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      Recruitment Marcus Murano-Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Marcus Antoli Murano

      Age: 28

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Naboo

      Physical Appearance: Marcus has jet black hair, looks similar to his cousin Jacob(same jaw structure mainly) but they're eye color is different. His eye color is green. No facial hair as he keeps it shaven quite often. Stands around 6 foot. Muscular to a degree as he keeps himself in shape. He's no brute but he can hold himself in a fight with highly muscular individuals.

      Personality: Marcus is highly intelligent and cunning. He will spend days or months planning something. Make sure that everything is accounted for and every possibility that may happen. If something comes up he's already planned for it. He's quick to anger at times and he seeks revenge for the deaths of his parents and the hit on him and that triggers his anger. Otherwise he's quiet, usually being social when he feels the need. Not an introvert per se but he does keep to himself as he usually likes tinkering with things. It's just his nature to be quiet.

      Jarec Murano- Father
      Cecilia Murano- Mother
      Jacob Murano- Cousin
      Renee Murano- 2nd Cousin
      Jacob Murano Jr- 2nd Cousin
      Jacob's mother and father were his aunt and uncle but are deceased

      Marcus was born on Naboo while his cousin and his uncle and aunt were from Tattooine. Near the end of the Republic before the Empire had been born the Jedi ran, which they birthed his cousin Jacob. Marcus' family went to Naboo and they birthed him before the fall of the first Death Star. Though Marcus' parents were not Jedi their lineage had been up to that point. While Marcus was born on Naboo and had fallen in with the 'in crowd' and had his fun, his cousin and his family hid on Tattooine from the Empire. Long after his cousin had become a Jedi and had learned and grew, the elder Murano at that time thought to have his parents removed after it was rumored that they had a hand in Jacob's parents deaths. Wasn't the case but mistaken identity and rumor. This had angered Marcus as he had found out about his parents deaths from a family friend.

      Taking it upon himself he joined the Sith and was apprenticed to Ket Van-Derveld. Studying under him he learned much and grew to hate his cousin and sought revenge on him for the past mistakes and sought to slaughter him and anyone who would get in his way. The deep seated hatred grew when he thought that Jacob put a hit on him as he found out about him joining the Sith. Which until that point Marcus thought that his 'goody goody' cousin was a Jedi. At that point and time he was a Jedi Knight. So, Marcus fearing for his life, ran off. Not completing his training he then traversed the galaxy. Soon after that his cousin had joined the Sith for a short time and then the Dark Jedi. What he doesn't know was that his former Master was the one who did it. Thinking it would be a good lesson for his student to learn. In truth it was as it made Marcus more cunning and use his intelligence. Months on end he evaded them. Going into public places or staying in places where others were close by. It took years before Marcus executed a plan that saw a shuttle be blown to pieces. He'd managed that by sneaking inside with the aid of the Force. Planning out every detail and doing it flawlessly. Planning for every single anomaly and making sure that the least amount of people would die.

      That day came and he had rigged the shuttle to explode and planted his own DNA aboard to make it seem like he'd perished in the explosion which in turn looked like a derailment and subsequent crash. He then returned to the Sith after it all happened and in that time everything he'd known about the Sith had changed. Even his views on everything changed. No longer did he really hate too many or have any seated anger towards any individual. Only person he really hated were his cousins. He still wishes to this day to kill them. But when he finds out that it wasn't the case he will change his mind and try and reconcile with them. As he was blown off by those who he sought tutelage from and how everything he'd known till that point had changed he realized that the Sith wasn't where he belonged anymore. In truth he didn't really know where he belonged. Having such a gift and the intelligence that he did with planning things he didn't know where he could turn. That is when he left Munto Codru again. Vowing never to return and he would vow to take the Sith down at any and all costs. From there he went back home to Naboo. To the family condominium. Which hadn't been visited in nearly two years...

      Alternate Identity:
      Marcus' alternate identity would be Vali


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      Looks good to me. Accepted.

      Thanks to Chrysothemis and Judah for the lovely signatures.

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