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      Quote Originally Posted by Dar'no Pique View Post
      Opening his eyes to glance swiftly over his shoulder as she moved away, he spoke softly but knew she'd hear anyway, "Sleep well, my pirate queen." The smile in his words evident as he said it.
      The words drew her up short. She paused at the doorway. I'm not your frelling pirate queen, she thought, but surreptitious glance over her shoulder revealed his smile. It was meant to be a term of endearment. As near as she could tell, he didn't truly mean anything by it. It still grated, but she pushed it to the side, chalking it up to pheromones. There were a few ways people typically reacted. Her fiance had called her that though. Hearing it again had touched a nerve, she supposed as she slipped through the door into her room.

      It was larger, and meant to be a longer term, more functional living space. After all, she would be spending the most time aboard. It would serve as her second home. She had the galley and the lounge of course. But she needed her own private space. Jahzra kicked off her boots, and then flopped on her back onto her bed. Just above was a hanging photograph. She sat in it, with His arms around her, both of them lit up with bright smiles. It had been taken on the boarding ramp of the Swift Horizon nearly two years ago. She'd forgotten about that day. They'd been adding the gun turret, and had finished up that day, after a week of tracing lines and crawling through the guts of the Horizon to suss out a power drain. They'd been exhausted but triumphant. That had been the evening he'd told her he loved her. It wasn't the pheromones talking, but connection. Remembering scraped a white-hot knife across her heart, opening old wounds once more. But as she latched onto the body pillow in her rack, there was something cleansing and healing about it too.

      I had no idea how hard this run was going to be, she mused to herself, before finally falling into sleep. It was a restless, fitful thing. It was full of noise, flashes of faces, and places. Blaster fire, and horror. Dar, her fiance.

      The boards showed green currently. The logs dutifully reported that everything was functioning correctly. There had been a fluctuation or two in systems, but they were within normal parameters. Dar would notice a pattern though. A cascade seemed to be happening. One system had fluttered, then another one or two, but they were down the chain of machinery that was used to propel them to hyperspace. It was like a clog working it's way through a pipe. It would clog one point, loosen up, catch farther down the pipeline.. and so on. With the metaphor, most such things worked themselves out at the end. The real squeaker there though was that the last systems in the chain had to do with the temporal stasis field which kept them in their own time bubble. In effect, it kept them from experiencing time dilation, or entering hyperspace and exiting five thousand years later when they got where they were going. Who knew how bad a minuscule flutter there could affect their effort to fulfill the contract in timely fashion.

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      Dar was sitting in the cockpit, his feet kicked up as he watched the computer flutter. "One... two... three..." shaking his head as the flutter happened again. "One... two... three... four..." once more the clog caught itself. "Hmmm... that shouldn't be happening. Whatcha up to, little girl?" He asked as his feet hit the deck and he leaned over to tapped on the console. He was timing the differences between each pause and extrapolating how long till it hit the primary concern.

      Sighing as he saw he had about 30 minutes, he shook his head. "She's not gonna be happy," he thought as he rose and shifted to her seat. "But better to ask forgiveness than permission." He moved his fingers deftly over the console and dropped them from light speed. Figuring out where they were, he directed them to a nearby asteroid and set them in the drag field of it. Anyone passing wouldn't see them for the rock's wake that hid them. Shaking his head once more, he moved from the seat and headed to give Jahz the news. She wouldn't like being wakened, but she'd be more upset to wake up and find he hadn't told her at the time.

      Knocking on her door, he called gently at first so as not to startle her. Then he took a moment to listen for her sleepy response. "Jahzra? It's Dar... are you awake?" It was a silly question, she was sleeping, of course, but her answer would mean she had heard him at least.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dar'no Pique View Post
      Knocking on her door, he called gently at first so as not to startle her. Then he took a moment to listen for her sleepy response. "Jahzra? It's Dar... are you awake?"
      Jahzra started at the knock. At his announcement of 'It's Dar' she thought sourly, Of course, who else? She realized then they weren't' at light speed. The engines were powered down. The reactor was in low output. Just enough to run the ship's systems. His tone caught up with her. Gentle, hesitant. Worried. It added up to one word: trouble.

      She roused to fully awake within a second as adrenaline dumped into her system. Years of living adrift, and dealing with this kind of trouble meant she was ready to go at a moment's notice. She rolled off the bed, landing on her feet in one motion, then grabbed her gunbelt and put it on. Grabbing boots in hand she popped the hatch open.

      "What do we got," she said, dropping the boots. She quickly stepped into them while pulling her hair back, and banding it into a ponytail. A bun would be better if they were about to be boarded, or had to go EVA, but it would work for now. No distractions. All work, no play.

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      He heard her call back but as she opened the door, Dar took a step back and held his hands up, smiling, "Easy, Tiger..." It's nothing major. There's a hiccup in the engines and rather than risk anything, I'm going to have a look." He nodded towards the engine bay, "But you know your baby well enough, I figured you would have figured out the drop on your own. Didn't want you upset."

      He started to head for the engineering section. "But since you have your boots on," he laughed and disappeared around the corner. If she followed, she'd find him stepping into the engine room, sweeping his bag up form the bin by the door and heading towards the back.

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