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      Ayleana - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Ayleana

      Age: 21

      Species: Dathomiri

      Birthplace: Burning Mists Clan village, southeastern shore of the main continent.

      Physical Appearance: 5' 9", 116lbs, icy blue eyes, long black hair. Red tattoos cover most of her body, symbolizing the journey that Ayleana's made during her ascension to Witch among the clan. Tattoos are only painted on her face when she's been sent on a mission, otherwise the eyeliner and mascara are fire red and black.

      Personality: Having been raised among a very female-centric culture, her outlook on the world and galaxy at large is largely based on her religion and the history set down by the elders of her clan, and most recently by the expanded philosophy laid down by the Val'sharess' priestess, Sianna. Taking some time to adapt to, the additional notes dictated by their beliefs in the Sith'aria haven't been fully adopted yet, but they've made an impact. Especially with the recent events.
      Ayleana is very dedicated to her clan, but also desires the truths laid down by the reality of their situation. Why have the Winged Goddess and Fanged God judged them so harshly? Why haven't the elder witches and shamans conducted the rituals that would save their world? She has many questions that still need to be answered. Being a very militaristic clan, she has no compunction about ridding the clan of any problems, regardless of their rank or title. Laws are laws.

      Family: Mother - Gwenifer (deceased); Sister - Medana (two years younger); Sister - Ymanya (three years younger)

      History: Born on the eastern slopes of the Zhenn Llye, Ayleana enjoyed playing and exploring among the river valley's, verdant ridges most of her life. Exploring forgotten caves or discovering meadows kept her mind alive and appreciation for what the Winged Goddess and Fanged God had blessed them with. Competition among her peers didn't begin until she was six years old, when her martial training took full effect. Though the village also had a community of Nightbrothers, she spent little time around any of them. Her mother soon made the elder sister look after her younger siblings more, until they were old enough to fend for themselves and started their own training.
      Already athletic, her adaptation to the new regimen felt natural as Ayleana sparred with the other girls who would also one day attain the rank of Witch. She had her sights on being a student of the rituals that only few were privy to, however. Learning all she could from her mother, aunts and grandmother about the life essence that not only flowed through their veins, but also the world itself expanded her horizons even more. Witnessing the local shaman send a fallen sister to the gods only piqued her interest more, as she could actually see the green essence flow from the woman's body and rise into the air, until it soon faded. Carried away by the Winged Goddess herself.

      When the volcano erupted some months ago, Ayleana took her sisters along with the remaining survivors of their clan to the shore and commandeered all the boats they could find, then sailed east as far as they could get. Fishing along the way, they soon lost more of their number amid the swells and violent storms. Praying to the gods, days on the violent ocean soon ended as they found an island, presumably on the opposite side of the world, only surmised by the lack of ash in the air to the density that they had experienced previously. Those that did make it to the mysterious refuge soon began building at the base of the mountains, not far from the shoreline. Finding what food they could as well as hunting the local fauna, they also fished for their meals. Some fell ill and soon died, though the hardiest of their number, both Nightbrother and sister alike, learned to adapt to their situation.

      Though once the Echani priestess, Sianna, arrived, things changed. The elder witch wanted nothing to do with the foreigner whom she blamed for the plight of their planet and after a few other poor choices, Ayleana took things into her own hands and slew the woman, offering her essence to the gods in exchange for their deliverance. It was time to write a new chapter.

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      Everything looks in order. Welcome to TSE! Feel free to PM someone to train your character so that you can get started on your journey to ultimate power and destruction.

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