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    Thread: Home Sweet Home

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      Open Home Sweet Home

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      Standing in the otherwise cold hangar, Syravari gazed out through the thin shield powered by energy and kept the air within the expansive room from escaping into the vastness of space that he was now gazing out into. Specks of light amid the sea of darkness. Though he had seen much of this sector, there was still so much out there. More ships to raid, outposts to terrorize and one woman to find. Though he had disappeared for some time, he couldn't blame Nallia for leaving and finding her own way in the galaxy. Having been found as a stowaway, she had come a long way since they had met. Trained in various weapons and self defense, the girl meant to be a slave aboard a service station for tramp freighters and the occasional Customs frigate, her whole life had changed that day he found her in the cargo hold.

      As did his.

      Steel-blue eyes drifted as the sounds of plasma welders and hydrospanners worked away at the large yacht behind him. The Grosetto, his home away from home. A yacht that he had stolen from it's previous owner whose body was now a frozen lump of ice somewhere out there, he mused.

      "Hey boss," Brannoc interrupted his musings as he approached from behind. "They're saying she'll be ready in the morning."

      Nodding, Syravari remained quiet, glancing to his lieutenant and trusted friend briefly, then back out to space. He had a life to reclaim, and hopefully a woman to bring back to his ship and life, if she wanted it.

      "Makes a man ponder the possibilities, don't it," Brannoc interrupted once more.

      "Yes, it does." His reply was on a different subject, he realized as the pirate captain turned his eyes to his friend who now looked down, outside the hangar's edge. Playfully shoving the loadmaster, he grinned.

      "I wasn't talking about me," Brannoc stated defensively, backing from the dark grey floor's outer border.

      "You know we can't really fall out of here, right?"

      Shrugging, the strongly built pirate tried to play it off. "Yeah, well." Brown eyes bounced from the bordering, angular extensions to Drifter's, "Does make you wonder how many problems have found their way out there though."

      "Nah," Syravari shook his head. "Vaago feeds them to his pets instead. Why let them go to waste?"

      "There's that."
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      A voice echoed behind the men. When they turned they would see a dark haired woman stepped down the aft ramp of the Grosetto. Her hands were wringing as she wiped the grease from her fingers. Her ponytail, sitting cockeyed on the back of her head because of laying under the generator, looked oddly endearing on her. There was a smudge on her right temple and her jumper was greasy. Her tshirt clung to her from sweat and the top of her coveralls was unzipped and the arms of it were tied around her waist. Ankle boots of steel toed, magnetized bottoms, were on her feet and she looked like the perfect grease monkey.

      "BRANNOC," she hollered as she reached the bottom of the ramp. "I have that generator back online." A sly smile curved up the left side of her lips. "And improved it by 18%." She looked at both men, one hip cocked to the side as she stood at the bottom of the deck ramp making her 5'6 frame seem just a bit taller.
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      Both turned to see the cute, ebon haired girl and Syravari smirked at his lieutenant as she spoke, "Think she likes you," he commented.

      Glancing to him, the strongly built mercenary grinned, "Yeah, well. Ladies love scars," he replied and moved toward the grease monkey, Syravari in tow. Waiting until they were closer before replying, had Syravari not already have been looking for Nallia, he would be more apt to get to know this girl. Brannoc's brown eyes motioned to the large yacht, "May have to hire you permanently, keep that up," his natural charm used on many pretty faces over the years. "Sure you don't have a Verpine somewhere in the gene pool?"

      Steel-blue eyes rolled at the comment as the pirate captain let it ride, knowing he was going to either be sleeping with her soon, or crash and burn. "That is pretty impressive," Syravari commented, though glancing toward the maintenance office and knew that the owner that worked for Vaago was probably keen on keeping most of the better mechanics. He glanced back to her, strong hands on his belt, thumbs tucked underneath. "Been doing this long?"

      Brannoc moved toward her, facing the pirate captain. "No way, she's a natural. Can tell by the look," the lieutenant motioned to the shapely girl, then turned to her. "What time you get off? Maybe get a drink?" Both men being nearly six feet tall, Syravari just over, he kept outside her intimate space knowing a tough, independent girl like this wasn't easily swayed, but he was going to let his friend find that out the hard way.
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      The hand on her hip joined the other and crossed over her chest as the two approached. Brannoc's comment made her roll her eyes mentally. But instead of getting offended, she looked at him as her eyebrows rose. She uncrossed her arms and ran one over the back of her hair. "Why? Are my antennae showing?" She knew that wasn't his reason for the comment, but she had to say something.

      The praise from Syra made her turn to him with a different demeanor. He was the Captain of the ship and there was something about him that made you see him when he wanted. But she had the feeling he could be alone in the room and make you forget he was there at the same time. Her eyes narrowed slightly as he asked about her longevity in the bay. "I'm working off a debt. If your creds are good, then my time here is done." While the sweet smile remained on her lips, there was a hardness suddenly in her eyes that made one wonder just what the debt was, and just how long she had been here.

      Brannoc's comment drew her back from her locked gaze with the Captain and the sweet demeanor returned once more. "I've been turning spanos longer than I've able to walk." At the offer of the drink, she cocked her head at Syra once more. "If you'll join us." She studied the man a moment more as her face once more seemed to shift to a more natural look for him. But like a flash it was gone and replaced with her sugar grin again. It was quick enough to make you wonder if you truly saw a change or not. Looking back at Brannoc, she nodded. "I'll meet you in the cantina in an hour. How's that?" Without another word, she stepped off the ramp. As she stepped past Syra, she barely came up to his chest. She didn't look up, her voice carried easily as she moved past them into the hanger. "Don't forget to settle up with Jardon. He won't release your docking clamps if you don't." She laughed and disappeared into the crowd.

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      Syravari chuckled at the reply, not expecting the girl to play along though most that lived and worked on this station had an edge to them. It was the nature of the business, he knew. Everyone that were labeled a rogue by one government or another had to remain tough and the pirate could tell that this girl had worn that title like the shirt that was nicely hugging her torso and arms. He then caught that the labor for this job on his yacht was her ticket out of here, so that was an interesting note filed away for later. Nodding at her experience, he wasn't surprised as Brannoc then moved to follow, then stopped.

      "I'll keep that in mind," Syravari smiled as she moved away from them, liking this girl more and more now.

      Once she was out of sight, Brannoc moved to him. "You're not actually going to the cantina later, right?"

      Steel-blue eyes glanced to his friend as he shrugged, "I don't know." Heading now for the maintenance office, his friend in tow, Syravari was more eager than ever to leave the station and get back out there and hopefully find Nallia.

      "Come on," Brannoc protested, following on the captain's heels. "She's in to me, so don't blow it. I would never do that to you?"

      Brow furrowed as Syravari kept walking, "Seem to remember you trying your hardest to win Nallia's favor." He glanced back, nearing the office door. "Remember that?"

      Trying to play it off, "No. Come on. I knew she was with you. I'd never do that, we've been friends too long."

      Smirking, he let it go and opened the door to the office, then stepped in and headed for the long desk to their left. Nearing the gruff looking Weequay, Syravari dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out his credstick, then eyed the apparent supervisor. "Here to take care of the charges for the Grosetto."

      Nodding, the large, muscled alien accessed the terminal before him and soon found the yacht and the charges for the modifications. "Twelve thousand."

      Slipping the slender device into the slot, he keyed in his code then let it transfer the funds to the office. Soon, they were done. Taking the receipt, Syravari mock saluted and turned, then headed back out into the hangar. Now he could get the other supplies onboard and they could leave this place. "Tell the others we leave in the morning, once the final touches are done and everything's loaded and fueled."

      "Got it." Brannoc diverted his path toward the exit to the hangar, then slowed as he turned to Syravari. "Not going to the cantina, right?"

      Syravari laughed. "Get out of here, you pirate." Watching his friend leave, he added quietly. "Of course I'll be there." Might have a new mechanic to hire.

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      Myra had gone to let the boss know she was done. She didn't bring up the fact that this job would put her over her limit and she would be free to join a ship or even become an independent mechanic for Vaago. She didn't want to mess things up till she was ready. If things didn't go well and she didn't get a job on the Grosetto, she didn't want Jardon laughing and turning her away because she had been impatient.

      Back in her room she quickly showered and changed into a black leotard over which she slid her jeans and a black tank top. (**) Slipping her jacket over it and choosing to leave her wavy hair down, she headed for the cantina.


      When Brannoc arrived, she'd be found at the bar reaching for a bottle and shaking her head in annoyance. The bartender was teasingly holding it just out of reach despite the slight frame of the woman leaning as far as she could without crawling over the bar. Her voice was straining on the edge of politeness and irritation. "No, I told you I'm flattered but it's not happening. You know I'm far happier being greasy than being in a short skirt slapped by your drunk patrons."

      "Come on, Myra... you'd have all the drinks you could handle, and extra creds in your pocket." He was enjoying teasing her and seeing her irritation level rise.

      "Give me my drink or I'll tell everyone...." She was about to give him a rash of grief about his drinks when he reached out with his empty hand and grabbed her flailing wrist.

      Drawing her taunt over the bar, her toes barely on the foot rest bar below, he leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Accidents happen in that bay, little missy... you should reconsider. With a face like that," he used her requested bottle to caress her cheek in emphasis, "just think how much fun you could have here. Besides, working your debt off with Jardon, I heard you enjoy yourself in that situation... being under a firm hand, that is."


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      Things arranged for the morning departure, Syravari headed to the cantina and soon noticed Brannoc nearing the bar, so followed his lieutenant that way, noticing now not only had the pirate located the little mechanic, but also an overly aggressive bartender. His pace hurried now, meandering through the crowded tables, the older pirate captain was going to have tn now keep an eye out for the bouncers instead.

      "Hey," Brannoc grabbed the hand of the gruff looking tender, shoving him back and away from Myra. "Let her go."

      Angrily, the dark haired ex-mercenary glared at the taller, younger human male. "My place, boy, so unless you want to be rancor bait," he suggested.

      "Our ship brings in more wealth than this dump," Brannoc countered. "Bet Vaago'd love to hear how one of his thugs are treating not only a great mechanic, but the captain of the Grosetto."

      Syravari slowed his pace at that proclamation, though didn't say anything knowing his crew did what they had to sometimes.

      Dark eyes narrowed as the bartender finally let Myra go. "Never heard of it."

      Brannoc helped Myra back over to her stool. "Yeah, I bet you haven't."

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      Myra was quick enough not to let her face betray her shock at Brannoc's arrival or his proclamation that hinted at her being the captain of the Grosetto. When the man let her go, she reached out swiftly and grabbed her bottle from his hand. "Thanks, dear," the last word coming out almost with a sneer. She settled back onto her feet and rested her hand on Brannoc's chest. "Let's go. The tab is already settled." She hadn't handed him any creds, but the way she said it would make him realize that to come after now would be a bad idea.

      As she turned to head towards the other side of the cantina, as far from the bar as she could get, her eyes caught Syra's. Fear slashed for a moment, something the big man beside her wouldn't see. She took a deep breath and moved towards him, her eyes casting down as she got about halfway. "There's a good booth over here." She said moving off to a more secluded corner of the establishment. Without waiting to see if either man was following her, she moved past Syra and headed for the booth. Once there, she slid tight against the wall on one side and tipped up her bottle and it almost appeared as if she wasn't going to stop till it was completely emptied in a single draw. Her nerves were shot. If Syra reached out with his lupine senses he would smell the fear rolling off her like a cheap perfume. To those without heightened smell, the sight was enough to give that away as well.

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      Brannoc followed closely behind the girl that he had saved, or thought so at least and as they neared the booth, his eyes fell on Syravari and nodded to him, seemingly deflated now that he knew that his captain went against his word. Though Syravari never promised, he mused as the older captain's steel-blue eyes caught Myra as she motioned to the booth. One last glance at the bartender told him that the man may have cut his losses and got back to tending the bar. Smartly.

      Turning, Syravari followed them to the booth and then noticed how thirsty the little mechanic was, or doing her best now to quell the tension she had just averted. Sliding in to her right, Brannoc smiled as Syravari joined them, still trying to win the ebon haired girl's favors. "Hey girl," the lieutenant chuckled. "Slow down, nobody's going to take it from you."

      "That's a fact," Syravari agreed, then tapped on the menu button which prompted the holodisplayed listing of not only a host of drinks, but also appetizers. Choosing a large dish of wings, he then clicked on a Corellian whiskey, then sat back and returned his attention to Myra.

      "Want another one," Brannoc suggested, seeing how fast the bottle was emptying, then chose his own drink from the menu sported in the table's center.

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      Myra lowered the bottle with a soft blush on her cheeks. She lifted the back of her hand to wipe her lips. "Sorry... if this wasn't the best place on this forsaken bucket, I wouldn't come here. But at least here I know the prices are only double what they should be, and the food is less synthisized and more fresh." She finally looked to Brannoc. "Thanks. For what you did back there. He's not always the easiest man to get along with. Ever since he lost his last girl, he's been worse. Nali had been a joy around here. Everyone loved her. But one day she went crazy." She sighed and leaned back in the booth as her hand played with the bottle. "She killed someone in her rage." She shrugged and finished the last inch of the ale before sliding the glass container away from her. The death of the man had never been explained. Some said Force powers, others said witch magic, but all anyone knew for sure is the man's throat was crushed, same as his hand, but no one could say by who or how.

      "She took off with some rich guy, some say he was a Force user. Daryn was livid," she laughed nodding towards the bar. "The clean up meant the cantina was closed two days. And it was discovered he was pocketing the creds from the girls here. Two other left right after Nali. The rumors and financial mess was a blow."

      As Brannoc asked if she wanted another one, she seemed to snap out of her reverie. "Sorry, I really miss her. We were good friends." She smiled and nodded. "Another one, but I'll make it last. So what did you order?" She nodded to Syra and tapped the order screen. "I like the wings, myself. He does a great hot sauce that will make you whistle like a tea kettle." She laughed, the stress of a moment ago seemingly forgotten. She smiled up at Brannoc as she mentioned it.

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      Listening to her story, Syravari's shock was evident at the nickname and suddenly he was hoping that she was talking about someone else. He had never known that Nallia had Force powers, though she did effect him in ways that hadn't been done before.

      Brannoc leaned on his forearms, fingers knitted together atop the table, still trying to keep Myra's attention. "Sounds like a great girl," he stated, then glanced to Syravari across from him, eyes still on the mechanic. "Maybe we can get you a better job with us, get you out of here. Never know, you may run into her again."

      Steel-blue eyes focused on the petite girl's azure gaze, "What's her full name," he had to ask, surprise and tension in his voice, gaining Brannoc's attention now.

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      Myra's face filled with uncertainty. "You want to offer me a job on the Grosetto? I'm only half decent with a pistol. I wouldn't be much good as anything but a mechanic." A slight smile started to crease her jaw as she looked at Brannoc square on. "Are you wanting to play my white Jedi and rescue me, or do you really need a mechanic? I won't be a freeloader."

      As Syra spoke up, her eyes swiftly moved to the man. There was something in the way he asked. Her head tilted slightly as she looked at him. "Nallia," she said in response and watched the man's reaction. "Her shipmates abandoned her here. She didn't want to ever talk about it, so can't tell you what ship. Can't tell you anyone on it, either. And she said her last name didn't matter. She had no family anymore." A thought occured to her as she watched the man's reaction.

      "Maybe I can get you the video holo from that night. Daryn keeps cameras to make sure the girls turn in all their tips to him." Something was under the surface. She knew how to reach ships and engines. And something told her the man across from her was a machine that had its gears running at light speed. Brannoc was momentarily forgotten as her eyes bore into Syra.

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      Brannoc grinned, ignoring Syravari's shock, "I can teach you how to use a blaster, don't worry about that. We've got one mechanic and he's always needing help with one system or another, so it'd be great to have you aboard."

      As his lieutenant babbled, Syravari suddenly felt his heart melt as he mused over her story. She had no family left? Nallia actually thought that? Turning his gaze away from the table, he suddenly needed air, though his first instinct was to lash out at anything or anyone.

      It suddenly hit Brannoc of the name spoken and how Myra talked about their previous friend. His eyes turned to the captain, and then back to Myra. "Wait, what? You knew Nallia? She was part of our crew at one point."

      As his friend talked to the mechanic that he was trying to hire for the yacht, Syravari pushed himself from the table and stalked back to the long bar, heading straight for the bartender. The sight prompted Brannoc to start to rise, then sigh. "Uh oh," the mercenary exclaimed.

      Glancing to him, Daryn nodded initially, then stopped in his tracks. "Whattya ya need?"

      "Need to see the security feed that shows the last night that Nallia was here," Syravari demanded, moving around to the entrance to the bar and noticed the office door, not a few feet from him.

      "Hey, wait a minute. You can't come back here," the older owner protested, pushing one of his waitresses out of his way as he tried to intercept the pirate.

      "Too late." Steel-blue eyes glared at the man as Syravari met him at the office door. "I need to see the security feed from that night. Right now."

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      Myra watched Syra rise and move off in a hurry. Misunderstanding, she shook her head at Brannoc. "I don't think your Captain wants me on board. But it's all right." She turned back to Brannoc with a smile. "I am actually really glad you offered. Cause if you did, then someday someone else will and I'll get out of here."

      When Brannoc said he knew Nallia and that her friend had been part of her crew, she lifted her hand and slugged his chest. The angle, and her slight frame, meant her hit would barely do anything to the large man besides get his attention. Anger flared in her eyes as she shook her head. "YOUR ship? You abandoned her here? How could you? She had no way to make her way after her creds ran out. She kept swearing you were coming back. I knew you never would but she was so sure. Like an 5 year old orphan who deludes themselves into thinking their parents are 'coming right back' to get them."

      Tears filled her eyes as she shook her head. "I told her to wake up and realize you were never coming back. Daryn hired her, she slept on a pallet of blankets in the back room with the other serving girls. Their meals were whatever was left at the end of the night. Except when I could sneak her away through the ventilation system and get her some real food." She laughed then, despite the moisture in her eyes. "She was so brave. She took nothing from these guys. Most of them respected her. She even stood up for the girls who were picked on more than her. She would distract them men, serve them, suffer the pinches and slaps and touching."

      A sadness once more settled on her face as she reached out to let her fingers dance over the bottom of her empty bottle. "But then some strangers came in. Daryn knew them. Said they were special and to treat them good. He gave the table to one of the other girls, but Nallia took the tray at the last second. Missa would have been just so much meat to their hands and lips. But Nallia was slick. She danced just out of reach till one of the guys pinned her against the table. She had no way to get away." Her voice started to soften in memory. She had walked in on the tail end of everything. Others had told her what happened. "Something happened." She shook her head as if trying to piece it together and continue. "Something happened. She fought back, but he fell, or ... something. His wrist was shattered and he was knocked almost unconsious. In the brawl someone was killed. This guy, came to help her. Jason or something like that. He paid off what she was still in debt to Daryn with and then she left with him."

      She crossed her arms and set her head on them on the table. "You shouldn't have left her... in the end she thought you dumped and abandoned her." She sighed as she fought the tears. She hadn't thought of Nallia in months. The girl leaving was the reason Daryn was meaner and had less servers. After it came to light that Daryn was keeping the girls tips and 'not' putting them towards their work debts, most had walked off. They found work elsewhere on the station. And Vaago had come down hard on Daryn for the treatment of the girls. He had to forfeit two months of his earnings to pay the girls and now only the most naive and desperate came here to work for him.

      Daryn tried to grab Syra's shoulder. "Now wait a minute! This is my office. That wench killed one man and wounded a couple others. She's lucky I didn't press charges. What do you want with the worthless wench anyway?"

      If Syra managed to get to the files on the console, he would see the altercation with Nallia and a light haired man. While it's obvious Nallia uses a bit more power than seems possible to handle her attackers, the man coming up to help her moves his hand and causes even more damage. Anyone with knowledge would see the tell tale signs of a Force User... and judging by th damage and severity of the outcome, not those of a Jedi.
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      Brannoc listened to the story in horror and regret, he had come to love her as his own sister after a while and once Myra was done, he glanced back to the bar once more, then to the ebon haired girl to his left. "Listen, that's not the way it happened with us at all," he pressed, leaning in. "Syravari had been beaten to within an inch of his life and had to be treated for months in rehab. When we came back here to get her, she was gone." He shook his head in disbelief, sighing. Straightening again, concerned eyes turned to the scene unfolding behind the bar. "You tell him any of this right now," he warned, eyeing her. "We may all regret it. He loved her like no one else and nothing and no one's going to stop him from finding her again."

      Nervous adrenaline pumped through his strong body as he rose and hurried to the bar, hoping he wasn't too late.


      The hand on his shoulder was the last straw as Syravari's anger rose to a new level. Shoving the man into the frame of the door, strong hands went to Daryn's throat and he shoved, choking him as patrons and clientele looked on. Some laughing and cheering. "Listen to me carefully," Syravari leaned in, hate in his eyes now darkening. "I want to see that feed... right...now."

      "Okay.....," Daryn choked, fear in his eyes. "Okay."

      Nearly throwing the ex-mercenary into the office, Syravari stalked after him and felt his form begin to change, the body turning, twisting and bending. Steel-blue eyes brightened, his fair complexion darkening and sprouting black hairs as did his body as it begun to shrink, arms and legs becoming slender, but strong. Soon, the large human man was a black haired wolf which leapt onto the man's desk as Daryn recoiled in horror, clothing now piled on the floor behind it.

      Growling hungrily, Syravari saw nothing but blood...

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