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      Holy Block of Cheese - Jacob Murano

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      Chief of State's Residence

      Coronet City, Corellia

      The one pervading evil of a democracy is the tyranny of the majority. The rights of the minority and most importantly, the individual, were oft suppressed by the collective voices of the many. A sad truth to be sure, especially for a governing body empowered and entrusted to see all sentients treated fairly. So what does one do when their one voice is muffled by the masses? When your pockets are bare and the Senate only cares about the campaign war chest? Find like minds to give that voice more volume.

      Thus, the special interest group is formed and Atara Themis' few free days are filled lending ear to the outcasts of the Republic's political sphere. Some had valid platforms and agenda, but she found most were wackos who clearly needed to be ignored.

      Or institutionalized.

      Typically the Alderrani found discussions with these sentients beneath her. They never came to anything. It was a task delegated down to her subordinates in most cases, but with the partisan split in the Senate and the Populist party vilifying her as an elected totalitarian dictator. As Palpatine in a brassiere, slowly stealing away the rights of the Republic citizen, her staff had implored her to hold these open door discussions for these minority groups. To atleast give them the delusion they had been heard and paint herself as being easily accessible to the common citizen.

      The first few had been tolerable, but the more of them she held the stranger things became. She had been 'informed' of everything from a potential zombie apocolypse, hyperspace travel is a hoax theory, and everything inbetween. After the first few hours old imperial acts of genocide didn't seem so atrocious and where considered. She had to trudge on though. There was just one more.

      Ushered into one of the many parlor rooms of her office's residence, she was introduced to the Archbishop of Ruusan who had been waiting for sometime. Senate guards left her after introductions had been made and the two took seats to begin the talk formally.

      With an apologetic smile, the Chief of State gave the holy man the once over. There was something vaguely familiar about him. She couldn't put her finger on it at the moment and pushed the thought away.

      "Apologies Archbishop for the late hour," she offered politely. "When we give the public open access they storm in as if I'm giving away cheese and milk."

      It was a jest, sort of.

      "So. What brings you to our part of the galaxy? I don't believe I have heard mention of Ruusan since my days in University."

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      As the Archbishop sat inside the residence of the Chief of State of the New Republic, he kept looking around. The place was quite luxurious and he had to admit he'd thought of buying something like this a long time ago for his family. Not like the former Jedi was poor, no that wasn't the case. Through careful investing of half a million credits he turned that into something bigger over a stretch of decades. Then again that came while he was a Jedi and some while he joined their opposite. But, those memories faded away of his past and he was now thinking of the present. Well, the present as he much as he could. At times he looked into the future and it worried him, so he took a step back and sought to remain in the present.

      Least for now.

      In truth, he was a member of the Dark Jedi and he saw both sides, the Sith and Jedi at some point in his life. Belonged to both of them at one point as well. Though it seemed more like a lifetime ago. Thinking of that made him chuckle in the slightest. A journey that he ended up with the Penumbra on Ruusan and he remembered fondly of his life as a Jedi before the sad part leaving his family behind after he left the Jedi and went on his personal journey of belonging. Jacob realized that he didn't belong to either Jedi or Sith, but somewhere in between. After being there he wanted to help others and thought of the church as being something that people could come to. Have somewhere to belong and that he could help them and guide them in some form.

      Politics wasn't his thing but, at times he had to deal with them. The nobles of Ruusan thought they had the power but that wasn't the case. That was just a visage to what was really lurking in their courtyards and fancy grounds. The Penumbra were what ruled them yet they had no idea Force users were there. Such a group were looked down and frowned upon but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. That part made Jacob smile wider. But he had to deal with politics whether he wanted to or not. Such was just a part of life even as the Archbishop.

      It was then that the Chief of State came and offered an apology to which Jacob waved it off, "Not to worry, Miss Themis. I'm not where you are but I can gather it makes one quite busy."

      The jest part the former Jedi then chuckled at. It was funny but there were other matters to discuss and he was wanting to get right to it. Though the question Atara posed made him smile politely of course. Though personally he hated having to deal with others beneath the Chief of State. Talks in the NR influence were going nowhere for him to put a church anywhere within their sphere. So, why not ask the head honcho herself?

      "Ah, yes, what bring me here." He said then crossed one leg over the other, his orange and black robe hanging to his knee, "We tend to keep to ourselves. The planet of Ruusan I mean. Nobles, the rich, that sort of thing. Cannot blame them though, their history isn't the greatest. But, why I'm here is simple...I would be gracious to build a church within one of the planets belonging to the Republic. Talks beyond every individual one haven't gone anywhere. Seems as though they're just shuffling their feet. I'm a man of action, not talk. I want to get things done. I've helped those on Ruusan. An orphanage, donating to the poor, that sort of thing."

      He then sat up straight in his chair, "I hate having to come straight to the Chief of State granted how busy you are, but, I hope we can discuss this as I can tell from what I've read and such that you are the same. Wanting to get things done and not wanting to shuffle your feet and wait to do so."

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      There had been a moment of clarity for Atara during the Archbishops dialogue. At the mention of church her face breifly lit up with the realization of how she knew Jacob. Granted, it wasn't the accurate memory that had dawned on her, but it worked all the same. This was not the first time the Archbishop had sat with a Chief of State and held this exact conversation.

      She had not been present during that discussion, but the hissy Jacob had stirred with his meeting on Telos quickly seeped through the former senate building. Adrian Loran, her predecessor, had been an idiot for granting that powwow. Especially after the alliance with the Jedi had been brokered. They made the former Chief of State look hypocritical and started the spiral of his downfall.

      It was a shame. Atara was sure Adrian was a good man at heart but good men were not cut for politics. Idealism was for the masses, practicality was for the politician. Maybe one day she would make amends with him, but it mattered little in the here and now.

      Her gaze had stayed fixed with the Archbishop even though her mind had wandered. It had been a long day, but she was back with him now. Pink lips curled into a sagacious grin once he had finished and her own posture mimicked the company. One leg crossed over the other followed by an arm stretching sanguinely across back of the couch she sat.

      "I would disagree Archbishop," she started with a caustic tone in her voice. "This is your what...third attempt?"

      Atara had flipped a lock of brown hair from her shoulder before continuing. The motion held a degree of arrogance beholden her personality and not to be confused with flirty.

      "I mean no offense," she clarified before putting matter of factly her next statement. "You have been shuffling for quite some time and will continue to do so until you have become better acclimated with how things work."

      It was a vague statement and could be interpreted in just as many ways as the Republic had faiths and dieties.

      "I can't help you. Not officcialy and definately not on the executive level. Our constitution, or to be more specific, The Right of Sentients precludes it." she lectured.

      "The Republic is a secular government now. So even if I could help it might and would be percieved as a conflict of interest."

      "That's not to say I won't by some unofficial and completely confidential capacity stir you in the right direction."

      She let that thought hang in air for a moment. An atheist herself, Atara had no need or care of religion. It was a dated means of determining right and wrong. Silly and superstitious, but the Chief of State was well aware its effects on a populace and the credits it could afford.

      "Tell me a little about your religous organization Archbishop, or is it a non-profit charitable organization?" she quizzed hinting at more appropriate and Senator friendly verbage.

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      The words and how she spoke them frustrated the Archbishop and his brow then furrowed as he sighed. This was a reason why he never liked politics. Too much bureaucracy and not enough action for the people they supposedly represent. Yes this was his third time and speaking with another Chief of State as the last one, Adrian Loran, didn't get him anywhere talking with either. Seemed this was going to be the same. As she then pushed away a lock of hair and sat on her couch he then uncrossed his leg and sat straight up. His orange colored eyes then blinked for a moment before he finally spoke.

      "Yes, the third time. Too many times if you ask me." He said in frustration, "Seems I've wasted enough travel time and such trying to sort this out."

      Better acclimated with things? What was that supposed to mean? Of course he wasn't a politician and that was clear. Nor would he ever be one. In truth he hated politics as the Senators and whatnot never truly represented their people and constituents like they supposedly tried to. All they did was fill their pockets and lobby for things that didn't even matter. Not to those less fortunate or the ones who'd lost everything because of their ignorance and arrogance to what really went on. Jacob shook his head once more as he figured this whole meeting wouldn't go anywhere.

      The Chief of State said that she couldn't help him officially or on record. That made him close his eyes and drop his head and he then rubbed his temples. Age was starting to get to him now and in his forties Jacob wasn't as young and spry as he used to be. Not that he was some old fossil either but he knew he lost a step or two and his hair was starting to have grey spots at times. A sign of age obviously. Their constitutions could shove it up their behind where he was concerned. Sure, he could see why religion and all was separate from the political world. Though Jacob just didn't understand why everything took him this long. More then a year and a half to be exact.

      Once she said that off the record she could he then perked up some, "Well, any help would be graciously accepted, Miss Themis."

      As Atara asked about the religion itself, Jacob then canted his head slightly like he was wondering why she asked, "Obviously we're a church and not a non-profit organization. We help those less fortunate and build and orphanage where children can stay and have a nurturing environment. We take donation but we don't necessarily feed off them like others."

      He then crossed his left leg over his right. Sure, in truth, Jacob was a Force user but she didn't need to know that. Nor did anyone else. Most of the church and such were funded by him. Sure anyone who donated or whatnot were great and there were those who went to the church who donated. Not that he asked but they did because they felt it was right. Jacob taught to do the right thing and at times the right thing may seem wrong. But as long as you were a decent person then there would be a paradise on the other side for such noble and kind actions. Those who didn't were left in a void of terrible torture. Or that's what he taught them anyways.

      "The religion is of a Great Creator. A being who made, well, everything. Neither good nor evil he is a being who made and let things go as they may. One can do what they wish as long as they are decent and do the right thing and not murder for the sake of doing so. As such we members of the Church of Ruusan can drink, have families and all that. It is free will as some would call it. Sure, we preach to do the right thing and be noble and kind to others. That there is a world beyond our own when we pass, and those who do the wrong things like murder, steal and such go to a place of torture. What else would you want to know?" He asked her with a brow raised.

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      "More than you are telling me."

      It was a blunt and callous accusal physically expressed with the skeptical arching of impeccably shaped eyebrows.
      Atara had no need of a woman's intuition or force sensitivity to know something was amiss.

      She could understand his frustration, misguided as it was, with Republic red tape. Atara granted him that even though she had interpreted his first of remarks as throwing shade and no one threw shade at Miss Priss without facing repercussions. What was found intolerable was the sense of being jerked around.

      His explanation, for her, had been vague and the delivery indolent. He seemed to lack any of the persuasive charisma she would attribute to a leader or teacher of sentients. It was no wonder this religion had gained no traction. It was as if he had no idea the implications his goal could have. Ultimately, she felt her time was being wasted on a childhood fantasy gone too far.

      Before he could respond proper, her hand shot up in quiet but authorative opposition. "Honestly Mr. Murano, I could not care less about the specifics of this dogma than you care to explain it."

      "That said, let us not waste any more of each others time." She put forwadrd as more a command than a proposition.

      "You're free to build churches wherever you like. Don't even build them, buy an old cantina and slap whatever religious symbol you want on it and have at it. No one can stop you!" preaching with lively hand gestures Atara had even mimicked slapping a sticker to a wall.

      "Your opposition isn't coming from the government. It's coming from the very sentients you want to help! Give up on Naboo. I graduated from Theed University so trust me when I say they have an already established polytheistic thing going on."

      "Skip Corellia. Between the trickster gods and the esoterics sects, you'll be in for fight for converts. And those esoteric *******s are brutal."

      "Fondor is a strong scientific community and Devaron being matriarchal won't be inclined to go to a mass headed by an offworld male."

      "Start on undeveloped worlds and get political. We work on a barter system. Change favor for favor. You want a Senator to mention uour name, scratch his or back."

      "..but don't expect a handout and don't expect it to be easy."
      Chief of State - Atara Themis

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