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      Beginning Of The Ascension [Shaiya]

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      Parting in the morning clouds allowed streams of sunlight to caress the lofted Sith temple and surrounding mountains, falling away with the descent into the river gorge far below. Silver orbs appreciated the scenery, but moreso for the times that she had spent out here with her own masters, training and elevating her own knowledge of the Force and life itself. Climbing for the past two hours, she was going to test her pair of new students the same way that Raien had tested his two. She had barely stayed ahead of the traitor, the one that had sold himself to the Jedi not two years later.

      Sianna never even contemplated such a move for her own search for perfection lay within the walls of the rounded towers and terraced compound of the buildings across the canyon from her now.

      Finding that same spot that Raien had chosen for his test, she soon rested within the large boulders and low scrub, obscured from view for anyone, even with a pair of macrobinoculars. Her test for these two would be within that gift that they had been born with. A test of sensing the Force beyond themselves. The note left in their individual comm stations within their rooms had stated as such. The one that failed would be denied training. Another unworthy recruit resigned to kitchen duty and janitorial services for the rest of the Sith.

      Closing her eyes, the cool breeze wafted through the flora around her, tossing her long, snowy white hair as she began meditating. Drifting deep into the Force, she allowed the familiar flow swirling around her to begin straightening at her whim. Colors and auras now slowed, dancing at the Master's will, entertaining the priestess of the Sith'aria until her pair of students found her within the rugged side of this mountain.

      She knew it would take at least a couple hours, so relaxed within the ordered chaos of the power flowing through her own veins and lithe body.
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      There was not a moment to waste and Shaiya was out the door the second that she read the message. The conversation that she had with the Priestess the previous day was still fresh in her memory and her eagerness to start her training had only magnified since then. There was not the slightest hint of doubt or worry in her mind and her focus was solely on her objective, to locate the Echani as swiftly as possible. Her movements through the temple were with such authority that not a single person she passed did anything other than move out of her way. The men and women around her meant nothing to her and she treated them as such as she passed. They had might as well have been such strips of meat for all she cared, a thought that amused her for a few moments.

      Once she reached the temple doors, the Apprentice paused and took a breath, attempting to reach out with the Force in order to locate her new teacher. She thought back to her research and that aided her in her task, reminding her to focus on the darker emotions that lay within her. Shaiya allowed her anger, her hatred and her frustration to rise to the surface and it was then that the Force began to respond to her. Her senses seemed to stretch out and she could begin to feel the aura's of those around her. It was not by any means perfect and she found it difficult to control but after a few frustrating moments, she could begin to sense a powerful aura coming from far off in the distance. A great distance indeed but still, it gave her the position she needed and without waiting a moment longer, she darted off in to the undergrowth, a lone pale figure, darting towards the aura that she was sensing.

      It was heavy going but her desire and lust to learn the ways of the old Sith pushed her onwards. The fire that had slowly been building within her was beginning to burn white hot, ready to erupt at a moments notice. Yet. the strange thing was that it did not seem to ever show across her flawless features. She remained cold, as though she was made entirely of ice. She had seen those among the Empire who would almost seem to enter a type of madness when angered which she found almost laughable in a way. Shaiya certainly never felt fear when she encountered Sith of that ilk, in fact, she did not feel much in the way of fear at all. Pain and death were sensations that she had already experienced, so what else did she have to fear? Anger and hatred were far better emotions to use in her opinion and those emotions seemed to grow within her, day by day.

      In truth, this test of endurance was just what she needed, a chance to test the limits of her newly created form and much to her surprise, she handled the trek well. Shaiya did not feel overly tired and managed to move quickly through the rough terrain. She lacked the nimbleness that her former body had but she made up for it in endurance and finesse and the girl that her spirit had once inhabited certainly did not have the Apprentice's willpower.

      It was difficult to tell how much time had passed but eventually she found herself leaving the undergrowth and finding herself in front of a mighty river gorge. The aura she felt was coming from the top of it and Shaiya knew what had to be done next. Steeling herself and briefly slapping her legs in annoyance when she felt a the first twinge of pain, she began to climb, each step bringing her closer to the top.

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      Time had passed and soon Sianna began to feel the growing presence of one, desiring that gift of knowledge which would lead to their own ascension, but to how far only they knew for certain. Continuing her own meditation, the priestess grinned feeling that same drive that she had some years ago, wanting to be taught by Raien, the Betrayer. Though his own life was miles away from her own, she could still feel his presence in these stones, permeating the very soil and air. He had never reached the rank of Master, but his strength gained him that title without even being granted by one of the council. Everyone here respected him.

      Swirling of energy flowing freely through the air, welling up from the ground, and through herself was all at her beck and call as she sat, waiting for the first student to reach her. Tired and achy, their first test would be only the beginning. Worlds would soon fear their very presence, populations cower in their homes upon sight of them. Warriors would die by their blade and power. It had always been the duty of the weak to serve the strong and that tradition would only continue.

      Soon, Sianna could feel her first student approach, prompting her to open her eyes, silver orbs darkened with her touch to the Force as she turned and focused on the girl and nodded in approval.

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