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      Aella Lexley - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Aella Lexley

      Age: 16

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Ruusan

      Physical Appearance: Aella stands at 5'5 with a slim but well defined build. She has fluffy pink hair and dark pink eyes.

      Personality: Aella is a cheerful girl most of the time and tends to get on with most people who she comes in to contact with. She tends to speak her mind at all times which sometimes comes back to bite her and her sense of humour is a little bit hit and miss with her being a bit of a tease as well. Taking great pride in her position as a Dark Jedi, she trains constantly in order to better herself and her abilities, occasionally pushing herself too far but being too stubborn to realise it. She has a a strong sense of justice and has no problem with the darker aspects of the faction's lifestyle, believing that those that they seek to get rid of are deserving of their fate. However, she also has a bad temper and this is the source of her strength as well as her biggest weakness. If pushed far enough, she can become violently hostile and enter a rage which is difficult for her to control. Once the red mist descends on her, she can almost seem like a different person.

      Family: Baulder Lexley - Father, Elora Lexley - Mother (Deceased).

      History: For the majority of her life, Aella was completely unaware of her gifts. The daughter of a blacksmith, she was born and bred learning the ways of metal and how to manipulate it, thriving and enjoying the simple life that it seemed that she would be destined for. Her father was well known among the commoners and nobility of the planet and there was not a day that went by when he did not receive another order or two. Sadly, her mother, Elora passed away when Aella was only six because of an illness but the father and daughter duo continued to be successful, driven on by the fond memories that she left them both with. They only became more well known as the years passed and soon it was not only Baulder's name that was known but hers as well. Inheriting his gift with the hammer and flame, she was a natural to the job, having an almost symbiotic bond with the metal that neither of them could describe.

      That was how things were until one fateful night.

      The pair had just closed up shop when a hammering on the door took them by surprise. Her father shouted that the store was closed but the hammering continued until Baulder opened the door, revealing a group of weapon wielding men. They claimed that he owed them protection money although the thought of that was ridiculous. He told them where to go and it ended up in a scuffle, resulting in him managing to take out one of the men but being injured himself. Aella, however, despite his warning for her to stay behind, grasped hold of the nearest blade that she could find and dashed in from the back room. The place was a mess, with blood and glass littering the floor. Her father was leaning up against one of the walls, one hand trying to stem the blood that was oozing from a wound in his side with the other two attackers standing over for him.

      The sight in front of her caused a sort of emotional eruption inside her and before she knew what she was doing, she charged in and swung for one of the attackers, almost carving him in two with the force of the blow. In surprise, the last attacker turned towards her, only to find himself being thrown against the opposite wall by a force that he could not even begin to understand. The girl then approached him, pink eyes aflame with anger, lost to her rage and uncontrollable hatred for him at that moment. Paralysed by fear, all he could do was quiver and beg for his life. Yet, there was no mercy for him and despite her father shouting at her to stop, she took the blade in both hands and impaled him with it, leaving him to bleed out without a moment of guilt from her.

      When it was all said and done, she dropped the blade and sprinted over to her father. Thankfully, his wounds were not fatal and after doing what she could for him, she collapsed on the floor, the rage having sapped all of her energy.

      Life soon returned to normal but both father and daughter knew that there was something different about her. Yet, the news of the event never reached the populous as unbeknownst to them, a figure had been watching her for some time. A figure who had wiped the events from those who had heard and the figure who would recruit her in to a faction that existed under the very noses of those who lived and worked on Ruusan.

      So, now she lives a double life. To the outside world, she was still Aella, the local Blacksmith's daughter but to those in the know, she was known by another name, Blaze.

      Alternate Identity:

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      Great job on the bio. Everything looks to be in order. Just choose someone to train you and send them a PM to get started. Welcome to TDSR!

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