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      Myra nodded, released the locks on her boots and allowed the lack of gravity to be her friend this time to shove and float herself down the halls. As Bodil gave her the time warning over her comm, she smiled. "I'm on it... one min to target."

      She grabbed the wall break and slung herself around the corner to slam on the locks as she stopped before the entrance to the cockpit. It looked like Brannoc had already grabbed the black box. There was a small hole in the console just inside the doorway. She shook her head and pulled the explosive devices from her pockets. She placed one on the console inside the cockpit, and another in the compartment just outside its door where the rest of the main computer terminals and controls for the ship were.

      "Bodil, I'm on my way back. Placing as I go." She called into her comm as she once more released her boots and shoved off to float back to the cargo bay. As she went, she placed the remaining charges at the strategic points she had been given beforehand to be sure the ship blew up with no significant remains left.

      She arrived back in the cargo bay, devoid of devices and smiling as she came up behind Bodil. "Ready when you are. Anything of interest? I'm sure a couple diamond chokers would make the girls happy." It was lost on her that she wasn't speaking for herself. It never occurred to her to want anything, so it wasn't voiced.

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      Bodil stepped into the protected room which had been hidden in the back of the vault, now accessed, and began taking stock of what he found. Hearing Myra's return, he smiled, shaking his head. "Girls and you are going to be able to buy whatever you want," he informed, then quickly spun his backpack around, then crouched as he opened it. Digging out three large, carrying bags, he opened them up and laid them side by side on the floor. "Help me, we've only got a short time."

      Shoveling in stacks of gold bars, drawers full of jewels and stacks of hard currency, the engineer knew they had hit the mother lode. Eagerly, he grabbed everything in sight on the left side while Myra grabbed the rest. Shouldering the two loaded bags, he struggled to turn, their timer now ticking down. "Come on," he urged and started moving to the entryway. Each of their shares would be more than enough to retire on, had they the notion, he surmised as Bodil led his accomplice out of the cargo bay and stepped back into the void between the neutralized ship and the Grosetto. Gliding back to the opened access hatch, he shoved in both bags first, then followed them in, then turned and helped Myra do the same. Once inside, he closed the hatch and rode the lift, smiling at Myra broadly.

      "We get it all," Syravari's deep voice finally cut in.

      "Yes, sir," Bodil replied. "And charges are set, so we're going to have to get out of here."

      "Already on it."

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      Myra grabbed the bag he half tossed, half floated at her. Smiling, she began filling it from the wall he couldn't reach. It struck her that for the first time in her life, she wasn't worried about who she could owe for having a really good meal. She made enough in the bay to eat, but it was survival food, that was all.

      "I'm sure they will love the shopping trip," she laughed as he spoke of the spoils. To be honest, she couldn't think of anything she would use with her share. Perhaps another pair of boots and a new knife. But that was all she could think of off the top of her head. The girls had already been planning shopping trips with gads of clothes, makeup and jewelry as their goal. Myra had merely nodded her head and smiled.

      As they exited the ship, she latched her bag to the rope and tapped her comm on the personal channel to Bodil. "We don't need the safe? I'm guessing it was just a front for the actual storage room behind it?" As she rode the line up with the bag to the Grosetto, she glanced back at the ship that would soon explode. Funny how something so big wasn't really that much of a hinderance. She knew better than to think they would all go this smooth. "Smooth... sure, Myra..." she murmured, forgetting her comm link to Bodil was still open as she scoffed at herself and rubbed the back of her helmet where the headache was beginning.

      The young woman closed the cargo bay door and started the cycle to repressurize and oxygenate the bay.

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      Bodil grinned as the lift stopped and opened up to the main floor, shoving the large, overweighted bags out into the hallway and let Myra get out first. "Grosetto's got it's own safe, so. And that thing's too big to fit anywhere right now," he informed and stepped out behind her, then closed the lift door. "Plus, hate for any Custom's agent to inspect the ship and think we're hiding something," he shrugged, grinning wryly. Chuckling as the entry pressurized, he noted the green lights across the HUD on his facemask, then unhooked the helmet and took it off, half catching her quiet comment to herself.

      Shouldering the two bags, now weighing a ton on his body, he began carrying them into the main hall and toward the central lift. "You did well for your first outing," he glanced back to Myra and winked.

      As the intercom crackled to life, Tomas's voice cut in, "Hitting the hyper now, so stow your gear and Boss wants all of us in the main dining room. That means you too, Bodil and Myra," the amusement in his voice easily recognizable.

      Bodil smirked, replying to no one in particular. "They think we're going to share," the engineer chuckled as he shook his head and continued to the central lift and hit the button, knowing they would have to ride it down to the second floor to get to the dining room.

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      Myra nodded as he spoke of stashes and inspections. "Makes sense. Just making sure."

      Once everything was stowed, she heard the comm and laughed at Thomas' comment as she glanced at Bodil. His come back, idly spoken made the young woman laugh. "Well, no one really knows how much we brought back... do they?" She asked with a sly lilt of teasing. As she headed for the lift and stood beside him she. "Perhaps we'll tell them we are sharing... just not with them." The lift opened and she stepped in beside him.

      As the doors closed, she bit her lip with a grin. "Syra would kill us both, is my guess."

      As they exited on the appropriate floor and stepped out, the young lady hummed absently. Approaching the dining room, she gave a wink to Bodil as they entered. She did it just in time to make is seem secretive, but making sure that whoever was looking when they went in, saw her do it. She then took a seat at the same place she had been last time they ate. "Hey, boss," she nodded to Syravari.

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