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      Black Sun Contract: #102 - What's in the Crate?

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      Once receiving the confirmation to land, Scori Pavan set her course and began landing sequences with Starfall, her XS Stock Light Freighter. Nar Shaddaa was a fair distance from Drifters and it gave the young woman plenty of time to think, and more importantly come to grips with the fact she was doing her first smuggling contract alone. Sure she’d branched off from her uncle in the past, but mostly mercenary work - not a whole smuggling contract.

      What if something went wrong? She had no back up, no second to fire the guns if they were attacked by pirates... she didn’t even have an astromech to help with repairs. Suddenly Scori felt overwhelmed and doubted her own skills. Even just landing the Starfell felt heavy, forced and a little unsteady even though she’s done it a million times.

      “You’re strong. You’re confident. This is a simple mission for a quick credit.” Scori said to herself, took a deep breath and found the courage to get up and exit the craft. It was a simple mission. All she had to do was pick up a crate at the port and take it back to Drifters where the contact is waiting. No use getting worked up over such a small task.

      With that, Scori exited down the cargo ramp with her head held at a right angle, not high, low just confident. She was faking it, she wanted to puke, but she didn’t. The spaceport was busy as every. Scori been here a number of times before, Nar Shaddaa was a planet full of opportunities, quick jobs of all kinds. And as expected, her clients were waiting for her at the docking station.

      “You’re the captain of this vessel?” One asked, a Rodian. His large bug-like eyes looked at her then at her ship suspicciuosly. “Did The Black Sun send some newb?”

      “I’m experienced.” Scori said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Are you doubting the Black Sun?”

      The Rodian’s head dropped and his partner stepped forward, a human with short brown hair and stunning blue eyes.

      “No, we’re find with the Black Sun’s choice. We only ask if you are up to the task.”

      Scori smiled, her single eye moving past the two to a overly large sized crate behind them. “Is that the cargo?”

      “It is.”

      “Just one crate?” Scori expected something larger... like a dozen crates filled with some sort of illegal substance. Instead the crate looked metallic, with a high-tech looking lock along the top. If Scori wasn’t experienced as she was, she would ask what they’re keeping in it - but knew better. As her uncle Tanis always said - the less you know, the easier it is to lie.

      “Yes. It is of upmost importance that this is delivered at once.” The human said. Scori nodded her head, keeping her expression as netural as possible.

      “It goes without saying, that the crate is not to be disturbed.” The Rodian said, and Scori frowned at him.

      “Of course.” Scori said, keeping her voice as calm as possible.

      The human snapped his fingers and a group of port workers began to move the crate up her ramp and into the Starfall’s cargo hold. He then held a pad up towards her. “Please sign here.”

      Scori narrowed her eyebrows. A signature for cargo? Isn’t the whole purpose behind smuggling not to leave a paper trail. Her hesitation was noted by all.

      “It is the only way to fully release the crate into your possession. Once you reach our contact at Drifters, you’ll sign it off to him.”

      “Seems like a lot for one crate.” Scori said, shrugging off her uneasiness and signed her name - well... mostly. She wasn’t stupid enough to sign her real name, instead she signed Tanis’s name - like always. With the crate now in her custody, the two clients shook her hand and were off. Leaving Scori to wonder what was so important in that crate.

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      Leaving the port on Nar Shaddar was as easy as entering. The place had a reputation for a reason. Paying off the right people helped, though with such a simple and single crate, Scori didn’t need to bring in any debts to get her off planet. Still, the young smuggler held her her breath until she entered space.

      Despite all her experience, Scori always got nervous whenever she left a planet, port, or dock. Her middle and third fingers tapped against the control panel, her eyes kept moving around, she glanced at every button, screen and sensor on the bridge as if something was going to go wrong at any second. Tanis constantly poked fun at her nervous tics, commenting on them, aggravating them, really getting on her nerves. But Scori knew he was doing it to help. Alone on the Starfall, she was reminded heavily of her loss. Uncle Tanis wasn’t there anymore to distract her nervous habits.

      With one last exhale, Scori entered the coordinates for Drifters and entered hyperspace. Only then did Scori finally relax. She leaned back in her chair and let out a sigh. Finally safe and on her way to her destination, Scori could think back to her exchange with the clients. She wasn’t going to lie to herself, it felt odd. Sure, she was a young woman working solo as a smuggler, is odd in this line of work - but not unheard of. No, what was strange was that it was only one crate.

      Tapping her foot against the floor, Scori’s mind flooded with worst case scenarios. And here she was all by herself. She jumped out of her chair and walked down to the cargo hold. There the crate stood, in the middle of the room. Starring at her. Of course that was ridiculous. Still, Scori had an imagination and a curiosity. She didn’t even have to open the crate - her cybernetic eye could potentially figure out what was in it.

      It was tempting. But, Scori had a reputation to gain. She was now a member of the Black Sun. She was on her own without her uncle to give her the support and respect needed when dealing with clients. Part of being a smuggler was to earn trust... which meant her curiosity had to be held on to. The crate will remain where it is, untouched.

      As Scori turned to leave, she noticed something out of place. Along the corner of the cargo hold a spare bolt laid next to a vent. Walking to the bolt, Scori bent down and stared into the crate. She knew the Starfall was full of hidden nooks for more illegal cargo. The one she stared at could fit two people comfortably - however Tanis always drew a line with human cargo.

      Taking the bolt in one hand, she lifted the vent lid with the other. Instead of bending up it creaked and fell off in her hands. She set the lid down and poked her head in, tapping the side of her cybernetic eye, activating inferred vision. Staring into the dark, confined corner of the ship - she picked up nothing.

      “Great Tanis... now the ship’s falling apart.” Scori said, placing the vent back and laking her leave from the cargo hold. She flipped the bolt in her hand. Something nagged at the back of her head, but she was tired and the use of her eye always gave her a headache. She’d deal with fixing the vent later.

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      Scori leaned back in the captain’s chair, feet up on the consul, music blaring through the nearby speakers. Her foot swung in time to the beat, her eyes closed, her body relaxed, while she twirled the bolt she found in her hand. Her mind wouldn’t let her catch a nap, so instead she kept herself in the cockpit, trying to let her mind fadd off so that whatever issue she couldn’t figure out would come to light.

      An hour passed without anything happening, her mind a mental block. Scori let out a deep sigh and stretched in her seat. She enjoyed blaring the music all over the ship. Tanis would never let her do that before.

      Just as the particular song reached it’s climax, the Starfall suddenly fell out of hyperspace. Scori bolted to an upright position, turning off her music as she glanced out the window in front of her. She was in the dead of space - Drifters wasn’t even on her radar. How did she just drop out of hyperspace without warning?

      Dropping the bolt, Scori scanned the console wondering if there had been a malfunctioned somewhere. Nothing. She had that weird feeling at the back of her mind again... something was way off. She pulled her blaster from the holster on her right leg and moved to the back of the ship where the engines and hyperdrive were located.

      Every step she took, Scori felt like someone was watching her. Her eyes scanned the familiar corridors and doorways, wondering of she had a sto-away. It wasn’t uncommon for someone with a bounty on their head or in trouble to sneak on board a ship heading off world. Yet, Scori knew she checked all the places a sto-away could hid. It was almost reflex at this point.

      Did she miss something....

      Reaching the hyperdrive, Scori swore. Her right arm with the blaster dropped as she saw the burnt out coils of the hyperdrive. Putting the blaster away, Scori let out several more swears as she tied her hair back before pulling out the burnt wires, connectors and other bits and pieces she didn’t know what to do with.

      “First the loose bolt, now this? What am I going to do now?” Scori muttered to herself, checking her time. She didn’t have a time limit thankfully, but that didn’t mean she could be late checking in. “Should have pained more attention when Tanis was trying to explain the mechanics of the ship...”

      As Scori tried to piece together the pieces, figuring out what she had spare parts for if she could even fix such a mess she noticed something suspicious. Hardware that didn’t look like it belonged. Scori wasn’t a mechanic, but she could recognize a tampering when she saw it.

      Blaster in hand again, Scori tapped the side of her eye and engaged her cybernetic parts. If there was someone on her ship. She will find them... and they pay for making her late.

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      Scori’s first thought was her cargo. If there was someone who snuck on board - they had to be after her cargo. She didn't have anything else of value on board. Her cybernetic eye scanned every shadowed corner, hollow vent and the half dozen smuggler holds scattered across the Starfall. They ranged in size, from a small glove compartment to a place that could hold several bodies.

      Every spot Scori checked came up empty. She couldn’t even find signs to verify her dark suspicion - that she wasn’t alone on her ship. It was time like this that she really wished her uncle was still alive and there to back her up. Scori suddenly felt vulnerable. Not knowing if her hunch was right or if she was just being paranoid. Maybe she should look into in hiring some sort of co-pilot, even buying a droid would give her some sort of reassurance. Then again, all that cost credits that she didn’t have.

      Scori reached the cargo hold last. She stared at the crate and tapped her foot impatiently. Her index finger just beside the blaster’s trigger, her body tensed and on high alert. She was ready to fire at the first sign of an intruder, her mind working through the possibilities - trying to reason a way to find out if her hyperdrive was sabotaged or just broke on it’s own. It was odd to have her break down in the middle of nowhere - no planets or moons that could be used as a base to take her cargo to, and there were no ships waiting for her when she first arrived. If someone was on board, they wouldn’t be able to leave...

      Whatever the case, Scori’s first priority was the cargo and making sure the create is secured. As she inspected it, it seemed nobody had tried to break in to it - yet. But just to be sure she added a new layer of security cod to the lock. If her gut was right, whomever is trying to take over her ship won’t be able to break into the create that easily.

      Just as she finished adding in the new security code, an exterior sensor alert went through the ship. Scori ran to the cockpit just in time to see another ship appear out of hyperspace in front of her.

      “Well it looked like my sto-away’s ride arrived.” Scori muttered under her breath.

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