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      Open Night at the Fights

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      Gliding through the small, fetid pool afforded Vaago, he enjoyed the new pleasures that Nar Shaddaa had available. Not only was Nal Hutta near the large, industrial moon, but also the natural flora and fauna that he had enjoyed when he was young. Delicacies that wouldn't have to be imported half way across the galaxy any longer also made Smuggler's Moon the ideal place to live and operate. Not to mention the other amenities that the corporate part of the galaxy trying their best to avoid tariffs and other financial burdens that operating on their homeworld would take from their coffers. Now, all these things were his.

      Rising from the steaming, murky pool, the Hutt's mottled head shed the thick, viscous liquid as he took in the quartet of Twi'lek and Zeltron females lounging to either side of the pool's outer edge, facing the arena far below. Open to the stadium, crowds making their way to their seats filed down the many aisles and stairways seemed like a constant stream of color. More money in his coffers, he mused as his large arms slapped onto the marble rim of the pool. Gaining the attention of his scantily clad trophies, he leaned in to take it all in.

      Enjoying his bath, Vaago decided that he would remain within the pool for the first fight at least.

      To either side of the large pool, within the master suite, a long bar commanded both walls, tended to by a serving droid as equally gorgeous waitresses meandered between the eight tables and served his lieutenants and their escorts.

      Soon, the lights dimmed in the arena as a single cone of light centered on the floor, far below the ledge of his suite.

      "Ladies and gentlemen," the human announcer's voice amplified by the sound system gained everyone's attention. "Welcome to a great bout hosted by our gracious benefactor," he pointed dramatically up toward Vaago and his entourage. "Vaago the Hutt!" A name that garnered thunderous applause.

      Raising his right arm, Vaago knew this was all for show and wanted to get on with it, waving at the crowd, then lowered it once again.

      "Tonight, we bring you the first of many bouts this evening. The first is between two amazing warriors having risen up through the ranks in arenas across Hutt Space." He turned and motioned to the left as another cone of light spilled onto a large Barabel, his bare chest and thick, muscled arms raised as he turned, vibrosword and shield in his hands raised high. "I give you the Mountain!"

      The crowd cheered again, their volume less than Vaago received and it soon died down as the announcer then turned toward the far right as another cone of light fell on an equally impressive Gamorrean wielding two vibroaxes. "His opponent tonight hails from Gamor. Scars bought with a heavy price, though has only motivated him for more blood. I give you Tarok the Terrible!"

      Another round of applause as Vaago sized up both contenders and knew that the Barabel had the height advantage, though the Gamorrean had ferocity and probably experience. This would be an interesting fight, he mused as he turned, opening his wide, gaping maw to receive a squirming treat from the closest Twi'lek female. Closing his mouth, the muffled crunch as he killed and then ate the appetizer didn't sicken the four females near him. They were used to his eating habits.

      Lights opened up and now cascaded onto the whole circular arena floor as the announcer in white backed toward the main exit, then turned. "Let's get it on!!"

      The crowd erupted into another cheer as the two fighters moved toward one another....

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      As the two contestants meet in the center of the fight circle, Valo arrives late to the party. The crowd erupts in cheers as Mountain lands the first blow, followed by a sharp knee to the stomach sending Tarok to the ground. Mountain hops on Tarok and the two begin to tussle on the ground for the upper hand. Valo has used the back entrance, trying to stay low-key and keeping the attention to the fight. He is flanked by two beautiful women on each arm; one a human with fire-red hair, and the other a beautiful twi'lek with green skin. He is wearing very expensive fine robes adorned with black and yellow stripes and luxurious black leather boots. He struts his way around the crowd, aiming for his private skybox on the upper floor.

      Torreno gets into a lift and begins to rise toward his box. As he arrives at the skybox, a huge eruption of cheers booms through the crowd as Tarok has taken an opportunity to lock in a vicious arm bar submission. Inside the sky box, the lighting is dim with deep red walls and chocolate colored carpet. A tray of fine snacks is sitting by the plush tall-backed leather chair. Valo has a seat and adjusts himself to get a better view. The two women pull up chairs on both sides and begin to rub and play with Valo's sleeves of his attire. Torreno smiles and pulls the twi'lek in for a kiss and then rubs the human woman's cheek with his hand.

      Valo is loving his new life as co-leader of The Black Sun. He has everything he ever wanted... Money, power, respect, and admiration from all who know him. As he takes up a glass of Corellian champagne, the bell sounds and round one is over. The fighters go to their corners to get patched up as Valo sips from his glass.

      The announcer enters the cage with his microphone and points toward the sky box. A spotlight moves over the crowd and beams in Valo's direction...

      Ladies and Gentlemen... We have another guest with us tonight. He is the co-leader of The Black Sun and the man who runs the fights! He is the one and only... VALOOOOO TORRRRR-ENOOOOOO!

      The crowd erupts in a wave of cheers. Valo puts his face in his hand and slumps in the chair... He is still not entirely used to the attention he receives and it makes him a bit uneasy. But Valo is perked up by the cheering crowd and he sucks it up and stands. He waves at the crowd and the cheers get louder. Torreno takes his seat as the bell rings for round two.

      The fighters collide in the center of the ring and the lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Tarok begins landing blows to Mountain's stomach before pulling him over with a hip toss. He gets Mountain in a side headlock and applies pressure. Mountain rolls the hold over and grabs Tarok around the waist and delivers a vicious gut wrench suplex into the side of the cage. Mountain mounts Tarok and begins pummeling away, Tarok trying to block the blows. Tarok slides out and gets to his feet and both men beam at each other. Tarok then delivers a vicious kick to the head, knocking Mountain down to the canvass. Mountain's nose is busted wide open and blood begins to stain the mat!

      Tarok goes for another kick, but Mounatin ducks under and grabs the leg, pulling him down for a sharp heel-lock. The move is locked in tight and Tarok cant go anywhere! The blood from Mountain's nose is almost spraying as he grits his teeth, pulling the heel-lock in harder. Tarok pulls his hand up to tap out, but the bell suddenly rings! The ref breaks the hold and round two is now over!

      Valo claps as the crowd goes wild with cheers. This fight is a good one. As the men go back to their corners, they prepare for the third and final round...

      Valo Torreno's Wiki Page
      (UPDATED 2-7-18)

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