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      Nallia laughed at his comment. Yes, interesting was indeed a good word. She wondered what the Overseer would have thought of her having Force gifts? Surely the woman who whelped her didn't have any. And she was positive he didn't have any. Curious how the universe worked sometimes.

      When James hobbled over and handed her the crystal, she frowned slightly. This man didn't strike her as someone who gave gifts lightly. "What's the catch?" She laughed slightly as she held it. With a bit of concentration she could feel the warmth of his own power wrapped thru it like he had heated it and it was cooling off. "It's beautiful, honestly." She looked back down at it and rolled it lightly and cautiously in her hand. "Thank you, M'Lord." She said as she smiled up with one of her first genuine smiles at him.

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      James nodded, "You earned it."

      He then hobbled over to one of the pillars of marble still standing. The Sith Master looked up at one and then towards another. Now that Nallia had taken a few moments he then pointed to them both. Then motioned for her to stand beside him at that point. It would be a good time to teach her how to jump to higher places. It would be very useful in the coming days. At this time he could jump up there if he wanted to, but he wouldn't so he could heal fully and be ready for whatever lay ahead. He knew at this point he was still physically weaker then he was before. His age was catching up to him.

      "I want you to jump up to those two pillars. As you can see one is higher then the other." James said as he then looked towards her, "Concentrate and push the far reaches of darkness into your legs and feet. Kind of like how you ran. Then jump up to each pillar."

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      Nallia pocketed the crystal and looked to the pillars he was speaking of.

      It didn't occur to her that she couldn't do it. Jakob had talked to her about being able to do extraordinary things. The issue wasn't if, but how. She took a moment to judge the height, bent her knees slightly and drew the darkness around her and sprung upwards. Her height was a little off. She barely managed to tuck her feet up before she started coming down, and ended up landing on one knee to catch herself. Hands on either side of her braced her balance on the pillar as she took a surprised breath and slowly stood up.

      A feint smile of triumph lifted the edges of her lips. She took a moment and glanced at the next pillar, several feet away and a couple feet higher. She leapt forward a heartbeat later. Once more, she landed on it like a crouched feline. As she stood up and looked down, the smile got brighter. She wondered, absently for a second, just how high she could learn to leap. Time would tell.

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