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      Lynne Moriko - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Lynne Moriko

      Age: 16

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Dantooine

      Physical Appearance: Lynne is a slender girl who stands at about 5'3. She has brown eyes along with long, wavy black coloured hair.

      Personality: Cheerful and friendly, Lynne is easy enough to get along with although finding her can sometimes be difficult. Used to the green fields of Dantooine and a lover of nature in general, she spends most of her time outside, exploring her surroundings and acquainting herself with the wildlife and landscapes that she comes across. There are some who say that she gets on better with animals than people and while that isn't the case, you could be forgiven for thinking that. She's a level headed girl and remains calm in most situations, tending to be the one who keeps their cool while others are losing theirs. Lynne wouldn't call herself a warrior as such and prefers a peaceful solution to solving problems but if things turn sour then she'll fight to protect herself or those in her care.

      Family: Edwina Moriko - Mother, Harrison Moriko - Father.


      Born and raised on Dantooine, Lynne was brought up as the only child of farmer's Harrison and Edwina Miroko. It was a fairly simple life and Lynne grew up with all the love and care that she could have wanted. The days were sometimes long and hard but it made her appreciate what she had and it seemed that she would end up following in the footsteps of her parents. However, she had a hankering to explore and as she grew, the girl began to wander further and further away. Her parents had no issue with that, as long as she took along one of the family hounds with her for protection. A large male named Braun, a fierce beast but one that the young girl became attached to and as time passed, the dog became attached to her as well. She wouldn't go anywhere with out him and it was their bond which would introduce her to gifts that up until then, had been completely unknown to her.

      As the bond between girl and dog grew, Lynne began to, on occasion, pick up the emotions of her companion without looking at him as well as what she could of sworn were his thoughts, if he had them. At first, she simply shrugged it off and assumed that she was just tired from their travels but these occurrences became more and more frequent. Her parents simply laughed at her and called her daft when she spoke to them about it but the girl was sure that something was going on. The two began to explore the more unpleasant regions of the planet and more often than not, they ran in to beasts that had no interest in anything other than trying to ending their lives. Braun fought like a lion during those times and her faithful friend more than earned his stripes. She was always there to patch him up afterwards, discovering a gift for healing and medicine that she never knew she had.

      Everything came together one day, just after her 16th birthday, when Lynne and her faithful friend explored a certain cave that she'd wanted to visit for some time. It had a strange vibe about it and even the hairs on the back of Braun's fur stuck up as they traversed it. Oddly enough, there were no beasts inside at all and instead the two found themselves in a clearing filled with crystals of all type of colour. They had found an absolute treasure trove and sitting in the centre was a beautiful purple crystal which she could feel calling her and without a moment of hesitation, she reached out and placed her hand on it.

      "Come away from there, I don't like it," came a voice from behind her, the moment she touched it.

      Turning around in surprise, one hand still on the crystal, Lynne turned around to find that Braun was looking straight at her, an almost keen intelligence behind his brown gaze.

      "I said come away from there, are you deaf?" he said, his words reverberating inside her mind.

      "Huh?" she said to herself, in complete disbelief.

      The dog approached her, raised himself up so that his massive front paws were on her shoulders and licked her across the mouth.

      "URGH! Get off!" she said, pushing him down and rubbing a sleeve across her face.

      The dog gave her an odd sort of grin, his tongue lolling out, "I knew there was something odd about you. There's a different smell around you and that thing you're touching has the same scent. You're connected to it, I think. Anyway, now that you can actually hear me. I want to complain about...."

      Lynne chose that moment to take her hand away from the crystal which suddenly cut off the connection, resulting in things returning to normal. Shaking her head, the girl decided that perhaps it was left to leave the place and the pair shortly did. However, that event was what would lead her in to leaving her home world and seeking out the Jedi, looking for an explanation as to her experience in the cave and to begin a new life among the Order. Her faithful Braun coming along for the ride.

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      Looks good. Welcome to the Jedi.

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