up into the shuttle as it then began lifting off. Grabbing a seat as the door closed behind them, he relaxed finally, letting the team-slung rifle fall to his right side. Taking a deep breath, he slipped out his canteen and took a long drink, then eyed everyone aboard in turn, giving them the thumb's up and gaining the same in return. They had all made it back in one piece, which was the main goal.

      Turning to Llewel at his right, he handed her his canteen, though he knew she had one as well, but his was already available.

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      Settling down beside him, her smile settling on her features as thanks and congratulations went round, she set the butt of her rifle between her feet and rested it against her shoulder. "Nice leadership, boss... all present and accounted for." She smiled and took the offered canteen and took a drink without thinking. No one was hurt or killed and she was with her favorite person once more. What more could a girl want?

      "So what's next, boss? Perhaps attack some great beach where men and women need companionship or will die from boredom? I am sure you will get plenty of volunteers for the life saving mission." She wasn't normally one to help raise the cheers and hollered support in the group, but it seemed right. And something told her if she didn't cover up her closeness to him, she would let on that she still cared for him amongst those who were possibly watching. She handed him back the canteen and smiled with a wink when no one was looking.

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      "Sounds good to me," a larger private to her right glanced at Cabrin, smiling. "Need some R and R finally. In fact, I know the perfect beach that needs saving."

      Cabrin smiled and chuckled, "That does sound good actually," he winked at Llewel and took another sip, then replaced his canteen to the holder on his belt, then relaxed once more. "Talk to the captain after our debrief." As the others began to wind down, their mission having succeeded, the banter and joking began once more giving Cabrin a little more privacy to speak to the lieutenant at his right, admiring her smile. "And of course by captain, I mean Cymbrecia," he smiled. Though he knew she probably spent most of her free time there already, along with the mall. "She'll enjoy seeing you again."
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      Llewel gave a slight laugh. "Something tells me Brecie already knows I'm back and is gonna light us both up for not stopping to tell her." She smiled at the idea of seeing the girl again. She had not been living up to her promise to keep an eye on the young woman's dad, but Llewel also knew Cabrin's daughter understood why.

      But that fact didn't help Llewel feel any better. Quickly changing the subject, the sniper leaned back on the cargo netting behind her. "She talked you into any new clothes I'll get to see, yet?" The promises of filling her dad's dresser still ringing with laughter in her ears.
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      He grinned sheepishly, glancing between his men and back to her. "Yes," he pushed out, sarcastically. "Hasn't stopped bugging me about that in fact. Everytime we go to the mall or a shop she drags me into a clothing store." Cabrin relaxed a bit more, taking in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Though usually she had ulterior motives for those stops, even with all the money she makes."

      "That's what daughters do, L.T.," Sparky interjected. "Keep their dads on edge all the time, borrowing the cred card and keys," he glanced to Llewel, then back.

      Cabrin knew the lieutenant to his right was going to have something to say about that. "Already bought the gun, so don't even think about sniffing around," he warned playfully.

      Sparky's hands went up defensively, backing.

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      Llewel has to bite her tongue as she threatened to say the man would have to go thru her as well. Chances are the conversation and rumors would be flying about the two of them before they hit the ground, anyway. No point in making it worse by jumping to the protection of the lieutenant's daughter.

      Instead, she decided to side with Sparky. "It's all right. Just hand Cabrin's the flowers when you get there. He's a lousy shot one handed with his off hand." She winked at Sparky like she was giving away Republic secrets.

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      Blue eyes shot to Llewel as the men around them laughed, "What," he protested, then smiled.

      "Not that big of a secret, we've seen him at the range," Driscoll spoke up, the team medic another joker.

      "Sounds like everyone's begging for KP around here," Cabrin sarcastically threatened, then glanced to Llewel and pointed at her, then chuckled. "You too."

      Clearing his throat, the gunnery sergeant's deep, gravely voice cut through everyone's banter, "These ladies spend enough time doing that kind of crap, Lieutenant. I say more PT."

      A proclamation that quietened the mood considerably as no one was prepared to argue with the old salt, even Cabrin.

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      Llewel laughed, even at the kp joke. "Maybe I should, Driscoll. Heard your cooking isn't edible." She laughed as his own joke back fired. "And for good measure, you can join me for no. Maybe I can teach you a little something."

      The laughter died abruptly as the feminist remark was made. The one who spoke wasn't someone she knew so she hadn't gotten the memo to bite her tongue. Without missing a beat she smiled with sugary sweetness. "Lemme guess, you can't cook either?" Her gaze at the Gunny unwavering as she waited his answer.

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      Eyes shot from the female lieutenant to the gunnery sergeant who merely grunted, keeping his serious demeanor. "Don't have to, just visit the chow hall," he shrugged.

      As they talked, the loadmaster approached Cabrin and leaned in, "Sir, one minute to base."

      Nodding, "Thanks."

      Rising again, the sergeant returned to the front of the shuttle and reclaimed his chair facing the long central aisle.

      "One minute to home guys," Cabrin yelled, ensuring everyone was gathering up anything they may have out, food wrappers or anything that would have to be picked up by the loadmaster instead.

      "Time for a shower," Sparky pushed his glasses up closer on the bridge of his nose once more.

      "No kidding, dude," the corporal to his left's face curled in disgust.

      Sparky turned to him, "Was talking about you, Ferrel."

      Cabrin mentally prepared the debrief as he felt the shuttle soon land, then notice the loadmaster rise and open the door and allowed the soldiers to begin disembarking. They had made it.

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