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      She was so lost in herself that Nissa didn't sense her Master coming into the bathroom. It was his words, the timber his voice, and the slight noise the glad as his hands pressed the shower door that brought her to her senses.

      '"I can sense you in here," he said.

      Those words, alone, made her realize he was on the precipice of the Abyss. He'd talked of it often enough, and she'd been present one other time when he was returning from one of his 'looks' into it.

      When his voice wavered and he turned to lean the wall, she cut off the water and used the Force to fetch the towel from the rack across from him. Wrapping it around her, the soft linen covering her from just under her arms to nearly her knees, she opened the door to the shower.

      Gently she touched his left shoulder as she stepped out and came around to face him. Without thinking, she reached her left hand up to gently brush the hair from his down turned face. Her fingers lightly brushing his cheek as she tried to lift his gaze. Her voice was soft, soothing, 'for to be a healing Jedi' he'd once called it. "Jacob... I'm not a child. I haven't been for a very long time." Her smile was as soft as her voice, though she wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't seeing it. Whether by choice it design, she felt the darkness tightly could around him.

      "Come back to bed..." she whispered as she tried to lead him back to his room. She was strong enough to bear his weight the short distance if needed. Another lesson from her training. She probably couldn't carry his full, unconscious weight more than halfway to the Council Chamber. But she only had to worry about how bed less than twenty feet away, if he collapsed.

      "You aren't any older than I am young, and you know it." She tried to laugh as she took a few steps, hoping he'd stay upright ready in either case. "Come lay down, again. You need to rest. I'll lay with you if you want."

      The words weren't tinted with overtures or innuendos. In drunken stupors years ago, her often hold her right enough when the nightmares came that it was easier to lay with him than hold him up. Something told her this was one of those times.

      As they reached the bathroom doorway, a thought occurred to her. She paused long enough to close her eyes and take a deep breath. As she exhaled, she opened her eyes and imagined a Force Shield around them both. Being an apprentice, she couldn't block anything tossed their way by anyone more skilled than her. But what she 'could' block was some of the pain from those with no Force abilities. Because of where they were, it only deadened about half of the emotions he was feeling the onslaught of. But she hoped it would be enough to let him catch his breath. "Come last down with me," she crooned once more as the passed they the doorway to the room.

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      But you see it's not me...it's not my family...in your head...they are crying...

      At that moment as he heard Nissa speak he covered his ears. It wasn't because of her, he could hear the dead through the Force speaking to him. Though in truth it was possible that the Darkness was wanting to completely take hold, not let him keep the balance he had. It was a daunting thing he always had to struggle with. All he wanted was the 'eye of the storm' he always preached to his students. That was what he wanted for himself. Find his center again and let balance be his guide. There was chaos and serenity and he was the master of both, at least his own way of achieving it.

      "I can't stop hearing them...the dead...the ones who I knew within the church..." He said then heard the same thing from the children of the orphanage, "...the kids...I can't stop hearing it through the Force!"

      The voice or whatever it was ceased for the time being. As she stated she wasn't a child and hadn't been he knew that he couldn't be the fatherly figure he was to her anymore. It was a sad day but he had to realize that she wasn't anymore. Just as Renee wasn't a little girl anymore. Or his son, Junior, he wasn't the little boy he had and was a grown man in his own right. Sure, Jacob wanted to think of his two kids as little, but he had to fully admit that they weren't little, that they were adults. With a sigh he nodded at the statement. Something he didn't want to admit at all but he had to.

      "Your right. I can't hold you back. Your not a little kid." He nodded his head, then smirked for a second, "You are your own beautiful woman. I've done all I can to try and mold you. At this stage anyways."

      When Nissa led him back to the room he followed. Sure, he was a bit unsteady but he was fine otherwise. Not that he wouldn't feel it tomorrow for sure. As she led him back she said she would lay with him. That was what helped him and he'd needed her for that at times. She helped him with nightmares and the like and holding onto someone during those times had helped him deal with such things that plagued him. So as he then sat down on the bed he then took her hand and held it. Her comment about him not being as old as he said he was made him chuckle for a second or two.

      "I can admit I'm no young nexu. I've seen those...they are pretty spry in their early stages." he said with a chuckle, then took a serious one, "But yes, I'd like that if you were laying here. You've helped a lot with nightmares and all that. I can't thank you enough for that."

      For some reason, he'd always managed to hide his feelings for her as more then just a student and a daughter. Sure there was an attraction to her but he'd never acted up on such things. Maybe at this point he was feeling vulnerable or whatever the case may be. Jacob then stood for a second and then let go of her hand. Then he bent down and placed his hand under her chin and lifted her gaze up to meet his as he then pressed his lips against hers and kissed her.

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      When he spoke of the voices, she knew it was his subconscious, not the Force, that was feeding him dead voices. She knew the dead sometimes could travel the Force, but most of those who were dead had no hint of the Force. She listened to him and nodded, "It will pass, Jacob... I give you my word."

      When she got him to sit on the bed, she let out a soft sigh of relief. He would sleep, or at least rest, if she joined him. His soft chuckle at the comment of not being a 'young nexu' made her laugh. And his admission to her closeness easing the nightmares made her swell with pride and pleasure that she was able to help.

      Suddenly he stood up again and she took a step back. His hand in hers kept her from moving too far. His look made her shake her head slightly when he released her hand. But before she could speak, his fingers raised her chin and his lips pressed to her own.

      A sigh, almost a whimper, fell between them from her as she rested her hands on his chest and took a step closer. She let him guide the kiss but her body shuddered slightly in the large towel. Her long hair, wet and hanging loose down her back, was leaving cool water to trail down her back. But her own body warmed at his touch and was quickly forgotten. Her mind whispered softly to him as she kissed back. The connection, only made when training, till now, was subtle and clear in his mind. "Jacob...." The single word holding all she had ever felt for him. She had come to him as a stranger, learned from him as a teacher, and looked to him as a father figure. But in the last few years, the feelings had grown. And for once, she let her guard down and let him feel them for all they were.
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      He then released the kiss as she spoke to his mind and he felt the emotions she had for him. Smiling he knew them all along of course. To the Knight it was totally obvious but for the longest time he didn't feel that way. But, as of now things were changing in his mind. He had a daughter of his own actually and he could help her through her journey, as Nissa was almost at the end of her beginning. Now all she had to do was take the next step, to go through the trials he had of his own. After that point he could say she would be equal to him. Until he reached the point of Master, but until then she was almost his equal. She learned a lot from him and he learned from her. Not the ways of the Force but in other ways. He learned to relax more and not be as stern as he was. Course, he was that way because of his age and wisdom, but even he had to have a limit on himself.

      "It's been some time since I've wanted to do that." Jacob admitted, "It was that I saw you as a daughter...but...I don't see you that way anymore. Not for quite some time. You are now a woman who has grown from when I first met."

      Jacob then took her into his arms and lifted her off her feet and settled her next to him on the bed. Laying beside her he then kissed her once more running his hand along her cheek. Maybe the Knight was vulnerable and she was the one around to satiate that vulnerability but in this case he didn't care. He knew how he felt about her and all he wanted to do was kiss her. The thought had occurred more then he wanted it to but now he felt like he should give into them. It couldn't hurt and he knew that Nissa felt the same about him. So he figured he should go for it.

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      His kiss had burned her to the core, setting every nerve ending on fire as he brought them to life. And she gratefully fell into the blaze with her entire being. How long had she wanted this? How many nights, after tucking him in when he feel asleep at his desk, had she dreamed of his lips on here?

      As he broke the kiss, Nissa looked up and smiled. Her hands were pressed to his chest for both balance and to remind herself it was real. "I've wanted that, too, Jacob." She added to his confession.

      She broke eye contact and blushed. "I haven't felt like a daughter to you in a couple years." She admitted.

      As Jacob swooped her up, she grasped around his shoulders and let out a small squeak of surprise. Once settled back against his body, she rested her cheek against his chest. Her body warred with her mind. He needed sleep. She did, too, if she really thought about it. Soon they'd be called to the disaster outside this moment of bliss. They should be well rested to help the others. But even as she thought it, the other half of her mind tried to tell her that being with Jacob, here... now... just like they both desired, was probably a better form of healing.

      It didn't take long for a said to win. Nallia kissed Jacob's chest then tilted her head up to look at him. "I want you. I've always wanted you." She reached a hand up to caress his cheek and invite him into another kiss

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      Jacob merely smiled at her as she pulled him in for another kiss. Pressing his lips against hers he then breathed through his nose as his hand wandered up her thigh while he kissed her. At this moment he felt this was a sort of healing and comfort that they both needed. Both of them were there for one another through a lot. Especially her, she was there for him through a lot of things in his life. Though he was also there for things in her own, and guided her as much as he could with her training in the Force. She was nearly done with her training at this stage and all she needed to do was keep proving herself.

      While his hands wandered up her thigh closer to her butt he then reached with his other hand and pulled her on top of him as he then kept kissing her breathing through his nose every fe moments. Jacob didn't want this moment to end and passion had taken over him. It was better then to feel sadness and anger and if it had to be passion flooding his veins then it was a welcome thing. The Knight reached and was trying to take the towel off her as he pulled his lips away and kissed her along her neck squeezing her trying to get a pleasure sound to escape her lips.

      As he then stopped kissing her neck he then said, "I've wanted this too...and more..."

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      "I have as well... for so very long..." Nissa smiled, caressed his cheek and re-initiated a kiss that let him know that every touch was just right.

      It didn't take long for Jacob to get his wish. The sounds of pleasure soon fell from both their lips as she let the towel fall away. His own clothes were quickly shed and soon a sheet was all the material that touched their skin as they gave in to the desires they had both held back. It wasn't long before Jacob's aura swirled around them with enough force to not only erect a Force Barrier around the room to keep outsiders from hearing their coupling, but to make Nissa's hair dance like a breeze was blowing around them. Nissa was used to this side of him. As always, she sat just inside the fringe of it, riding it like small waves that heightened her connection to him.

      He, too, would feel her aura. She was the opposite, calm and serenity. Her lack of chaos was a warmth in his mind and on his aura that kept the buffeting abyss from swallowing him whole. The telepathy between them meant that even with kissing and gasps and cries of pleasure, allow them to speak of their growing feelings.

      The three things happened at once... Jacob filled her with his cry of pleasure. She crested the edge with him and soared with him through the aftermath. And the final walls between them were left crumbling in the dust as they realized this was what they wanted.

      Suddenly everything went calm. The buffeting winds ceased to a soft breeze that barely whisked the edges of papers strewn around from the previous chaotic whirlwind. Everything got extremely silent, and Nissa looked up from beneath Jacob's body as her mind reached his. "Jacob?" The word was soft, full of a hint of fear, but at the mention of his name, she was suddenly in his head. She felt his love for her, she felt the chaos of his past, she felt his sudden concern at seeing her in distress. He would feel her as well. Not just the fear at the connection they had, but everything... the uncertainty she had had was gone, her love for him was free, and her fear in losing him suddenly was sharp like a knife in his chest. They could actually 'feel' one another in a way they never had before.

      Jacob would suddenly realize what it was that had happened. In the lowering of the final barriers between them, something rare and wonderful had occurred. There was a Force Bond between them. An ability to transcend Force Telepathy, or even empathy. It was a connection so true that even among Force users, it was rare.

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      Jacob smirked and as they were together the Force Barrier that he'd erected up would allow no one to know what was going on within the walls. The Force swirled around them both as Jacob let the storm forth as he called it which was the darker side of the Force he used. Nissa was on the fringe of it as she always was as her calmness now kept him in balance as he knew it would. At times, and more so within the last few months or so he felt like he was losing that balance in himself. That everything was tipping him closer to the Dark Side then he allowed himself. While the two were entwined in passion he knew this is what he wanted.

      His love for her rang through as he cried out as she did so with him. The barriers between the two were no longer there. It was as if they were one and the same, as strange as that would sound. Not that Jacob minded it at all. When all went calm he didn't budge an inch as it didn't even frighten him. Once Nissa spoke to him he realized that she was in his head, and that part was strange. They were Force users and sometimes that happened where they could speak to one another through it but at this moment she was actually in his head, like she could sense his feelings for her. The love he had for her, the chaos that was his troubled past and all the other things he'd thought of.

      Though he could also feel what she did. Her love for him, her fear of losing him and the uncertainty that was now a fleeting memory. He was glad she was certain of herself and that made him smile if only a moment. Orange eyes looked down at her as he panted catching his breath. Truth of it all he knew now what it was. They had now bonded together through the Force. She might not realize it and fear it but he however didn't. It had happened once to him but now that was gone. Now a new one had happened and he welcomed it. In all of it she was his balance now and he would reassure her through the bond that she wouldn't lose him. That he was here for her as she was for him.

      "You feel that?" Jacob said as he then got off of her and lay beside her, "I think there is more going on now. Don't be afraid of it, Nissa. This is a good thing."

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      The explosion they shared was paled by the intimacy the Bond brought to them. As Jacob settled beside Nisa, she shifted slightly to move into the crook of his arm, her head resting on his chest. As he tried to explain that what she was feeling was a good thing, she glanced up at him. "A good thing?" She laughed, but it was nervous. "I can feel you. I thought you wouldn't want that. And I can feel you in me. It's amazing." She cocked up on her elbow to look at him, confusion and concern on her face. "It's ok with you?"

      She reached out with her Force Power to sense him. She felt everything about him she never had before. There was no longer a barrier, not even a slight one. She knew he spoke the truth, knew he loved her, knew it was a good thing that was happening. But despite his assurance and the knowledge that he was right, on an intimate level, she was still unsure. He had been her first. She had come close several times. But Jacob had been the first she had completed with. She had just assumed that whatever was happening was normal between Force users.
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      Jacob watched her rest her head on his chest and he rubbed her back. Smiling he then answered her question, "Yes it's a good thing, Nissa. I'm more then okay with it. It's not an everyday thing. Least what I understand of it."

      He then brushed a strand of her hair away from her face. Laying with her now he then felt her aura wash over him just as his did to her. They felt everything between one another and she knew his inner thoughts, feelings and everything in between. He could sense her doubts, her fears and the love she had for him. Jacob had much love and affection for Nissa and that was obvious. Though the intimacy was now present and it wasn't there till just a few days prior. It took something drastic to get them this intimate with one another. Would he have done things differently? Perhaps.

      The Knight then kissed her before asking, "I didn't hurt you did I?"

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      She shook her head and smiled. "No, you didn't. At least, not in any way that was bad." She was sore, to be sure, but not in a way that he had to worry about. It was a good pain and she was in a land of pleasure she never even knew existed. "You should sleep, hun. We both need to." She yawned then, hating her own weakness. They would be needed outside soon. And here she was, making love to Jacob instead of making sure he was rested for what was to come.

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      Jacob smiled at her and kissed her forehead, "Good."

      Though he had to agree they both needed to sleep. So with that he got comfortable and laid down in the bed with Nissa against him. When she yawned he did the same, then cuddled her close against him. It was true they needed to rest for what would happen tomorrow. Both of them would be needed for what would come ahead of them, more so Jacob then anyone else. He was already dreading it but it was what would go on with or without his intervention. In some aspect he was still grief stricken but it was slightly passing for the time being.

      "Your right, we do. I'll be able to sleep now thankfully." Jacob said as he held her close covering them with the bed sheets once more.

      Tomorrow would hopefully be a better day, but for now he closed his eyes. Soon after finally drifting off to sleep after an eventful day. Though not all bad, it was quite an event to say the least.

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