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      Hester Renu - Bounty Hunter

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      Name (Full) : Hester Renu

      Profession: Bounty Hunter

      Age: 18

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Dirahn

      Physical Appearance: Hester stands at about 5'2 with short, light blue coloured hair with eyes of the same colour. She keeps herself in good trim, resulting in a slim and athletic build.

      Ship: YT-2400 light freighter (The Ellipsis)

      Weapons: WESTAR-34 blaster pistol x2, X-45 sniper rifle, berserker rifle, DC-15S.

      Armor: Mabari Armorweave. (Specially made for her.)

      Personality: Hester is not a social animal by any means and avoids contact with others as much as possible. Her focus is solely on the job at hand and she is coldly indifferent to those she meets, rarely doing anything other than giving them a roll of her blue eyes and walking away when the conversation is over. She rarely shows any kind of emotion on the outside although inside is a different story. In truth, she carries a deep seated anger towards those that she hunts as well as an immense sense of guilt for having not been able to save her father from his attackers and considers hunting criminals as a form of atonement to redeem herself. In those moments where she is unable to control or bury her darker feelings, she can become violent and cruel, both in speech and in action and is not above lashing out physically.

      Family: Lyra Renu - Mother - Deceased, Zaraki Renu - Father - Deceased.


      Hester was born in the year 17 ABY on the planet Dirahn as the only child of Lyra and Zaraki Renu, a pair of retired bounty hunters who had withdrawn from the game and wishing to live out the rest of their lives in the mountains. They built their home from scratch and lived their lives away from the prying eyes of the wider galaxy. An old fashioned couple, they were rarely seen by the natives which seemed to suit both parties just fine. The two lived happily and brought up their child with all the love and care that she could want, teaching her how to live off the land and to hunt the wildlife that made its home across the frozen plains when she was old enough. It was a simple life but that did not bother them at all and they were perfectly content with what they had, making the most of every moment that they shared together.

      However, things began to change as the years went by. Lyra sadly passed away just after Hester's twelfth birthday due to an illness, leaving her in the sole care of her father, devastating both father and daughter. The pair became even closer after that and the blue haired girl rarely strayed from his side, almost becoming like his shadow, as though she was afraid that he would vanish too. This behaviour bothered her father somewhat, knowing full well of his own mortality and began to take her training to the next level, for the time when he was no longer around. He began to teach her the tricks that he had picked up during his long years on the hunt, introducing her to the world of the hunter and passing on his vast knowledge to her. She took to it like a fish to water and trained her body and mind constantly, becoming proficient with every type of weaponry that he introduced her too.

      The day that Zaraki was preparing for came quicker than he thought as while Hester was out hunting for food one day, an old rival and his gang chose that moment to settle old scores. They had finally managed to track him down and the moment that the two weary hunter locked eyes on each other, all hell broke loose and the air was filled with the sound of blaster bolts. Zaraki fought bravely and killed over half of the gang but in the end was overcome by the sheer numbers and left on the snowy ground, his body riddled with blaster bolts. However, the grizzly old ******* refused to die until he had passed on what he needed to.

      Hester would soon appear, short of breath, her hunting rifle primed and ready, only to realise that it was all over. Sprinting over to her fallen father, she slumped down to her knees beside him and brushed angry tears from her face, her usually cold exterior breaking before his eyes. Her fists clenched but no words came to her. It was then that he took her hand and pulled her in close, whispering a few final words to her, before finally passing away. Leaving her to face the galaxy alone.

      For the next three days, she did not move a muscle, simply kneeling there beside him, almost as if she was frozen in time. She grew more in those three days then she had in the seventeen years before and by the time that she finally managed to heave herself to her feet, Hester felt like a completely different woman.

      Making a silent vow to her father, she nodded her head in respect and then turned away, his last three words still ringing in her ears.

      The Black Sun.

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      Everything looks good. Welcome to the family.

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