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      Pirate Contract #100: Taking the Prize [Myra]

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      Tension in the air could be cut with a knife as Syravari sat in the captain's chair within the bridge of the Grosetto, a large yacht now posing as a wounded vessel unfortunately in the path of a freighter tagged for takedown. They had already gained the itinerary of the Mu'tiss' route from an informant on Axxila. Now it was time to collect.

      "Sensors picking up an anomaly in hyper, approaching," Givon, the copilot informed, then glanced up just in time for all to see the HT-2200 exit into realspace.

      Syravari's practised fingers moved to the ion cannon and grabbed the controls. Aiming, he centered the targeting circle on the large vessel's engines and fired. As the pilot of the large, bulky freighter tried to avoid a collision, banking up and to port, blue lightning danced around the starboard engines, then jumped toward the others, neutralizing the vessel.

      Tomas leaned over to the internal comm suite and pushed a button, "Alright ladies, look alive. Target in sight and foundering."

      "Bring us in," Syravari directed and watched as the Grosetto drew close, then over the top of their intended prize. Watching the external camera over their own ventral access tube, Givon and Tomas both negotiated their yacht over it and slowed the vessel.

      "Extend the tube," Givon stated over the internal comm, letting the boarding team now do the rest.


      Brannoc moved to the control panel and engaged the magnacouples, extending the tube to the Mu'tiss and soon saw green on all four points. Turning to the eager pirates near him, he grinned. "Time to get paid." He tapped the internal comm, "Linked, do your thing, Givon."

      They watched as the copilot then linked to the ship's central computer and opened the cargo bay doors as well as the access ramp. That done, he hit a button to open their internal door and climbed into the access tube, then made his way across to now override the Mu'tiss' external door manually. Soon, they would be inside the freighter and searching for crew as well as the vault they had come to seize.

      Thanks Santeria

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      Myra, suited up like the others, was ready when the jolt and echoing clank of metal on metal let them know the docking was done. The holler from their boss over the intercom was enough to spur them on. As others went to their stations, Bodil and Myra moved to the back of the cargo bay and waited for the deck to lower. A quick glance and a nod let each one know the other was ready.

      A few moments later, their own ship opened from behind and they moved up to head for the back side of the ship they were boarding. Bodil clipped his tether line to the overhead arch support. Myra clipped her own line and also a line for the safe they were hauling up. Once the safe line was dropped out of the way for later use, Myra and the man at her side stepped off the ramp and floated slowly downwards. They were counting on the others doing their parts so the Mu'tiss' cargo ramp would open by the time they got down there.

      It took Myra a minute to settle her stomach as the vertigo reached out from the darkness and grabbed her stomach. She quickly shook it off and by the time Bodil asked if she was doing all right, she was able to nod and smile with genuine stability.

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      Syravari watched on the main sensor suite as the LFI picked out his crew now descending onto the Mu'tiss, it's own crew now scrambling between the guest quarters toward the cargo bays, at least four each. The cockpit had two, which he knew his vanguard would overpower easily as the main entry access was within the ship's bridge. Unsure what this captain had in mind, Syravari pressed the comlink to his people.

      "Two in the cockpit, eight heading to the two cargo bays, four to each," he informed.

      "Copy that," Brannoc stated as he finished maneuvering the manual release and tossed in a stun grenade. The loud pop was quickly followed by the lieutenant dropping to the floor, ignoring the access ladder. As the rest followed him in, Braddon moved to the ship's main computer and began working at the information that would hopefully not only keep them from being identified, but also access which cargo bay the safe was in, if they were lucky.

      Blaster fire soon erupted as Brannoc and Rihana moved from the cockpit and into the common area, the wide open room offering cover for the defenders now on either side of the cockpit's wall. More stun grenades and fire followed as Syravari knew he had to rush to be with the crew as they fought for the prize.

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      Myra and Bodil slowly made their way down the side of the Grosetto, she didn't rush. For one thing, rushing could cost a life. For another, they guys inside needed to clear the ship and open the doors. Since there were two bays, they wouldn't know which one to head for. So they hovered, just below their own ship's hull, and waited to see which door would open.

      Turning her head to Bodil, she laughed. "Does this suit make me look fat?" She patted the side of her ev suit and laughed again.

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      Bodil glanced at her for a long moment, smiling in the mostly-glass covered helmet. "Of course not," he smirked, then continued gliding toward the nearest door and once within arm's reach, grabbed on to an inset pipe. "Should have this open any moment, though knowing my luck it'll be the other one."

      Hearing gunfire in the background, Braddon eventually found their target. "Got it, opening now," he confirmed. "See you in the cockpit, though keep an eye out for guards."

      Yellow lights swirled at either end of the long cargo bay access, steam exiting as it opened. Several minutes later, three bodies floated out into the darkness of space, twirling around as they almost instantly freeze dried. Bodil pulled himself toward the widening end and then stepped up inside, offering his hand to Myra.

      "Now to find the vault," he stated, glancing to two large doors, one on either side of them. All four cargo bays were enormous, though the two forward ones were climate controlled, so narrowing down the choice.

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      Myra had stayed to the side and watched as the hatch opened and bodies floated past her. When she took Bodil's hand and entered the bay, she frowned. "They said four to each bay... that was three," she pointed with her thumb over her shoulder to the vacant opening behind them. "Where's the fourth?" She didn't like the unknown. The idea someone was still alive rankled her.

      "We need to make sure all the crew are accounted for." She didn't like the fact her knife had to be wielded in the bulky suit. And she hated more that her hand was encased in a glove. It didn't give her the feel or control that flesh on metal felt. Slipping the knife carefully from the waist sheath, she moved towards the control panel and hit the button to close the door they had come in. With no chance of them accidentally ending up in space, themselves, she nodded to Bodil and they headed to see if their target, living or prized, was in this bay.

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      Bodil shook his head at the query, knowing now that she was right and avoiding fire from a lone survivor, or perhaps someone that had diverted once the atmosphere was dumped, made him even more cautious. Emergency lighting keeping the cargo bay semi-illuminated, shadows grew long and vanished as everything that wasn't magnacoupled to the floor was now free-floating around them. Moving around several small crates, he soon noticed the access door to the nearest container and stepped to it. "Just take a few minutes to get this panel overridden," he informed. "Keep your eyes peeled for that last one."

      Connecting his spike, Bodil then began running his program to overpower the coding and open the large door to his right. On the small screen, blue numbers flashed in quick succession until one after another was accessed, soon turning the red light over the door to green. "Ha," he chuckled as the engineer disconnected the wiring harness. "Just like mom used to do." Sliding the spike back into his pocket, Bodil then pulled the slender handle out and turned it, then moved toward the door as it opened.

      Unfortunately, not revealing crates of loot but the barrel of a blaster now pointed at him. The fourth had grabbed a mask just at the last second, apparently....

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      Myra had been moving the floating boxes one by one to the side of the bay and locking them down with manual floor clamps when Bodil crooned his victory. "Good job," she responded and moved towards him as the door opened.

      "Bod!" She cried out she saw the weapon aimed at his upper chest. Suddenly she wished it had been the pistol at her hip she had drawn and not her blade. She was still about ten feet from the pair when she dropped the knife and heels her hands up.

      "Easy now... I'm sure we can work something out." She slowly moved towards the pair, the holster on the backside of her right hip kept just out of the sight line of the man pointing at her companion. She smiled her best smile and tried to make it seem that she was willing to be part of whatever he was wanting.

      She just hoped it would work enough to save them both. "Come on... Surely there's ssoommeetthhiinng you want... Isn't there?" Despite being in the evac suit, she tried to be sexy.

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      Wide-eyed, the crewmember now eyed the obvious female approaching slowly and gave Bodil the opening he needed, dodging right as he shoved upward against the man's wrist, the pirate shot a kick into the man's groin, doubling him over. Blaster now free, the engineer backhanded it toward Myra and spun, pulling the survivor's wrist with his left hand and shoving with his right, sending the human into the doorframe. Adding insult to injury, Bodil watched with satisfaction as the man's head hit the doorframe.

      "How's it going in there," Brannoc's voice cut in over the comlink, the background now free of blaster fire.

      "Little busy," Bodil replied distractedly, but more confident now that their assailant was unarmed....

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      As the gun floated towards her in zero g because of the power cut gravity, she batted it away behind her and moved towards Bodil and his assailant. "One still alive..." she piped over her comm. The worry and stress in her voice evident to anyone listening close enough.

      Watching the two men fight while barely keeping on the floor was enough to make Myra wince with fear and worry. As Bodil slammed the body into the door frame, a thought hit her. She pushed from the floor with the right boot that barely was touching it. She stuck her hand out and caught herself before hitting the wall beside the fighters. "Here, Bod!" She held her hand out and motioned for him to move the man towards her. She wasn't familiar with the suit the guy was wearing, but she knew wires and hoses were integral to any suit.

      As Bodil slid the body closer to her against the door frame, she grabbed a handful of hose in the back of his evac outfit. She wasn't sure what she had done, but just hoped it helped. As he flailed in a last ditch effort to save himself, he knocked Myra back enough to send her off balance backwards and fall into a crate behind her. Unfortunately, it was one she had secured so it stopped her cold and she slammed her head into it. A moment of blackness threatened to swallow her as she went limp and still with a small cry of pain and surprise.

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      Bodil watched as the man's eyes went wide once more, reaching back with both hands to grab at the hoses, but the pirate knew his life was about to end, so moved to Myra instead. Noting her knees give out, he reached out and supported her. This wasn't the time for the newcomer in their group to falter, though Bodil wasn't going to tell anyone.

      "Cargo bay secure," Bodil announced. "Looking for the vault now." Switching the channel to their own personal one that only Myra could hear, he eyed her concernedly. "You okay," he asked as the remaining crew member's body convulsed and soon went limp. Moments were lingering and he knew that soon Syravari would be wanting them to get out of here, but that meant finding the booty they had come for.

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      Myra felt the pain and the darkness. It washed over her with a swiftness that scared her. For a moment, she felt the weightlessness of unconsciousness. But then she started to feel something... And hear.


      Her mind registered his voice and she tried to call out. Nothing came from her lips. She tried again. To scream, or yell or kick out anything that would let him know she was still in there.

      Bodil would see her eyes fluttering as if caught in a bad dream. After a minute, though it seemed much longer, her mouth started to move. If it weren't for the amplification of the comms, he might have missed it. "Don't... Leave... I..."

      She swallowed and tried again. "I'm... Ok..." Slowly her eyes opened and she smiled. "My hero..."

      She managed to right herself and blinked a couple times. "Hhoooooo... That's gonna leave a mark." She laughed and reached back to touch the back of her helmet. "Guess I'm still in one piece. We better hurry or the boss will wonder what's up."

      Her eyes, sharp and clear the last time he saw them, would seem slightly clouded as if she was just waking from hyper sleep. Not quite fully focused. "Come on... We need to get that safe..." She smiled but he'd notice she was covering. Locking her feet to the deck once more, she nodded to the door her assailant had come thru, "My guess is it's the other bay."

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      Seeing that she was coming around, he relaxed and chuckled at the thought of being a hero. Bodil hadn't thought of himself that way before, he mused as he backed a step and gave her a moment. "That's okay," he began as he turned and moved toward the nearby vault and stepped in. "Chicks dig scars.... from what they tell me." Verifying that the large, temperature controlled room wasn't the one they were looking for, he nodded and continued on with Myra toward the other bay. It's blinking red light meant that he would have to bypass this one's code as well, so hopefully the others were using their time wisely.

      Reaching the security panel, Bodil focused the spike's cables into the side of the protruding panel and let the computer do the rest. "As far as time goes," he stated distractedly, "They know this takes time, so may want to look around as well and see if there's anything floating around in here that may be worth keeping." Two green lights then allowed access to the vault and as Bodil retrieved the cables, he glanced into the opening, deep grey door, the organized stacks of crates nearly filling the large room gave him some hope.

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      She laughed as he mentioned chicks digging scars. She punched his arm playfully, "I meant my scar, hero..." the final word said with dripping sarcasm.

      As she watched Bodil's reaction, she laughed once more. "Maybe Brannoc, or Syra likes the scar." She lifted her chin and offered him a wink as he turned towards the room where some crates were locked down and others still floating about. "You're right. If we are gonna take, let's take it all." She started humming as he opened the door and she moved towards the possible bounty in the room. She had opened two crates when it dawned on her and she hit her comm to Bodil. "Did Syra still want it rigged to blow? If so, need to go set these charges and grab the hard drive." She realized she had nearly forgotten that. She hadn't asked on the main channel because she wasn't sure how long she had been out of what orders had been issued she may have missed. She had the feeling Syra and the others didn't know she had been knocked cold. Something told her Bodil had covered for her. She didn't want to blow that if it had happened.

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      "Brannoc's going after the hard drive, but go ahead and set the charges," Bodil stated as he moved into the large room, now quickly scanning the digital labels on each. Spices and medical supplies mixed in with various chemicals which weren't on the grab list, he mused and kept squeezing between the grey containers. Soon, he found the prize and knelt before the large safe commanding the corner.

      "Found it," he announced and quickly began working his magic on the locking mechanism. Kneeling, the engineer scoured the thick door for obvious traps as the spike scoured the programming for the code, finding none.

      "How we doing in there," Syravari's voice cut through the silence.

      Switching back to the main channel, Bodil grinned. "Prize in sight, working the lock now."

      "Awesome," the pirate captain replied. "Set charges and prepare to move. Brannoc, do your thing and get the rest back to the Grosetto."

      "Copy that, boss," the lieutenant's calm voice cut in.

      Bodil knew they were really on the clock now as he glanced to the small monitor in his hand as solid numbers appeared in three of the eight slots, the rest racing through various combinations until one after another were set. "Myra, five minutes."

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