The current hot new game out on every modern console and the PC is the ever amusing Far Cry 5, if you played the past FC games you got a good idea how this works. The big difference is instead of some remote area or far off place in the world it's set in a more familiar place, Montana in the current now. It's all about stopping a cult from getting away taking over several regions and ruining the lives of all involved. It will be bloody, it will be grueling, it will have you using guns, bombs, bows and more. You don't only have to fight, there are many things to do, you can hunt. Fish. Even follow in the steps of the legendary Clutch Nixon, if you can survive his historic stunts that are quite insane.

Sneak and take out people by surprise, be a explosive death dealer, a pyromaniac, or go guns blazing it's all up to you. Go it alone or with several allies that involves a fly boy, bear, and even a cheetah. How can you lose?