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      Korinth Noric- Government

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      Name (Full) : Korinth Allena Noric

      Age: 20

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Ruusan

      Physical Appearance: Korinth stands around 5'3" and is pretty short as she's the shortest woman in her family. Blonde haired and green eyed she can have small little freckles around her face at times. Though they aren't visible unless she's angry or blushing. Her hair is naturally curly and she's tan enough to notice. Korinth has a shapely frame and large bust. She has a tone to her but doesn't exercise but twice a week if that.

      Personality: Korinth is very friendly and she's keen on doing what's in front of her. She can be a bit flirty given her age. Stuck up to a degree thanks to her heritage as a noble on Ruusan. Though she can be a bit snobby at times she's highly unlike the rest of her family back there. They're all snobbish and stuck up beyond fixing in her eyes. She tends to smile a lot and pay attention to what anyone is saying regardless of stature. She gets along with most people but at times her snobby attitude when it presents itself can cause others to cringe. Overall she's wanting to help the Republic cause and not take to inheriting from her noble family. Korinth his quality over quantity.

      Family: Khale Noric- Father, a duke of Ruusan(high class noble)
      Lenna Noric- Mother, the duchess of Ruusan(one of the noble families on the planet)
      Melania Noric- Sister, an archduchess of Ruusan(she and Korinth would be duchess' upon their parents deaths)

      History: Korinth or 'Korin'(spelled like the name Corine for short) was born to nobility on Ruusan. Though the planet had such a history of Force users they not know that Force users still exist. Frowned upon at this point the nobles looked down upon those who lived on Ruusan. Though when Korinth was growing up she liked helping the poor people much to her parents dismay and disgust. But, they couldn't help that their oldest daughter was set out to help whoever she came across. They had witnessed it many times in her life. She took a stray cat in and nursed it back to health and kept it as a pet. Though Korinth and her family were nobles and dressed like them, Korinth never felt she was that sort. Sure, she had whatever she wanted most of the time as her parents were rich.

      Though when a church was set up on Ruusan she would often go. Again, much to her parents dismay. But as she listened to the message they spoke of it dawned on her that maybe she should do something good. Do good with her life instead of following the steps of her family. She realized that she needed to get out of the shadow of such snobbish things. Though in truth she knew she would never be able to escape the fact that she was an archduchess. Sure it might help somewhere but did the young woman think that was everything? No. All Korinth wanted to do was help people. Take up a cause and bring justice and help to places that needed it. Like she did with the middle and lower class. It seemed like with all the influence and wealth that her family among others had that they neglect to do the right thing.

      Something that Korinth wanted desperately to do. Do the right thing. Be a better person and strive for something. Represent those who wouldn't be able to speak for themselves. If it be a Senator then that was alright with her. But if it meant something else, she was also content with that. As long as she got to be a voice for people. With that she packed her bags and set off for the capital of the New Republic. Graduating from the local schools on Ruusan, she hadn't been schooled more then what was needed but she could have if she'd wished. In truth, if it meant for her to be schooled more on things then she would be fine. As long as she could learn something new and gain a better understanding of the galaxy beyond Ruusan and it's own politics then she would do her absolute best.

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      Sorry for the delay, but welcome to the NR.

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      No problem but thank you so kindly

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