There was no way the she was going to be hit by his downward slash and Sarisha used the Force herself to jump backwards out of the way, back flipping all the way over and landing back on her feet. She could feel the mysterious energy flowing through her more strongly now and she felt her original clumsiness disappearing, being replaced by her usual graceful style of movement. Her confidence was growing by the moment which seemed to help her handle things better. His aerial style wasn't something she'd expected to see so soon but it didn't startle or bother her, she simply had to adapt to it, like everything else. When he attacked towards her shoulder, Sarisha brought her blade up and knocked his away, sending both of them upwards and more importantly away from her body.

She then came forwards herself and swung her blade in a low arc towards his right leg, attempting to hinder his movement, before suddenly using Force Speed to dash around and launch and attack towards his hopefully exposed back. She wasn't even thinking at this point and was just letting the Force aid her movements.