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      Jacob nodded at what she said about being a volcano, "I can understand that. I've felt that way myself before."

      The Archbishop pondered her next question. The Dark Jedi stood for what the Jedi nor Sith wouldn't and in that regard he thought they were more defenders then anything. They stood for justice and what was right even if it meant a few lives needed to be taken. The Penumbra would do what the Jedi wouldn't and act when they backed down. Sure, they had to hide in the shadows and run aloof of the Jedi and Sith but what they didn't know would be their downfall. No longer would he stand idly by while lives were taken just to be done so. The Sith stood for chaos and destruction, something he thought would be his own at the time, but, he figured out later it wasn't. All he had to do was reflect on himself and he saw the answer.

      "We are called Dark Jedi. Not Jedi, nor are we Sith. We fall somewhere between. We're users of the Dark Side but we don't let things consume us. Let our emotions consume us, Coral. At times it may be easy to, but we would be no better then the Sith if we gave completely to the darkness. At times we must find a balance...something to keep us grounded." Jacob said, "The symbol of the Creator isn't that. It's the Dark and Light Side of the Force. If you look you'll see."

      The words he spoke he would let sink in. But the truth was the Creator that was stained into the window was actually the Force. Showcasing both the Light and Dark Side but looked to work in harmony. To Jacob, the Force was simply the Force. It wasn't inherently dark nor light, it was how you used it that counted. Sure, lightning from one's fingertips would be considered dark. But if he used it for a good purpose would it be considered that way? To some yes it would but not to him. The Jedi used their abilities for the sake of peace and whatnot or so it be told but if they used an ability considered dark they'd be shunned for using it. If they used it for such a purpose of good or what seemed to be good intention then by no means would Jacob shun them. Like many had done before to him.

      "The Penumbra do what others will not. We won't stand idly by while destruction and chaos happen like the Jedi have done countless times. We're not conquerors like the Sith, raining destruction just to do so. Understand that by no means we are all peaceful. Some of us are former Sith, some former Jedi. I have been on both of those sides." Jacob said before he added, "There comes a time when you must take a life to save the lives of others. By no means do I say just kill someone thinking you'll save lives. It has to mean something. Say...one life for a hundred. A hundred for a thousand. So on and so forth."

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      The first word that screamed out to her as he explained the Dark Jedi was assassin although it did not disgust or bother her a great deal. The idea of killing someone to save others was one that she could get behind and the thought of ending a life did not cause her to pause or think twice about it. There were those in the galaxy who trampled on others and she had seen a small part of that world during her time on the streets. The greedy nobility treading all over the poor, robbing them of what little they had, a thought that easily stirred up the fire of emotions that were so close to coming to the surface. Yes, it might have been thought of as simply a fact of life but Coral refused to believe that. She believed in fairness deep down, that everyone should be equal and that was an ideal that she would fight for.

      She gazed towards the glass window that had become the focus point for her anger and although it was difficult to see past her own viewpoint, Coral could sort of see what he meant. The mantra of the Dark Jedi seemed to be similar to her own and the pinkette found herself agreeing with it quite quickly. Mindless destruction was not what she wanted in truth, the girl just wanted to find a purpose, a goal for her to work towards, to drag her out of the chasm of darkness that she was in. Perhaps learning to use the Force was her way out, one that give her life the resuscitating that it so badly needed. What was her alternative? To continue withering away on the streets until she keeled over and passed away from starvation and exhaustion? The fact that she was even thinking about continuing her life was a positive at least and she found herself starting to believe what he was saying. Not because she was blind as her parents had been but because he was simply talking sense and in a way that she could understand.

      That was not to say that she agreed with every word he said though.

      "Surely saving one innocent life is as important as a hundred, right?" she then asked, "If I come across a man beating another to a bloody pulp, I am not just going to sit idly by just because it is "only" one life that I would be saving. The second I start thinking of lives in that way is when I would have lost my humanity. That is what makes the Dark Jedi different from the Sith, yes? One still has their humanity while the other does not."

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      "Of course." Jacob said to her question, then added, "But, let me ask you...what if that man was beating the other for a good reason? What if the one being beaten done something to his family? One life is worth saving if is justified doing so. We as Dark Jedi have our humanity, yes. The Sith do not and think of such blinding things like death, destruction and the like that they have forgotten it. Jedi have too much of humanity and don't realize that not acting is as bad as the Sith for what they do."

      The Knight then paused to then stand up and walked down to the end of the room and turned the corner looking at someone though Coral wouldn't see it. He was talking to another of the priests and other bishops that were here. To them he said that he wanted a few bottles of water and some more protein bars. Not plain ones but ones with more fruit flavors in them. They looked at him puzzled but shook their heads and did what they were told. Turning back around he then rejoined Coral and sat down beside her.

      "Yes, one life is important as a hundred and so on. But there are times when the Force will tell you when to act. It's like a signal or a sign to do something. The Jedi have ignored them and the Sith act too much on rage and all that to see that they could do better. To me, both sides are like bickering children. Trying to get their parents attention." Jacob said with a slight chuckle, "We as Dark Jedi work independent. Let's just say we don't need our parents attention all the time. We get what we need to do done."

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      Describing the Jedi and Sith like children brought a brief smile to form across Coral's features, understanding the meaning behind the analogy. In fact, she would say that childish was a fair description of the way that the Jedi and Sith lived their lives and the philosophy that they followed. Neither made much sense to her because she understood that balance was the key to life in general. She would never be able to fit in to either faction and honestly, they would probably do more harm than good to her anyway. She had suffered far too much to accept the light side ideal and the thought of becoming a monster such as the Sith were turned her stomach. If she was to join any group then it had to be one that she could agree with. Sure, the pinkette could simply turn her brain off and join one for the sake of joining but that was not good enough for her. She wanted to commit either 100% or none at all.

      "I kind of like the idea of running around under the noses of the Jedi and Sith," she admitted, "There is so much cruelty and misery in the galaxy and yet neither of those groups do anything about it. It comforts me somewhat that there is a group out there who does and is more in sync with the times than either of them are. I think that the Jedi and Sith are just a relic of the past from what you have told me. The galaxy has evolved but they have not and that is the problem, they are out of date now. If both groups could find balance as the Dark Jedi do then I think the galaxy would be a far safer place for all. I guess that is just wishful thinking on my part though."

      Talking seemed to help sooth her unhappiness and Coral began to feel more comfortable although she was beginning to get a numb backside from having sat down on the hard floor for so long and her hand still caused her pain now and again.

      "You talk about the Force nudging us to do what is necessary from time to time," she then asked, "Do you think it has a mind of its own then?"

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