The training grounds, today was the day when Velda would step foot inside it. The area reflected the dark ways that were practiced here. Weathered and aged pillars dotted its vastness, broken skulls and bleached bones both human and nonhuman decorated the environment where Velda’s footsteps fell and brought her to. These grounds were ancient in presentation, and rich with Sith history.

Today was not Velda’s first day of training, that day came on her first trip to Dathomir, a planet the young apprentice found intriguing. Yet Velda knew her training today, would offer her a new set of challenges and insight into the force itself. Her form stood in her flowing grayish blackened robes, within her right sleeve, rested the lightsaber Dara gifted to her for her initial training. When She glanced upwards she saw that the day on Munto Codru had already begun to fade quickly into the night’s embrace. A rain of shooting stars quietly raced by the darkening sky, as new stars began to peek through the day. And she pondered, Velda entered the galaxy as a Corellian noble to now be reborn a Sith. She kept her awareness of the area acute, listening and watching, while she awaited the arrival of her Master Dara.