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    Thread: Home Sweet Home

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      She nodded and threw the pieces away before grabbing a small wet rag that was on the edge of the sink to wipe down the counter. "I can, a bit. Nothing fancy. Sometimes you have to take a skiff or shuttle out to see what's wrong that can't be simulated in the hangers. Still need work on coming and going," she laughed remembering the last time she had come into the hanger and misjudged the landing enough to hard pop the plascrete. "But once clear of the hangers, I can manage well enough. Did you need me to take a shift?" Once more, her assumption that this was more of a working arrangement came to the front of her mind.

      She rinsed the small cloth and stood with her hands on the counter as she watched him move. The form of a wolf was fitting, she mused to herself. His body was sinewy like a predator but not graceful like a nexu. He was more power packed than subtle. And his grace was all angles instead of softness. It still made her heart race thinking of seeing him like that. And race harder when she remembered she had actually stepped towards him to put herself between him and Daryn. It had been foolish, but something had told her she was safe. And she knew she couldn't let him lose himself in a moment of rage like that.

      Most folks wouldn't forgive themselves. She was hoping if it wasn't a kill to protect situation, Syra was one of those who would regret a death that wasn't absolutely necessary.

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      "Not right now, but in the future either I or Tomas can help you with the controls of this ship," he smiled, chuckling. "It's definitely not a skiff." In fact, he had to take some time to learn all the controls that were available on this model, the yacht handling much smoother, but also had other options that kept it from feeling like a freighter also.

      Watching her clean up, she reminded him suddenly of Nallia, flashes of memory returning like a tidal wave as they had the last few months. He had to snap back from the past to remind himself where he was and with who. That chapter still unfinished, he hoped that she was alright and though the story that he had gotten from the cantina's security feed only told him so much, Myra had filled in the rest. Syravari was still going to have to see her just to make sure that she was where she wanted to be now, even if that meant he had to say goodbye.

      That was a day and moment that he wasn't sure he wanted to come to pass.

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      "Syravari?" Myra said his name a bit louder. When she had gotten his attention, she was on his side of the counter, almost in arms reach. Her face was full of concern and she was fighting the desire to reach out to touch him. "I said are you ok?"

      His musing had addled him for long enough to miss her response to his statement as well as her first inquiry if he was ok. When Myra saw his mind was back in the present, she softened her face to a tender smile. "Where'd ya go, boss? Anything you want to talk about? Sometimes strangers are easier conversation partners."

      She had no idea what his mind had been wandering about, but given time she probably would have guessed.

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      His gaze shot to her face as she called to him and he grinned apologetically. "Yeah, sorry." He shook his head and moved to leave the kitchen and get back to the bridge. "Just.... thinking about Nallia for a moment." Saying her name prompted the pirate to turn again and eye the mechanic, knowing she had been good friends with his lost love for a while. "How well did you know her?"

      The thought of her being gone was still burning him, keeping him up nights pacing the hallways and making up reasons to take an extra shift in the bridge. Brannoc had even mentioned that he was drinking more than normal, his favorite brandies emptying faster than they had in the past.

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