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      Debt with doubt (Valo)

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      Cad'Sha Briez was just another informant like any other. She worked on the occasional ship that came into Drifter's, took off in her own skiff on occasion and stopped at her small listening posts to collect her scattering of information, then back to Drifter's to earn her keep in more ways than one.

      Today was no different.

      "Thanks, Scrap... nice doing business with you." She smiled as the pirate before her smiled in contentment at the small data stick she had passed him. "Now... it's your turn."

      The man laughed. "No worries, little Sha," his pet name for her still there after all these years. She had known him since she was a child, but had only recently reconnected in the last few years. And since then, she had been his best source of information. And he made sure she was paid handsomely for it. "Here's your cut. Up front like always," he winked teasing, "with a little extra." He passed her an almost identical looking stick. This one had information on how she would get paid.

      Taking the stick, Cad'Sha smiled. "Thanks... now go cause trouble elsewhere." She left him with their usual parting jibe. His usual response echoing behind her.

      "You know I like your trouble best." The words disappeared behind her in a haze of noise and laughter in the hanger.

      Back in her room, Cad sat down at her secured console and slid the stick into the slot. "Let's see what we got this time." She tapped on the keys, her mind doing the encryption securities by memory. A moment later, she frowned. "Valo ... who is Valo?" She began typing out inquiries and going thru sources she hoped would give her an answer.

      Collapsing on her bed almost three hours later, she growled under her breath, "Scrap, you are not on my good side." She had dealt with things like this often enough that while it still angered her, it didn't surprise her like it used to.

      The chime on her console woke her and she sat up rubbing her eyes. Slipping from the bed to the desk chair, her head shaking the cobwebs away, she stared at the console. VALO TORRENO's known life spread across the screen. "Bounty Hunter, eh? So why do I have access to your account?" She worked a bit more on it and decided that getting in touch with the man was probably a better choice than robbing him... Thieves' Code and all that.


      Several days later, as usual, Cad was in the hanger finishing up a mech job when she went to check the incoming list to see who she would work on next. A smile lit her face as she saw the next ship in line for landing.

      When Valo finally arrived and came to the docking master's station, Cad would be behind the counter, her auburn hair pulled back in a half sloppy pony tail low on the back of her head. Tshirt tucked into a pair of coveralls with it's arms tied around her waist as she leaned on the counter and scribbled with the tap stick on her console.

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      Valo Torreno has been on a bounty mission to Kashyyyk for the past three weeks. He has tracked a Wookie named Dh'arvel and cornered him. It was a big fight, but Valo turned out the victor. With the ship now docked, Valo and Dh'arvel exit his YT-2400 named "The Event Horizon" The ship got it's name by coming dangerously close to a black hole by it's previous owner. Valo walks the chained Wookie toward two well-armed guards standing by the bay exit doors. Torreno nods at the men before speaking in his low, gravelly tone.

      Valo Torreno:
      This is Dh'arvel from Kashyyyk. Take him to his cell and make sure Vaago knows he is here and ahead of schedule.

      The guards take the Wookie away in chains and Valo exits ahead. He walks toward the Docking Master's Station briskly and his twin WESTAR blasters jingle on each hip and gleam in the light. Torreno walks up to the station doors and walks into the room. From across the room, he recognizes the lady behind the desk. He has seen her around the old Drifter's Paradise before, but he has never met her personally. He strides toward the counter and places his elbows on the surface. Valo cuts a smile across his stubbled face at the woman before he speaks.

      Valo Torreno:
      Hey there, miss. I'm Valo Torreno. I'm a bounty hunter around here, I work for Vaago. Look... I got a problem with the ship. She's usually a peppy little ship and can get around the Galaxy like nothing you've ever seen. Since being in the sands of Tatooine and then drenched in the swamps of Kashyyyk, she just ain't running right. I usually do all of the adjustments myself, but I want someone else to take a look at it. Maybe I'm missing something... Can you be of assistance to me?

      Valo cuts another smile as he brushes his reddish-brown hair away from his eyes. He hopes to get his ship fixed so he can go on another bounty mission as soon as he can...

      Valo Torreno's Wiki Page
      (UPDATED 2-7-18)

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      Myra had been about to dismiss him out of hand, pass him off to another mechanic. Instead, her smile brightened and she turned to grab her gear belt from the table behind her. "I don't mind taking a look," she said, brushing an errant strand of hair behind her ear. If he had been ugly, it would have been easy. Easy to take the money, easy to ignore the fact he had been had, easier all the way around.

      But no, he was kind and handsome and... Cad sighed and kicked herself mentally. She was going to take a loss because her scruples got the best of her. Maybe he would turn out to be mean after all.

      Coming around the counter, she nodded to his ship. "Wanna show me what's up? I'm Cad'Sha by the way. You can call me Cad... easier on the brain." She smiled and waited for him to lead the way.

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      Valo smiles at Cad as he walks side by side with her toward the exit of the room.

      Valo Torreno:
      It's nice to meet you.

      They exit the maintenance building out onto the main landing pad floors and docking bays. Valo is intrigued by this woman... He has seen her around before, but never got the chance to talk to her. He can tell that behind the coveralls and put up hair, that she is a very beautiful woman. Valo likes that in a woman. One who knows the ins-and-outs of a ship and who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Torreno can tell he wants to get to know her better, but for now he will play it cool. They arrive at the docking bay where Valo's YT-2400 is parked upon it's duracrete surface. Torreno has a wide smile appear across his face at the sight of his ship. He walks along it, running his hand along the durasteel plates.

      Valo Torreno:
      Here she is... "The Event Horizon"

      The sight of the ship always brings back fond memories of missions and adventures past.

      Valo Torreno:
      I've had her for years now. I've been to the far reaches of the Galaxy and back three times over... Me and this ship, we have a bond. It's something special. It's like an extension of my piloting skills. I love flying her. Don't know what I'd do if I ever lost her.

      Torreno walks to the back of the ship where the engines are. The durasteel around the engines is coated in a black film from the heat the engines put off. There is a smell of burnt plastic in the air as well.

      Valo Torreno:
      Here is the problem... The engines. Like I said, the have been through hell recently. More than ever. I was in a severe sand storm on Tatooine and then not two weeks later I was pinned down by a hurricane on Kashyyyk for four days. I suspect there is a lot of debris and even some corrosion. We can have a better look once the lift comes around in a few minutes.

      Valo notices that Cad'sha was paying close attention and giving unbreaking eye contact. He liked that as well. But silence was lingering too long. Valo didn't want things to get awkward, so he speaks up to break the silence.

      Valo Torreno:
      You know... I've seen you around here before. I swear I have. You don't see a whole lot of lady mechanics around Drifter's. As a matter of a fact, you're the only one I've seen. What made you want to get into working on ships? What brought you to Drifter's Paradise?

      Valo crosses his arms and leans his shoulder onto the lip of the ship's cooling vents. He is genuinely intrigued by this woman in front of him...

      Valo Torreno's Wiki Page
      (UPDATED 2-7-18)

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      Cad followed the man and listened to him praise his ship. It gave him a couple more notches up on her likable scale. Anyone who cared this much for his ship couldn't be half bad... Could he?

      As he talked about sand storms and the like, she clucked her tongue, shaking hey head. Her face was soft with understanding despite her gentle laugh. "No wonder she's whining at you." She ran her hands across the bottom of the exhaust ports and nodded. "Your right. She's got crystalline scrapes on her underside. Feel right here."

      She stepped to her right slightly and reached out for his hand. If he gave it, she'd cradle it in her own hand and press it lightly against the ship's underbelly. "There... Now gently move your hand back n forth. Careful you don't slice yourself." She'd then pull her hand back so no additional pressure was there to chance him getting hurt because of her.

      "You've got that same damage inside. Probably on the turbine blades as well. And my guess is most exposed wiring will need checking as well. The sandstorm scratched her up and the hurricane turned it to small crystal shards with the moisture." She let him finish his inspection. "Good rub down and filling, maybe couple new parts if seriously bad, and she'll be right as rain. Should have everything here, too. So no need to hang about for more than couple days if ya don't want."

      She gently pressed her own palms together to make sure no metal splinters had caught her, then rubbed the exhaust dust on her coveralls. "There used to be another girl here. She left with one of the ships not long ago. They needed a mech and she needed a change of scenery." Cad didn't get into the girl's personal issues. "But I've been here long as I can remember. Vaago took me in when I was 13. Saved me from moving on with a group of bounty hunters I'd hooked up with after folks died. Here I am almost ten years later. I'm second down here, but mostly cause most pilots won't deal with a woman. But I enjoy it."

      She leaned back on his ship and smiled. "I like hearing about things. Like Tatooine sand storms and hurricanes on planets I've never been to."

      She watched him listen and hated herself for liking him. If she hated him, or at least felt indifferent, she wouldn't feel it necessary to want to tell him about the cred stick. Maybe she'd wait just a little longer. Now that he knew she could handle herself in the bay, perhaps he'd become one of those pilots who preferred slapping women's backsides to shaking her hand. Then she just keep it as extra fees for putting up with him.

      Just then one of the young runners came by with a small lift they could use to get up into his engines to check damage on this end.

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