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      She frowned as she heard the small traps had been there for a while. Something like that missing from the intel was a major issue for her. As Cabrin spoke of the sniper, she went still and did her thing. "Got 'im," she whispered as she took a breath... inhale...

      He was resting with his arms and rifle braced on the pinacle of the barn. The small flat surface of the top was barely the width of the women staring at him. She judged his weight distribution and judged what the shot would do... exhale...

      Inhale... she pulled the trigger and the clean head shot dropped his upper body as if he had simply drifted to sleep... exhale...

      "Down..." She murmured and Cabrin made his call. She watched for one more moment to make sure the body weight wouldn't draw the man down and off the slightly sloping roof. A body dropping in front of a roving patrol would be a sure giveaway that something was amiss.

      Moving her sights to the outhouse, then back to the main house, she frowned. "Cabrin..." she suddenly hissed in warning. "Where are their patrols?" She made one more sweep then lifted her head to catch the eyes of her Lieutenant. The question was heavy in the air between them. There were perimeter alerts. But only a female in the house window and a sniper on the room had been seen. Were this a true camp of some kind they would have seen at least one roving patrol by now. But no one... nothing... anywhere.

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      Grinning to himself when she notified him of the sniper being neutralized, Cabrin then heard her concern about roving patrols. He whispered, "Base is searching the area now." Watching through his macros, "Tell Delta to proceed."

      Sparky passed on the information and the squad was now up and on their way once more. Keeping his eyes open for more activity as they and Alpha approaching from the east, he kept sweeping wide to ensure that if any patrols had been sent out wide, that they would be seen before things got messy. Though he knew that their overwatching ship should be able to find them first. At least he hoped so.

      "Cowboy," the male voice erupted in his ear once more. "No go on patrols out to five mics. You're clear."

      "Copy, thanks." He was relieved at that message and then returned to the squads approaching the outbuildings and began their recon. As they watched and waited, the back door opened to the main house and the woman that had been seen in the kitchen was now carrying a garbage bag to the set of trash reclamator's behind the house. "Target, eight-fifteen, back of the house." The last thing he needed was the woman notifying anyone inside about the recon team now searching the building not thirty yards from her now.

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      Any normal person would question the orders. Llewel wasn't like that. She had learned that sometimes bad things just happened. "Target acquired," she said as once more she sighted and shot. "Target down," she echoed a moment later. The lady had been shot straight thru her heart from the back. No sound would have been able to fall from her lips, and her fall was close enough to the reclamator that there was only the direct line of sight from the house that would notice her down.

      "No other motion. I don't like it." She glanced sideways at him once more, her voice dropped almost to a whisper despite the already hushed tones. "Where is everyone else?" A lookout on a barn roof and a woman in the house. If this was a base, there were more. If it wasn't...

      She didn't let the idea of an innocent woman's death slip into her mind. There was a sniper on the woman's property. That was validation enough for her. But the lack of any other signs of life gave her pause.

      Suddenly her heart stopped. "Cabrin, have everyone stop a moment. There are no animal sounds. It's a farm..." She looked at him with concern and fear in her eyes. Something was definitely wrong in her mind.

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      He agreed with the assessment and knew that to expect things out of the blue was sometimes the only way to survive during a mission, and he also hated not having more intel on this compound beyond what they did get. Perhaps they were just being paranoid, but it had kept him alive this long. Nodding to her concern, he then expressed that to their overwatching cruiser. "Base, scan deeper into the compound, those eight still in the basement bunker? Any others farther out?"

      "Wait one, Cowboy."

      Delta continued to push from the west and Alpha from the east, but he needed that information before they got closer. "Beta, Cappa, be ready."

      "Copy that," both sergeants replied, still keeping an eye from the northern side of the compound and ready to back up the other two squads when the time came.

      Soon, the ship's sensor operator came back. "Eight in the underground bunker, five upstairs in main building, asleep."

      "Copy," Cabrin replied, then glanced to Llewel, "seems the outer perimeter is clear, though you're right, something doesn't smell right," he whispered. But, they had a job to do and until that other problem presented itself, he mused. "Sparky, tell them to proceed to the main building and leave Cappa as overwatch, send Beta in from the north and have them help secure the house and bunker."

      Nodding to him, the comms operator passed along the order and soon, through his macros Cabrin watched as the three squads cleared the outbuildings, then continued to the main one. Still no sign of anyone else and he was beginning to wonder if the Hundred had put all their faith in the perimeter sensors instead. Time would tell, he knew.

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