Taking in the familiar scenery as she entered the innermost rooms to the hutt's sanctum and office, Alanie knew she enjoyed this part of the job like a sandpaper enema. But, this was the life that she had chosen and the large one had the money and contacts to bring some of her dreams to fruition. So, she had to play the game. Grinding as they opened, the large blast doors revealed the lounge and lobby of the Drifter's owner, guarded by Gamorreans, Weequay and several Rodians, all now eyeing the human female as she walked in, turned right and moved to the desk. Eyeing the attractive, blue skinned Twi'lek female who looked up at her, Alanie grinned.

"I have to check in," the bounty hunter stated simply.

Grinning, the shapely female alien tapped a button and motioned with her azure gaze to the large door behind the tanned human. "He's in a meeting right now, but he'll see you in a moment. Have a drink or relax until then."

Nodding, Alanie turned and noted the array of armed aliens keeping her in their crosshairs, daring the lithe female to make a wrong move. It was what they were paid for, she mused and headed to the bar dominating the near corner. Claiming a stool, she sat down and waited. How she had gotten to this point in her life where the whims of a bloated Hutt were important was discouraging. Her mentor would be having a fit, she knew.

Soon, amid the muffled music pouring out from Vaago's chamber, she noticed a well dressed Quarren exit the chamber and approach her. "His Excellency will see you now," the alien informed, then turned and led the bounty hunter into the dimly lit room whose single cone of brightest light commanded the center of the circular shaped interior. Below that spot, she knew, was the trapdoor where unwanted guests would become the main course of a rancor.

Bowing as she had been taught, long ago, Alanie's hands clasped before her as she waited for Vaago's protocol droid to translate. He knew why she was here as did the host of barely seen lieutenants and their entourage watching from the edges of the room.