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      Marcella - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Marcella

      Age: 26

      Species: Human (Refers to herself as an Amaxine)

      Birthplace: Daxam IV

      Physical Appearance: Marcella stands at 5'8 with a slim, fit physique. She has blonde hair and lightly coloured purple eyes, with a large scar marking the upper portion of her face in an "X" formation, meeting between her eyes.

      Personality: Marcella keeps herself to herself for the most part, spending the majority of her time training alone and distancing herself from those around her. A woman of action rather that words, she tends to take the physical approach in most situations and more often than not this results in a brutal and violent solution. Not the type to bother with threats or fancy words, she gets to the point quickly when speaking and finds those who enjoy the sound of their own voices tedious. The loss of her clan has left her with an immense amount of anger, pain and loneliness and these emotions tend to come to the surface in battle, sending her in to a berserker like rage which makes it difficult for her to tell friend from foe.

      Family: All she knows is that they were members of her clan. She was taken from them for training before she got to know them.

      History: Born and bred as a member of the Amaxine Warrior's, Marcella was taught the ways of battle from a young age and quickly became an effective and strong member of the clan. The training was harsh and brutal but she took to it like a duck to water, especially when it came to bare handed and bladed weapons. She rose through the ranks and formed strong bonds with those around her, becoming a member of a faction known as, "The Amaxine Armada," which soon became well known among the clan as a whole. They worked in perfect tandem and as the years passed, they continued to succeed in every trial and mission that they were sent upon, much to the pride of their trainers although they would never speak of such things with their students. Tough love was always the order of the day.

      However, things changed in the year 28 ABY when the Warriors became the focal point of a cold war involving the New Republic, resulting in almost the entire annihilation of her clan. Fortunately, she had been on a mission elsewhere when the final blow was struck, sparing her from death but forcing her instead to suffer with survivors guilt. All those that she had known were gone, leaving her alone and isolated for the first time in her life. For the next seven years, she travelled the galaxy, working as a bounty hunter, a bodyguard and various other positions that could make the most of her training. However, none of these occupations gave her any satisfaction and as the years continued to pass, the hatred and grief continued to churn. Her attitude began to worsen and she became difficult to work with.

      Things came to a head one day when she was given the job of protecting a member of the New Republic, a job that she quickly came to despise. She knew all too well that it had been they who had wiped out her clan and the thought of serving a delegate of their wretched faction caused her blood to boil. During a heated exchange between herself and the delegate, Marcella completely lost control and pounded the life out of the man until her hands and clothes were completely saturated in blood. She then stood up and slaughtered every member of his entourage, giving in to the hatred and anger that she had kept bottled inside her. For the first time, she had entered what she would refer to as, "The Amaxine Rage." Her strength seemed to magnify as well as her speed, resulting in her becoming almost a monster in the eyes of those she killed.

      The Force had awoken within her.

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      Bio looks great! Welcome to TSE. Feel free to look over the masters available to train thread and contact who you would like to show you the path to the Dark Side.

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